IntelliSite Releases Smart, Safe Communities as a Service

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IntelliSiteTM, a global leader in AI-enabled IoT solutions, released a managed service that enables cities and other communities to deliver smarter and safer environments, to attract residents, businesses and visitors. The service, SCaaSTM, Smart, Safe and Connected Communities as a Service, impacts public safety, intelligent transportation, healthy environments and the security of the city infrastructure.

Policy makers prioritizing safety have chosen SCaaS to create a more connected environment to make better and informed decisions. They realize that air quality in community parks, traffic congestion and the number of near misses and fatal incidents on crosswalks are all related. They also draw the connection between property value, business growth and tourism with vandalism, graffiti and theft. Policy makers also recognize that many of these issues disproportionately affect certain minorities.

The SCaaS service is comprised of three elements. City-wide wireless and AI-powered surveillance cameras serve to measure everything from traffic and pedestrian flows and looking for blacklisted license plates, to ensuring people feel safe and secure in public spaces. Complementing the cameras are hundreds of types of IoT devices that can detect items such as water tank levels, soil moisture, temperatures, pressures, and air quality. Secondly, a software dashboard delivers continuous data, correlations and insights to decision makers, who assess the immediate impact of recent changes. Finally, a 24/7 event monitoring service, which eliminates all false alarms, uses talk downs to deter activities from illegal dumping to trespassing on remote reservoirs or power substations.

“We are pleased to be partnering with cities and communities nationwide as other cities continue to develop safe and welcoming environments,” said Ken Mills, CEO of IntelliSite. “Along with other thought leaders such as Sacramento, Riverbank, Tracy, and Stanislaus County, they will benefit from our broad range of services to stay better-informed, influence policy decisions, and improve transparency for the benefit of their diverse community members.”

SCaaS will help solve and deter crime and improve the security of a city’s parks, roadways and entry points, Sean Scully, Riverbank City Manager, said “We also see value from a traffic monitoring and engineering perspective. We will be able to produce real time traffic data that can aid in our planning for future traffic and roadway projects.”



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