OE-A Roadmap shows Development of Printed Electronics

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The White Paper “OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics”, 6th Edition, looks ahead at the future and presents key trends and challenges in the field of organic and printed electronics. Counting over 120 pages the Roadmap of the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) shows findings in the following fields of application: Organic LED (OLED) Lighting, Organic Photovoltaics (OPV), Flexible and OLED Displays, Electronics and Components, and Integrated Smart Systems. The document also provides an overview of materials, substrates as well as printing processes and other production techniques. The goal: providing common ground for industry and science.  

Increased market presence of printed electronics Various industry sectors such as automotive, consumer electronics, household appliances, packaging and pharmaceuticals already market products based on organic and printed technologies. This is the main result of the roadmapping process, of which over 250 OE-A experts took part in. The Roadmap, a key activity of the OE-A, represents the common perspectives of the more than 230 member companies and institutes for the continuous development of this young sector.  

In the future the application of printed electronics will be strengthened, also in areas such as Smart Packaging, Buildings and Textiles as well as Automotive Displays. However, in order to make the technology more suitable for mass production, further breakthroughs are required in the fields of processes, encapsulation, materials, as well as standards and regulations. “The Roadmap therefore provides an important foundation for the development and product planning for industry, politics and science”, says Dr. Jeremy Burroughes, Chairman of OE-A and CTO at CDT Ltd.  

The White Paper of the 6th edition of the Roadmap is now available at  www.oe-a.org/roadmap

About Organic and Printed Electronics Association  

The OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) was founded in December 2004 and is the leading international industry association for organic and printed electronics. The OE-A represents the entire value chain of this emerging industry. Our members are world-class global companies and institutions, ranging from R&D institutes, mechanical engineering companies and material suppliers to producers and end-users.   More than 230 companies from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia are working together to promote the establishment of a competitive production infrastructure for organic and printed electronics.   The vision of the OE-A is to build a bridge between science, technology and application. The OE-A is a working group within the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). More than 3,100 member companies from the engineering industry make VDMA the largest industry association in Europe. www.oe-a.org    

Organic and printed electronics  Organic and printed electronics stands for a revolutionary new type of electronics, which are thin, lightweight, flexible, robust and produced at low cost. It enables new applications, including single use devices enabling ubiquitous electronics.

LOPEC The OE-A and Messe Munich International are the hosts of LOPEC, the premier international exhibition and conference for the printed electronics industry. It addresses end-users, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, and investors. LOPEC 2016 will be held April 5th to 7th, 2016 at Messe Munich, Germany. www.lopec.com    



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