New Breeds Lead China's Top 100 Internet Companies

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IDC will release its report of “Top 100 Innovative Chinese Companies” in November, unveiling the 100 innovative companies selected from China's high-growth and high potential Internet-related industries. 

The one-year long study examined more than 500 emerging companies in China's "Internet+" market, and selects the 100 most Innovative Chinese Internet+ Companies based on IDC’s enormous commercial database, on-site investigations, expert scoring,  interviews with industry experts, officers of relevant companies, and investment organizations. 

The term "Internet+" first appeared in Premier Li’s government report at the 12th National People’s Congress in 2013, and refers to a Chinese government strategy that targets to "integrate traditional industries with the Internet through information technologies, to upgrade traditional industry, and to innovate new ecosystems".

The Internet+ industries covered in the research include: Internet+ Circulation, Internet+ Local Information Services, Internet+ Finance, Internet+ Entertainment, Internet+ Education, Internet+ Healthcare, Social Networking and Social Media, IOT, Big Data and Cloud Computing, and Enterprise-level Products and Services. 

The report offers unique insights into the newest innovations and strategies, as well as the key trends that will impact Internet+ market overall.

  • New industries: Multiple new Internet+ sub-industries are emerging, such as the world of comics in Internet+ Entertainment, cross-border logistics in Internet+ Circulation, and education O2O (Online to Offline) in Internet+ Education. 
  • New companies: 100% of the Top 100 companies were established in 2010 or after, and 80% in 2012 or after. This increased competition from emerging vendors is bound to create market pressure, forcing both new and existing Internet service providers to better define offerings, pricing and go-to-market strategies. 
  • New funding: Among the Top 100 Innovative Chinese Internet+ companies, 80% are either looking for investment, already have angel investors or are in the pre-A series investment stages. Competition for funding will continue to be fierce.

According to Yolanda Zhang, Research Manager at IDC China, “China has become the largest Internet market in the world. IDC forecasts that by the end of 2016, China’s Internet penetration will exceed 70% as Internet+ and Mobile Internet+ impacts all industries from businesses to individuals. The unveiling of the concepts of Internet+ and popular entrepreneurship in March 2015 has once again elevated the Internet to becoming the focus of China’s national strategy. Internet+ will profoundly impact many of China’s traditional industries and will develop many emerging industries such as virtual operators, Internet finance, pan-entertainment, intelligent manufacturing, P2P, crowd financing, and energy Internet. Innovative companies will become a powerful driver of the ICT industry.”



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