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Lasers, Levitation and Machine Learning Make Better Heat-Resistant Materials
05/12/2021 | Argonne National Laboratory
Soft, Comfortable Sensors First to Comprehensively Monitor Pregnant Women, Their Babies Without Wires
05/11/2021 | Northwestern University
Major Step Forward for Quantum Technology
05/10/2021 | Tampere University
Yageo, Hon Hai to Form Semiconductor Joint Venture, XSemi
05/10/2021 | Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Simple Robots, Smart Algorithms: Meet the BOBbots
05/10/2021 | Georgia Tech
Complex Shapes of Photons to Boost Future Quantum Technologies
05/10/2021 | Tampere University
Velodyne Lidar Launches Breakthrough Intelligent Infrastructure Solution
05/10/2021 | Business Wire
Electronic Nose Distinguishes Mint Scents
05/07/2021 | KIT
IBM Unveils World's First 2 Nanometer Chip Technology
05/07/2021 | IBM
Researchers Develop New Graphene-based Sensor Technology for Wearable Medical Devices
05/07/2021 | Trinity College Dublin
Smaller, More Powerful, Unrivaled
05/07/2021 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
GENERA, Henkel Collaborate to Further Drive End-use Production in Additive Manufacturing
05/07/2021 | Henkel
Showa Denko, Infineon Technologies Conclude Supply Contract, Development Agreement
05/07/2021 | ACN Newswire
PsiQuantum, GLOBALFOUNDRIES to Build World’s First Full-scale Quantum Computer
05/06/2021 | Business Wire
AIStorm’s AI-in-Imager Solutions Use Tower Semiconductor’s Hi-K VIA Capacitor Memory
05/06/2021 | Business Wire
Samsung Electronics: Next Generation 2.5D Integration Solution ‘I-Cube4’ Available
05/06/2021 | Business Wire
Qorvo Acquires Leading MEMS-based Sensor Solution Provider NextInput
05/06/2021 | Globe Newswire
NEC Develops Neuroscience-inspired AI Technology for Time Series Analysis
05/06/2021 | ACN Newswire
Silicon Wafer Shipments Edge Higher in Q1 2021 to Set New Record
05/06/2021 | SEMI
UVA Engineering Computer Scientists Discover New Vulnerability Affecting Computers Globally
05/05/2021 | Globe Newswire
WIMI Hologram Cloud's AI, AR Builds 5G Holographic Cloud Ecosystem
05/05/2021 | Globe Newswire
Nokia Launches Blockchain-powered Data Marketplace for Secure Data Trading, AI Models
05/05/2021 | Globe Newswire
NREL Study Explores the Security Benefits of 5G for Distributed Energy Operations
05/05/2021 | NREL
Semtech, EchoStar Mobile to Test Satellite IoT Connectivity Service Integrated With LoRaWAN
05/04/2021 | Semtech
Lear Leads Latest Investment Round in Flexible Circuit Maker CelLink
05/04/2021 | PRNewswire
A Silver Lining for Extreme Electronics
05/04/2021 | Matt Davenport, Michigan State University
GENERA, Henkel to Drive End-use Production in Additive Manufacturing
05/04/2021 | Henkel
Intel to Invest $3.5 Billion to Expand New Mexico Manufacturing Operations
05/04/2021 | Intel Corporation

Exciting Advances From NVIDIA’s GPU

NVIDIA’s Graphics Processing Technology Conference was, as expected, a showcase of new developments, as well as an opportunity for engineers and developers to learn, enhance skills, and discuss new ideas. Just hearing about all the amazing new developments and the accelerating expansion of AI in virtually all aspects of modern society gives those who attended a better idea of just how much AI is and will continue to change their work and our world.

New Brain-like Computing Device Simulates Human Learning
05/03/2021 | Northwestern University
Path Robotics Raises $56M to Build the Future of Manufacturing
05/03/2021 | PRNewswire
New Views of Mars Thanks to Intel Tech
04/30/2021 | Intel Corporation
Going Beyond Qubits: New Study Demonstrates Key Components for a Qutrit-Based Quantum Computer
04/30/2021 | Glenn Roberts Jr., Berkeley Lab

I-Connect007 Editor’s Choice: Five Must-Reads for the Week

This week’s biggest news came in the form of industry briefings—there were a lot of them and the news was universally positive. The news you need to read for this week includes three reports from IPC detailing: the strength and risks in the global economic recovery; a strong EMS book-to-bill ratio; and strong North American PCB sales. Zeroing in on a single company, Apple reported a significant jump in revenue.
Smartphone Recovery Continues with Shipments Up 25.5% in Q1 2021
04/30/2021 | Business Wire
Machine Learning Algorithm Helps Unravel the Physics Underlying Quantum Systems
04/30/2021 | University of Bristol
Siemens Selects Tangent Works to Democratize IoT Data Analytics for MindSphere
04/30/2021 | Siemens
Ion Beams Mean a Quantum Leap for Color-Center Qubits
04/30/2021 | Berkeley Lab
European Semiconductor Industry Committed to Use Responsibly Sourced Minerals
04/30/2021 | ESIA
Boyd Recognized for Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts for 2nd Consecutive Year
04/29/2021 | Boyd Corporation
SIA Urges Prompt Action to Enact Bold Investments in Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing, Research
04/29/2021 | SIA

Benchmarking Your Process Engineering

Mark Thompson has been in bare board fabrication for over 30 years. He is now laying out printed circuit boards at Monsoon Solutions, a high-tech design bureau near Seattle, Washington. With Mark’s extensive hands-on knowledge of PCB manufacturing, he brings a unique perspective to PCB design. In this discussion with the I-Connect007 editorial team, Mark shares what’s important from a process engineer’s point of view, and how to stay on top of evaluating and benchmarking your manufacturing process, along with insights from his new role as a designer.

Baidu Apollo Demonstrates New Commercialization Model for Autonomous Driving
04/29/2021 | PRNewswire
Apple Reports Revenue Up 54% to New March Quarter Record
04/29/2021 | Business Wire
Canon Medical Expands AI-Based Image Reconstruction Technology
04/29/2021 | Business Wire
New 2D Superconductor Forms at Higher Temperatures Than Ever Before
04/28/2021 | Jared Sagoff, ANL
Siemens Acquires TimeSeries
04/28/2021 | PRNewswire
Cadence Collaborates with Arm to Accelerate Hyperscale Computing, 5G Communications SoC Development
04/27/2021 | Business Wire
Intel Collaborates with Microsoft Against Cryptojacking
04/27/2021 | Business Wire
Microchip Expands Radiation-Hardened Arm Microcontroller (MCU) Family for Space Systems
04/27/2021 | Globe Newswire
Nextiles Brings Its Smart Fabric with Advanced Sensor Technology to the Market
04/27/2021 | Globe Newswire
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts March 2021 Billings
04/27/2021 | SEMI
Touchless Temperature Made Simple
04/26/2021 | Rice University
Tandem Breakthrough by Solliance Partners
04/26/2021 | Solliance
Technology Innovation Institute Joins Quantum Computing Challenge with Launch of Open-Source ‘Qibo’
04/26/2021 | Business Wire
Apple Commits $430 Billion in U.S. Investments Over Five Years
04/26/2021 | Business Wire
Scientists Glimpse Signs of a Puzzling State of Matter in a Superconductor
04/26/2021 | Glennda Chui, SLAC
AI Hub to Help Enhance Penn State's Global Leadership in Artificial Intelligence
04/26/2021 | Pennsylvania State University
TSMC Certifies Aprisa Place-and-Route Solution from Siemens on TSMC‘s N6 Process
04/26/2021 | Siemens
Panasonic Accelerates the Autonomous Supply Chain; Acquires Blue Yonder
04/23/2021 | Business Wire
New Conductive Polymer Ink Opens For Next-Generation Printed Electronics
04/23/2021 | Linköping University
Skyworks to Acquire the Infrastructure & Automotive Business of Silicon Labs
04/23/2021 | Business Wire
SEMI Lauds Introduction of Endless Frontier Act to Boost U.S. Technology Innovation
04/23/2021 | SEMI
New Method Measures Super-fast, Free Electron Laser Pulses
04/22/2021 | Los Alamos National Laboratory

Hans-Peter Tranitz: Dieter Bergman IPC Fellowship Award Recipient

In this wide-ranging interview, Patty Goldman speaks with Continental Automotive’s Peter Tranitz about his IPC involvement with press-fit and other automotive standards which have earned him the coveted Dieter Bergman IPC Fellowship Award.

Siemens Digital Industries Software Partners with Siemens Energy
04/22/2021 | PRNewswire

I-Connect007 'Just Ask' Q&A Compilation Available Now

Throughout 2020, we asked you to send us your questions for Happy Holden, John Mitchell, Joe Fjelstad, Tara Dunn, and Heidi Barnes. You all had plenty of questions for these industry experts. The following is a handy compilation of your questions and their answers.
SIA Applauds Introduction of Endless Frontier Act to Advance U.S. Technology Leadership
04/21/2021 | SIA
ASUS Envisions AI-Powered Future in the Healthcare Ecosystem
04/21/2021 | Business Wire
Workers Are Reluctant to Admit They Lack Tech Skills
04/20/2021 | Business Wire
Anari AI Raises $2M to Rebuild AI Hardware Industry Through Personalized Cloud Chips
04/20/2021 | Business Wire
Nokia, Chunghwa Telecom Accelerate 5G Expansion in Taiwan
04/20/2021 | Globe Newswire
NEC, D-Wave, Australian DoD Collaborate on Quantum Computing Initiative
04/20/2021 | Globe Newswire
SFR Strengthens Its Network with Cisco to Help Businesses in France
04/19/2021 | Cisco
Analog Devices Advances Climate Strategy and Commits to Net Zero Emissions by 2050
04/19/2021 | Analog Devices, Inc.
Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Achieves Major Milestone
04/19/2021 | Berkeley Lab
Nokia to Deploy Indoor 5G Small Cells Solutions with LG Uplus in South Korea
04/19/2021 | Nokia
Veoneer Radar, Stereovision in Mercedes EQS Hands-off Self-driving Tech
04/19/2021 | PRNewswire
Lenovo Outlines Company Transformation Strategy
04/16/2021 | Business Wire
New Research Uncovers Dynamics of Ultrasmall, Ultrafast Groups of Atoms
04/16/2021 | Argonne National Laboratory
Dye-based Device Sees the Invisible
04/16/2021 | ACN Newswire
Siemens Expands Industry-leading IC Verification Portfolio through Acquisition of OneSpin Solutions
04/16/2021 | PRNewswire
Painting With Semiconductors
04/15/2021 | AMOLF
Global Consumer Confidence Hits Record High
04/14/2021 | PRNewswire
NVIDIA Announces Q1 Fiscal 2022 Revenue Tracking Above Outlook
04/14/2021 | NVIDIA Newsroom
Siemens, SAP Expand Partnership
04/14/2021 | PRNewswire
Renesas Collaborates with Qualcomm Technologies
04/14/2021 | Business Wire
No Batteries? No Sweat! Wearable Biofuel Cells Now Produce Electricity from Lactate
04/13/2021 | Tokyo University of Science
Spintronics Technology Revolution Could Be Just a Hopfion Away
04/13/2021 | Berkeley Lab
Gartner: Worldwide Semiconductor Revenue Grew 10.4% in 2020
04/13/2021 | Gartner, Inc.
Red Hat, NEC Collaborate to Drive Kubernetes-based 5G Adoption
04/13/2021 | Business Wire
Plug-&-play Security: Swissbit Launches New ‘iShield Camera’ Memory Card
04/13/2021 | Swissbit AG
Tokyo Century, DOCOMO to Globally Expand EDGEMATRIX Edge-AI Platform
04/13/2021 | ACN Newswire
PV Nano Cell Develops Carbon-based Ink and Printing of Embedded Resistors, Capacitors
04/13/2021 | PV Nano Cell
Mobileye, Udelv Ink Deal for Autonomous Delivery
04/12/2021 | Intel

Domino's, Nuro Launch Autonomous Pizza Delivery with On-Road Robot
04/12/2021 | PRNewswire
PC Shipments Show Continued Strength in 1Q21 Despite Component Shortages, Logistics Issues
04/12/2021 | Business Wire
Velodyne, Ansys Team Up to Transform Autonomous Vehicle Safety
04/12/2021 | PRNewswire
Cadence Collaborates with Samsung Foundry
04/09/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Graphene 'Smart Surfaces' Now Tunable for Visible Spectrum
04/09/2021 | University of Manchester
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