Plug-&-play Security: Swissbit Launches New ‘iShield Camera’ Memory Card

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Swissbit is expanding its range of hardware-based security solutions with the launch of iShield Camera. The new unique microSD product series has been specially developed for the encryption and access protection of video recording and image capture. It is host-agnostic and can therefore be used with a wide range of camera types and functions. Thanks to its plug-&-play approach, iShield Camera can be easily integrated into existing systems. This allows manufacturers and users of drones, body cameras or dashcams to add an additional security feature to their models, specifically to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive camera data or to ensuring compliance with legal requirements. In addition to AES 256-bit encryption and user authentication via PIN, iShield Camera features full HD video support and industrial-grade temperature resistance. iShield Camera is available from Mouser, Farnell or Digi-Key.

With potential risks ranging from unauthorized access to sensitive material to unwanted alteration or deletion of data, secure storage of video and image data is essential in many applications. In addition, legal requirements may also mandate special protection for video recordings.

"With iShield Camera, we offer a simple and retrofittable security solution that is compatible with common video and image recording devices and requires no installation effort due to its plug-&-play functionality," explains Christian Ullrich, Senior Product Manager Embedded IoT Solutions at Swissbit. "Manufacturers or system integrators can therefore cost-effectively equip their cameras with an extra layer of security, delivering sustainable benefits to professional end users such as insurance companies, civil authorities or security bodies."

Highly Secure and Intuitive to Use

The application is very simple. In addition to the microSD card, the solution includes the ‘iShield Camera Card Tool’ (iCCT) software, which is a free download from the Swissbit website. With iCCT, the card's security settings are activated via the computer before it is used for the first time. The user PIN is also set here. The card is then ready to deploy and will reliably capture all recorded camera data. iShield Camera supports Loop Recording, where a camera deletes the oldest recordings to make room for new data.

As soon as the camera is switched off or the microSD card is removed, the AES-256-bit encrypted data contents are no longer readable without PIN authentication, not even in the camera itself. Access and further data processing are now only possible via the computer, where the card can be unlocked using iCCT. In this way, unauthorized disclosure, manipulation, or deletion of video recordings or captured images are effectively prevented. 

Robust, Durable and Powerful

iShield Camera is available in 16GB and 32GB capacities and is UHS-I Class 10 rated for full HD video recordings. iShield Camera also uses high-quality components to provide durability and robustness. The microSD cards are MLC-based and specified for an industrial temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.



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