OE-A Elects New Board of Directors

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The members of the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) appointed Dr. Jeremy Burroughes, CDT Ltd., as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors, during the annual General Assembly in Milan. Prof. Toshihide Kamata, AIST, and Stan Farnsworth, NovaCentrix Corp., are confirmed in their positions as Vice Chairman Asia and North America respectively. Jaap Lombaers, Holst Centre, is elected to be the new Vice Chairman Europe.


  • Dr. Jeremy Burroughes, CDT Ltd, Great Britain

Vice Chairman Asia

  • Prof. Toshihide Kamata, AIST, Japan

Vice Chairman Europe

  • Jaap Lombaers, Holst Centre, Netherlands

Vice Chairman North America

  • Stan Farnsworth, NovaCentrix Corp., USA

Additional members of the board

  • Markus Bamberger, Merck KGaA, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Reinhard Baumann, pmTUC, Fraunhofer ENAS, Germany
  • Dr. Peter Fischer, Thin Film Electronics ASA, Norway
  • Laurent Jamet, ISORG SA, France
  • Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer, Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
  • Thomas Kolbusch, Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH, Germany
  • Thibaud Le Séguillon, Heliatek GmbH, Germany
  • Dr. Giovanni Nisato, CSEM SA, Switzerland

Dr. Jeremy Burroughes, thanked Dr. Kirchmeyer, Heraeus, who chaired OE-A for the past 4 years: “Stephan Kirchmeyer has significantly strengthened OE-A’s position as the international leading network for our industry. He provided very important impulses towards the continuous internationalization of the organization, as well as pinpointed the industry requirements. We are extremely pleased that he will continue supporting OE-A as member of the board”.

After 10 years as (Vice) Chairman, Wolfgang Mildner, MSWtech, has decided not to run as a candidate anymore. On behalf of OE-A, Dr. Klaus Hecker, Managing Director, expressed his gratitude to Wolfgang Mildner for his countless services towards the organization.

“Printed electronics has already been applied in various sectors, ranging from the automotive industry to consumer electronics”, explains the new OE-A Chairman Burroughes. “OE-A will continue to actively support the further commercialization of our industry. The key points of focus include: strengthening the international presence, expanding the cooperation with end-users, and standardization”.

Prof. Toshihide Kamata (AIST), Vice Chairman Asia; Jaap Lombaers (Holst Centre), Vice Chairman Europe; Markus Bamberger (Merck); Dr. Giovanni Nisato (CSEM); Dr. Jeremy Burroughes (CDT), Chairman; Prof. Dr. Reinhard Baumann (pmTUC, Fraunhofer ENAS); Dr. Stephan Kirchmeyer (Heraeus), Thomas Kolbusch (Coatema Coating Machinery); Peter Fischer (Thin Film Electronics); Stan Farnsworth (NovaCentrix),Vice Chairman North America; Dr. Klaus Hecker (OE-A), Managing Director – Not present: Laurent Jamet (ISORG) and Thibaud Le Séguillon (Heliatek)

Organic and Printed Electronics Association The OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) was founded in December 2004 and is the leading international industry association for organic and printed electronics. The OE-A represents the entire value chain of this emerging industry. Our members are world-class global companies and institutions, ranging from R&D institutes, mechanical engineering companies and material suppliers to producers and end-users. More than 230 companies from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia are working together to promote the establishment of a competitive production infrastructure for organic and printed electronics. The vision of the OE-A is to build a bridge between science, technology and application. The OE-A is a working group within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). More than 3,100 member companies from the engineering industry make VDMA the largest industry association in Europe. www.oe-a.org

Organic and printed electronics Organic and printed electronics stands for a revolutionary new type of electronics, which are thin, lightweight, flexible, robust and produced at low cost. It enables new applications, including single use devices enabling ubiquitous electronics.

LOPEC The OE-A and Messe Munich International are the hosts of LOPEC, the premier international exhibition and conference for the printed electronics industry. It addresses end-users, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and investors. LOPEC 2016 will be held April 5th to 7th, 2016 at Messe Munich, Germany. www.lopec.com



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