Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Receives Wally HSO Order

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Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) has received an order from a global top 20 medical devices company with over 50,000 employees for what RAD expects as the first of several Wally HSO (Health Screening Option) units to be deployed at one of the client’s manufacturing facilities.

Wally HSO is a self-contained, artificial intelligence-driven security, concierge and health screening solution capable of performing touchless temperature assessments on personnel entering a facility. Wally HSO is also designed to detect and document those wearing, and not wearing a face mask as they enter a facility. If the user’s temperature is outside of the acceptable range, Wally HSO will not allow entry, the incident is digitally documented, and the unit will provide further instructions either audibly or visually which may include summoning an on-site, or remote security guard.

Wally HSO mounts easily on a wall in a lobby or a building entrance and does not require any networking resources or installation and instead connects to the cloud via an enhanced cellular connection or WiFi. All data and video collected by Wally HSO is stored securely (HIPAA-compliant) on the cloud and RAD’s visual control system, RADSOC, provides real-time alerts to local security personnel or others remotely monitoring.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic continues and companies across North America are searching for responsible and affordable solutions to ensure the health and policy adherence of all employees and visitors as they enter their corporate facilities,” said Steve Reinharz, President of RAD. “Instead of placing additional, and costly security personnel to perform temperature screenings and face mask checks, companies like our newest client are finding that Wally HSO is the perfect solution. Screenings are performed in a non-touch, non-biased, non-confrontational manner and processing takes just seconds.”

Terms of the purchase agreement were not disclosed, but Reinharz added that RAD and the client are in talks for placing an additional twenty-five (25) Wally HSO units across the company’s corporate campuses.

RAD recently commented that their overall sales funnel continues to accelerate and it is foreseeable that the Q3 ending sales plus contracts number may exceed the 133% growth noted in a prior press release. Furthermore, the company directs attention to for additional details on the rollout of their outdoor security robot, ROAMEO.



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