Intellitronix Achieves Highest Single Week of Sales

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Intellitronix Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US Lighting Group, Inc. and a leading manufacturer of automotive electronics, announced that the company beat it’s previous records shipping product valued at over a quarter of a million dollars in one week alone for week ending December 18, 2020.

“On the heels of Intellitronix Q3 record breaking sales, the company is thrilled to have set a new high for the most product shipped ever in one single week, far surpassing any previous weekly achievement. We were ecstatic that we shipped $135,000 during the week ending December 12, 2020, so you can imagine how elated we are to ship out product valued over $250,000 this week,” said Paul Spivak, CEO of the US Lighting Group. “Intellitronix has been working diligently to catch up on its backlog of sales orders. To accomplish the increase in products shipped, we accelerated printed circuit board (PCB) throughput with our new Speed Print Technology 700 Series screen printer and high speed Europlacer iineo+ SMT Component Placement System, which dramatically increased our printed circuit board (PCB) output. In addition, we added more people to our Production staff and sped up procurement of raw material components used in the production assembly process.”  

Spivak continues, “We want to give a special thanks to the Intellitronix team of dedicated professionals for helping to reach the company’s year-end goals in line with our strategic plan to grow the business and venture into new markets.”

New endeavors at Intellitronix include the 4-IN-1 Energy Management Multifunctional System (EMMS) for OEM RV manufacturers with an innovative energy resource management system. 



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