Siemens Government Technologies Honored as a Top Technology Company by NVTC

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Siemens Government Technologies (SGT), Inc. – the federally-focused U.S. arm of technology powerhouse Siemens – is honored to announce that the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) has selected SGT for its 100 most innovative technology companies in 2020, as well as recognized SGT President and CEO Tina Dolph as a NVTC Tech 100 Executive.

The NVTC Tech 100 honors the most groundbreaking companies, leaders and innovators within the Greater Washington region’s technology community. “While this year has presented numerous challenges to every organization and individual, it is encouraging to see so many of the area’s tech companies and executives remain resilient and committed to the health and wellbeing of their employees, the success of their companies, and industry achievement. Congratulations to SGT and Tina Dolph for being named a 2020 NVTC Tech 100 honoree and for the positive impact they’ve made in our region,” said Jennifer Taylor, NVTC President and CEO.

“It’s a tremendous honor to receive this recognition from NVTC. I am very proud of our SGT and Siemens teams that do mission critical work for our government customers each day,” said SGT President and CEO Tina Dolph. “This year has presented so many challenges, but through it all, our team hasn’t wavered in their grit and resolve to help our government customers fulfill their missions of national consequence.”

SGT has tackled a broad array of technology challenges for government customers in 2020, reflective of the vast depth of the Siemens portfolio across smart infrastructure, energy, and digital transformation technologies. The company was proud to serve an essential role in partnership with the Army Corps of Engineers and Haugland Energy for conversion of a convention center to a fully functioning medical center in the fight against COVID-19 earlier this year. And SGT is providing the Air Force and Navy with a depth of digitalization expertise thanks to Siemens’ Digital Industries Xcelerator portfolio by aiding the two military branches in how they effectively manage the massive amount of technical and manufacturing data produced by their prime contractors. Equally important, SGT is able to work with government customers to optimize their operations through digital twins helping them to gain new efficiencies and insights, speeding maintenance and sustainment activities that ultimately keep critical assets online, safely and securely, when they’re needed the most.



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