Ormet Circuits Inc. Introduces New Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste

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Ormet Circuits Inc., a division of EMD Performance Materials, announced the introduction of its new Ormet® DAP-491-1 Transient Liquid Phase Sintering (TLPS) paste. TLPS pastes are lead-free and high-temperature stable sintering solder systems for semiconductor packaging and assembly.

Ormet DAP-491-1 is a Pb-free, TLPS paste formulated for attachment of metalized die to metalized substrates. It is processed via lead-free reflow but exhibits extremely high thermal stability beyond 350°C after sintering and will withstand subsequent lead-free reflow temperatures above 260°C without re-melting.

Ormet DAP-491-1 is an excellent alternative to gold-based and lead-based solders as well as silver-sintering materials for electronic packaging applications requiring high thermal conductivity, high-temperature stability along with standard SMT-compatibility for high-throughput.



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