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dSPACE, LeddarTech to Drive Development of Lidar Innovations for Self-Driving Cars
12/09/2020 | GlobeNewswire
SEMICON Japan 2020 Virtual Set to Open
12/09/2020 | SEMI
Swissbit SSDs Recommended for Mobile Video Surveillance Applications
12/08/2020 | Swissbit
Nokia Confirms 5G as 90% More Energy Efficient
12/08/2020 | Nokia
New Transistor Design Disguises Key Computer Chip Hardware From Hackers
12/08/2020 | Purdue University
NXP Announces Radar Sensor Solutions for 360-degree Safety Cocoon
12/07/2020 | Globe Newswire
NVIDIA Boosts Academic AI Research for Business Innovation
12/07/2020 | NVIDIA Newsroom
SEMI Supports Microelectronics Industry Incentive Provisions in U.S. National Defense Authorization Act
12/07/2020 | SEMI
PreAct Technologies Raises $1.6 Million to Fuel Auto Safety
12/07/2020 | Sony
UVD Robots to Deploy 200 Robots in Hospitals Across Europe
12/07/2020 | Business Wire
Rockley Photonics Collaborates with Cadence on Hyperscale Data Centers
12/07/2020 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Intel Debuts 2nd-Gen Horse Ridge Cryogenic Quantum Control Chip
12/04/2020 | Intel
Soter Analytics Using Smart Wearables to Reduce Injuries at Giant Eagle Supermarkets
12/04/2020 | PRNewswire
TIM, Ericsson and Qualcomm Set 5G Speed Record
12/04/2020 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
Keysight’s High-Speed Digital Test Solutions Selected by Allion Labs to Validate SerDes Devices
12/03/2020 | Business Wire
Einride’s AI Trucks Advance Capabilities with NVIDIA DRIVE AGX Orin
12/03/2020 | NVIDIA Newsroom
ONF Announces Aether 5G Connected Edge Cloud Platform for Pronto Project
12/03/2020 | PR Newswire
More Than 155,000 Smart AI-Based Cameras Will Transform Traffic Management By 2025
12/03/2020 | PR Newswire
2020 Global Semiconductor Equipment 3Q Billings Surge 30% Year-Over-Year
12/02/2020 | SEMI
UVD Robots Receives Prestigious Emerging Technology Award from ASEM
12/02/2020 | Business Wire
Vishay Aluminum Capacitors Increase Design Flexibility, Save Board Space
12/02/2020 | Globe Newswire
Waylay’s Digital Twin Revolutionizes Provisioning in Industrial IoT
12/02/2020 | Waylay
ROHM Announces New VCSEL Module Technology
12/01/2020 | Globe Newswire
Swissbit Launches CFast Memory Card F-800 for Industrial High-end Applications
12/01/2020 | Swissbit
Ynvisible, Innoscentia Fight Food Waste With Printed Intelligent Expiry Date Label
11/30/2020 | Ynvisible Interactive Inc.
Autotech Co Hong Kong Limited Completes Two-Year Autonomous Research Project
11/30/2020 | PR Newswire
Nokia, A1 Provide Private Wireless Connectivity for Siemens Renewable Energy Microgrid
11/30/2020 | Globe Newswire
Andes Announces New RISC-V Processors
11/30/2020 | Globe Newswire
STMicroelectronics, Advantest Collaborate on Advanced Automated Test Cell
11/30/2020 | Globe Newswire
Kaneka Develops Super Heat-Resistant Polyimide Film for 5G Millimeter Wave Zones
11/30/2020 | Business Wire

Aurora Mobile Signs 5G Agreement with Beijing Unicom
11/27/2020 | Globe Newswire
Fujitsu Develops Virtual Router Acceleration
11/27/2020 | ACN Newswire
Six MIT Faculty Elected 2020 AAAS Fellows
11/25/2020 | MIT News Office
Vishay Makes Modelithics Broadband Microwave Global Models Available
11/25/2020 | Globe Newswire
Keysight Expands European Distribution Channel
11/25/2020 | Business Wire
Optimus Ride Appoints Verizon Executive Sean Harrington As New CEO
11/25/2020 | Business Wire
Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions Receives Wally HSO Order
11/25/2020 | Business Wire
New Jenoptik F-theta Lens Made for Ultrashort Pulse Electronics Production
11/25/2020 | Jenoptik Optical Systems, LLC
IRIS Switzerland Adopts Silvaco TCAD Software for Autonomous Driving Applications
11/24/2020 | Business Wire
7 Sensing Software Joins Qualcomm Extension Program
11/24/2020 | Business Wire
Rockwell Automation Announces Next Evolution of its OEM Partner Program
11/24/2020 | Business Wire
CEA-Leti Collaborates with Intel on Advanced 3D Packaging
11/24/2020 | CEA-Leti
Borqs Technologies Signs Strategic MOU for 5G Industrial Park Project in China
11/24/2020 | Globe Newswire
NIST AI System Discovers New Material
11/24/2020 | NIST

PC Technological Advances in 2020

With CES quickly approaching, which is perhaps the largest technology event globally that is also going virtual this year, key component and sub-assembly companies are not waiting to announce their next generation of components. Dan Feinberg details new components and performance advances, as well as why you should consider building your own PC.

Swissbit Announces Long-term Availability for SD, CompactFlash Cards S-250 and C-350
11/24/2020 | Swissbit
Keysight Collaborates With NTU Singapore on Hybrid Vehicle to Everything Communications
11/23/2020 | Business Wire
NEC Laboratories Europe, Cyber Valley Sign MOU for Future AI Collaboration
11/23/2020 | PR Newswire
GM Boosts Investment, Grows Electric Portfolio to Lead in EV Race
11/23/2020 | PR Newswire
Samsung, SK Telecom Complete Next-Generation 5G Core Development
11/23/2020 | Samsung Electronics
Three New Standards to Help Accelerate Global 5G Adoption
11/23/2020 | Business Wire
3DGS Technology Used by Nokia to Demonstrate World’s First D-Band
11/20/2020 | 3D Glass Solutions
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts October 2020 Billings
11/20/2020 | SEMI
MVTec Sets New Standards with HALCON 20.11
11/20/2020 | MVTec
Printable, High-Performance Solid-State Electrolyte Films for Next-Generation Batteries
11/19/2020 | University of Maryland
Samsung Completes EMEA HQ Relocation to New Munich Office
11/19/2020 | Business Wire
Xilinx, Texas Instruments to Develop Energy Efficient 5G Radio Solutions
11/18/2020 | Business Wire
HD Vision Systems is the VISION Start-up of 2020
11/18/2020 | VDMA Machine Vision
Materialise Innovation Makes 3D Printing More Sustainable
11/18/2020 | PR Newswire
NVIDIA, Ampere Computing Raise Arm 26x in Supercomputing
11/18/2020 | NVIDIA Newsroom
Huawei Issues Statement on Sale of Honor Business Assets
11/17/2020 | Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
Würth Elektronik: Virtual Conference WE Meet @ Digital Days 2020
11/17/2020 | Wurth Elektronik
TopLine Exhibiting in 58th Annual NSREC IEEE Conference
11/17/2020 | TopLine
GaN Systems Expands Power Market with GaN Power Module Evaluation Kits
11/17/2020 | GaN Systems
Vidatronic Achieves up to 10X Speedup Using Cadence Spectre X Simulator
11/17/2020 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Fujitsu Launches iCAD SX V8, 3D CAD Processing 3 Million Parts in 0.2 Seconds
11/16/2020 | ACN Newswire
AMD Announces World’s Fastest HPC Accelerator for Scientific Research
11/16/2020 | AMD
U.S. Signs Six Party Joint Declaration of Intent with Germany
11/16/2020 | U.S. Department of Commerce
Arvizio Advances Augmented Reality Digital Twins for Industry 4.0
11/16/2020 | PR Newswire
GRIMM Wins DARPA Award to Research Assured MicroPatching
11/16/2020 | Business Wire
EK Updates Vector Lineup with Extended Compatibility Water Blocks
11/16/2020 | EK
Tuscan Holdings Corp. Announces Intent to Combine With Microvast Inc.
11/15/2020 | PR Newswire
Huawei's Ken Hu: 5G Creates New Value for Industries and New Growth Opportunities
11/13/2020 | PR Newswire
Camtek Receives Over $20 Million In Orders For Inspection & Metrology Systems
11/13/2020 | PR Newswire
Apple Releases Chip Designed Specifically for Mac
11/12/2020 | Apple

CEVA's DSP Solution to Power Renesas' Next-Generation Automotive SoC
11/12/2020 | PR Newswire
FLIR Systems Announces AI Traffic Cameras for Predictive Traffic Management
11/11/2020 | Business Wire
Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Exploring the Future of Marine Vessels with ROBOSHIP
11/11/2020 | ACN Newswire
DISH, Qualcomm Collaborate on O-RAN Compliant 5G Network
11/11/2020 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
AMD Unveils AMD Ryzen Embedded V2000 Processors
11/11/2020 | AMD
Pinnacle Imaging Systems Announces Denali 3.0 ISP
11/11/2020 | PRWEB
Johanson Technology Collaborates with Semtech to Develop IPDs
11/11/2020 | Johanson Technology
STMicroelectronics, Qualcomm Partner on Sensor Solutions
11/10/2020 | Business Wire
OmniVision, Ambarella and Smart Eye Partner on Driver Monitoring, Videoconferencing Camera Solution
11/10/2020 | Business Wire
New Rohde & Schwarz System Amplifier Targets Microwave Device Manufacturers
11/10/2020 | Rohde & Schwarz
Swissbit Joins Virtual FMS 2020: Store and Protect Data Reliably
11/10/2020 | Swissbit
Rohm Develops New Automotive Primary DC/DC Converters
11/09/2020 | Globe Newswire
Ormet Circuits Inc. Introduces New Transient Liquid Phase Sintering Paste
11/09/2020 | Ormet Circuits, Inc.
Resonant Releases New PMTx Extension For TC-SAW Filter Technologies
11/09/2020 | Globe Newswire
PolyU Scholar Receives Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Award
11/09/2020 | PR Newswire
Motor Development Kit from ON Semiconductor Prioritizes Energy Efficiency
11/09/2020 | Business Wire
Cadence Achieves ASIL B(D) Compliance Certification for Automotive Radar, Lidar and V2X DSP IP
11/09/2020 | Business Wire
Orange Supports LACROIX Group for 5G in Industry 4.0 Electronics Plant
11/09/2020 | Business Wire
2020 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) Announces Virtual Events Schedule
11/09/2020 | IEEE
Archer’s A1 Biochip Development Commences
11/06/2020 | Archer Materials Limited
Swissbit Showcases Industrial-Quality Memory, Security Products at electronica virtual
11/05/2020 | Swissbit
Foresight Integrates NVIDIA Platforms for Use in Autonomous Machines. Vehicles
11/05/2020 | Business Wire
PAS Global to be Acquired by Hexagon AB
11/05/2020 | PR Newswire
Functionality is Paramount: Lohmann's Bonding Solutions for Electric Mobility
11/05/2020 | PR Newswire
GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Soitec Announce RF-SOI Wafer Supply Agreement
11/05/2020 | Globe Newswire
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