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Governments in MENA to Spend $11.4B on IT in 2015
09/29/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
3D Printer Market Set for Rapid Growth
09/29/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
New Processes in Modern ReRAM Memory Cells Decoded
09/29/2015 | Forschungszentrum Jülich
Light Folding Robot that Crawls and Jumps
09/29/2015 | EPFL
First Optical Rectenna - Combined Rectifier and Antenna
09/29/2015 | Georgia Tech
Smaller is Better for Nanotube Analysis
09/29/2015 | Rice University
Embedded Optical Sensors Could Make Robotic Hands More Dexterous
09/28/2015 | Carnegie Mellon University
FREEDM-Pair Switches for Power Devices
09/28/2015 | North Carolina State University
New Tech Automatically 'Tunes' Powered Prosthetics While Walking
09/28/2015 | North Carolina State University
Consolidation of LED Industry Continues in China
09/28/2015 | TrendForce
New IDC MaturityScape Guides Manufacturers in Optimizing Inventory Management
09/28/2015 | IDC

TALONS System Mimics a Mast as Tall as a Skyscraper

DARPA’s Towed Airborne Lift of Naval Systems (TALONS) research effort recently demonstrated a prototype of a low-cost, fully automated parafoil system designed to extend maritime vessels’ long-distance communications and improve their domain awareness.

Outsourcing Manufacturing to China Results in High CO2 Emissions
09/28/2015 | University of Maryland
M&A Activity Continues Through Uncertain Business Climate
09/28/2015 | IC Insights
Middle East and Africa Server Market Hit by Declining Enterprise IT Budgets
09/28/2015 | IDC
Making 3D Objects Disappear
09/28/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Healthcare Providers in India to Spend $1.2B on IT in 2015
09/28/2015 | IDC
A Different Type of 2D Semiconductor
09/28/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Europe’s Ship Services Sector to Benefit from Robots
09/28/2015 | CORDIS
From Electronics to 3D – Embracing the Printing Revolution
09/28/2015 | CORDIS
First Circularly Polarized Light Detector on a Silicon Chip
09/25/2015 | Vanderbilt University
Frustrated Magnets Point Towards New Memory
09/25/2015 | University of Groningen
Engineers Unlock 3D Vision from Ordinary Digital Camera Technology
09/25/2015 | OSA
Pushing the Limits of Lensless Imaging
09/25/2015 | OSA
Sodium-ion Batteries are Potential Power Technology of Future
09/25/2015 | Purdue University
Conference Board LEI for the Euro Area Increased in August
09/25/2015 | The Conference Board
Singapore PC Market Growth Driven by Mobile PCs in 1H of 2015
09/25/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Asia and Americas to Push Global PV Demand Up to 58GW in 2016
09/25/2015 | TrendForce
Gartner: Ranking of Top European Supply Chain Organizations for 2015
09/25/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Tablet Installed Base to Fall in 2016 as a Result of Declining Shipments
09/25/2015 | ABI Research
Researchers Use 3-D Printer to Make New Materials
09/25/2015 | Missouri University of Science and Technology
Quantum Dots are Illuminated Under Stress
09/25/2015 | Asociación RUVID
Printing Lightweight, Flexible, and Functional Materials
09/24/2015 | Harvard University
A Fast Cell Sorter Shrinks to Cell Phone Size
09/24/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
Global SmartWatch Display Market Report
09/24/2015 | Business Wire
Chinese Handset OEMs to Increase Demand for Smartphone Sensors
09/24/2015 | IHS
Rethink Robotics' Sawyer Robot Set for Global Deployment
09/24/2015 | Rethink Robotics
Replacement Indecision Will Cause Device Shipments to Drop
09/24/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Highly Flexible, Wearable Tactile Sensor for Robotics, Electronics and Healthcare Applications
09/24/2015 | NUS
Government IT Spending in India to Reach $6.88B in 2015
09/23/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
With Commercial PC Rebound, India PC Market Improves in Q2
09/23/2015 | IDC
Permanent Data Storage with Light
09/23/2015 | KIT

Laser-based Molecular Fingerprinting
09/23/2015 | LMU
Electronic Recycling Market in Rapid Expansion Mode with 23.06% CAGR from 2013 to 2019
09/23/2015 | Globe Newswire
New Smart Robot Accelerates Cancer Research
09/23/2015 | Uppsala University
New Material Holds Promise for Future Electric Cars
09/23/2015 | Uppsala University
Nanostructures for Contactless Control
09/23/2015 | LMU
Digestible Batteries Needed to Power Electronic Pills
09/23/2015 | Cell Press
NIST Team Breaks Distance Record for Quantum Teleportation
09/23/2015 | NIST
India's Conference Board LEI Down in August
09/23/2015 | PRNewswire
Survey Reveals IoT Opportunity
09/23/2015 | Business Wire
Robot Cars and Trucks Market to See Significant Growth
09/23/2015 | PRNewswire
UT 'Activates' Photonic Chip for Communication with Light
09/23/2015 | University of Twente
U.S. Employment and Wage Growth Accelerating
09/23/2015 | Business Wire
Conference Board LEI for Spain Up 0.2% in July
09/23/2015 | PRNewswire
Consumer Sentiment in September Remains Flat
09/22/2015 | Business Wire
Darwin on a Chip
09/22/2015 | MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
Material Moves Foldable Electronics, New Implantable Medical Devices a Step Closer
09/22/2015 | University of Houston
Precision of Solar Photovoltaic Power Measurements Doubled
09/22/2015 | European Commission
New Method for Scaling Up Production of Thin Electronic Material
09/22/2015 | MIT
First Superconducting Graphene Created
09/22/2015 | University of British Columbia
Car OEM Telematics Leads IoT Segments, Generates $60B of Service Revenues in 2020
09/22/2015 | ABI Research
LED Chip Market Sees Oversupply as China Accounts for 47% of Global MOCVD Capacity
09/22/2015 | TrendForce
Plessey Develops Chip Scale Optics for its GaN-on-Silicon LEDs
09/22/2015 | Plessey

Perovskite Photovoltaics Excitement

Ultrathin, flexible, stretchable and lightweight versions have been produced by Johannes Kepler University in Austria powering a miniature aircraft and airship. With 100% yield, exhibiting 12% efficiency they are only 3μm thick and weigh 5.2g m-3. Organolead halide perovskites are promising because they absorb light more efficiently: thinner layers are needed. Researchers suggest it could power EIVs as robotic insects and drones, and its flexibility and stretchability could be useful in bio-electronics.

New Color Technology Displays to Comprise 25% of Total Display Shipment Area in 2020
09/21/2015 | IHS
Large-Screen Smartphones Erode Total Personal Computing Unit Growth
09/21/2015 | IC Insights
Panel Makers to Face Revenue Challenges in Q4 as Prices Keep Falling
09/21/2015 | TrendForce
Microcontroller Market Growth Tied to Rise in IoT Applications
09/21/2015 | IHS
Global PV Module Revenue to Reach Record $41.9B in 2016
09/21/2015 | IHS
Chasing the Six Million-Dollar Man
09/21/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
$81M to Support New National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure
09/21/2015 | NSF
'Lab-on-a-Chip' Technology Cuts Costs of Lab Tests
09/21/2015 | Rutgers
Key Benchtop Testing Planned for Wireless Brain Sensor
09/21/2015 | Brown University
Laying the Foundation for Smart, Connected Cities and Communities
09/21/2015 | NSF
Researchers Develop Key Component for Terahertz Wireless
09/21/2015 | Brown University
Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased Slightly
09/18/2015 | PRNewswire
Labor Shortages to Have Uneven Effect Across U.S.
09/18/2015 | The Conference Board
N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.06 in August
09/18/2015 | SEMI
U.S. Growth Curbed for 2016
09/18/2015 | HSBC
August Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Up 0.1%
09/18/2015 | The Conference Board
Socioeconomic Challenges Send Africa's PC Market to New Lows
09/18/2015 | IDC
Designing Electric and Magnetic Order for Low-energy Computing
09/18/2015 | University of Liverpool
Construction to Begin on World's Largest Camera
09/18/2015 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Experiments Illuminate Supersonic Radiation Flow
09/18/2015 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLNL Researcher Takes Aim at Solar-Cell Reliability
09/18/2015 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Carbon Research May Boost Nanoelectronics
09/18/2015 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nano-trapped Molecules are Potential Path to Quantum Devices
09/18/2015 | ORNL
Average Contract Price of Server DRAM Posts Over 15% Decline
09/17/2015 | TrendForce
Slow but Steady PV Price Increases Seen in Next Two Months
09/17/2015 | TrendForce
Tiny Step towards Room Temperature Superconductor
09/17/2015 | Radboud University
U.S. Commerce Department Gives Small Businesses $3.2M for Innovation Research
09/17/2015 | NIST
New Route for Switching Magnets Using Light
09/17/2015 | Radboud University
NIST 'Global City Teams Challenge' Aims to Create Smart Cities
09/17/2015 | NIST
NIST Physicists Show 'Molecules' Made of Light May Be Possible
09/17/2015 | NIST

Global Revenue from LED Lighting Systems Expected to Total $216B from 2015 to 2024
09/17/2015 | Navigant Research
IBM Helps Automakers Build Internet of Things Connected Vehicles
09/17/2015 | IBM
IBM Launches New Internet of Things and Education Business Units
09/17/2015 | IBM
Market for Connected Patient Monitoring Equipment to Grow at a 21% CAGR
09/17/2015 | ABI Research
Sensor Data Fusion Offers Countermeasures Against Small Drones
09/16/2015 | Airbus
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