Nokia Gains Control of Alcatel-Lucent through Successful Public Exchange Offer

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In accordance with Article 232-4 of the AMF General Regulation, the offers in France and in the U.S. will be reopened at the same exchange ratios within 10 French trading days of the publication by the AMF of the final results (which should occur on January 5, 2016). The AMF will publish the timetable of the reopened Offer. Nokia believes it is in the best interests of Alcatel-Lucent shareholders to tender their remaining securities, and invites the remaining Alcatel-Lucent securities holders to tender their shares, ADSs or OCEANE convertible bonds into the reopened Offer.

Any Alcatel-Lucent shares, Alcatel-Lucent ADSs or OCEANE convertible bonds not tendered into the reopened Offer will remain outstanding. After completion of the Offer, Nokia intends to delist Alcatel-Lucent's ADSs from the New York Stock Exchange, meaning they would not be tradeable on any regulated securities exchange, and intends to commence the process of terminating the Alcatel-Lucent ADR program. Subject to applicable law, Alcatel-Lucent would also be de-registered under U.S. securities laws, which would mean significantly less information would be available about the company.

Following closing of the transaction, as previously announced and subject to Nokia shareholder approval, Nokia plans to execute a EUR 7 billion program to optimize its capital structure and return excess capital to Nokia shareholders. This program is planned to include approximately EUR 4 billion in distributions to Nokia shareholders. Nokia has no plans to provide capital returns to remaining holders of Alcatel-Lucent securities.  

If Nokia reaches 95% ownership of the share capital and voting rights of Alcatel-Lucent, it intends to squeeze out the remaining shares. In addition, if Nokia reaches 95% ownership of Alcatel-Lucent's fully diluted shares, it intends to squeeze-out the remaining OCEANE convertible bonds.  

In addition, Nokia reserves the right, subject to applicable law, to cause Alcatel-Lucent to redeem at par value, plus, as applicable, accrued interest from the date the interest was last paid, to the date set for the early redemption all of the outstanding OCEANEs 2018, OCEANEs 2019 or OCEANEs 2020, if less than 15% of the issued OCEANEs of any such series remain outstanding.

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