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RMB Joins the Club
10/03/2016 | HSBC
Rise of the Digital Natives
10/03/2016 | HSBC
A Record Photovoltaic Effect Observed in Antiferroelectrics
10/03/2016 | ICN2
Fujitsu's City Monitoring and Parking Management Solutions Employ AI Technology
10/03/2016 | Fujitsu
IoT AR to Reach $7 Trillion by 2027
10/03/2016 | PRNewswire
Rubidium Pushes Perovskite Solar Cells to 21.6% Efficiency
09/30/2016 | EPFL
Fluorine Offers Solar Power Boost
09/30/2016 | RIKEN
Food Additive Key to Environmentally Friendly, Efficient, Plastic Solar Cells
09/30/2016 | North Carolina State University
Algorithm Could Enable Visible-light-based Imaging for Medical Devices, Autonomous Vehicles
09/30/2016 | MIT
Micro-LED Can Be Game Changing for LED Industry
09/30/2016 | TrendForce
European Union Occupies Top Position in the Global Automation Race
09/29/2016 | IFR
Medical Electronics Market Worth $4.41 Billion by 2022
09/29/2016 | PRNewswire
Shape-programmable Miniscule Robots
Secure Passwords Can Be Sent Through Your Body, Instead of Air
09/29/2016 | University of Washington
Lowering the Heat Makes New Materials Possible While Saving Energy
09/29/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Connected Cars to Introduce a New Era of Smart Mobility
09/29/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Lasers of the Future to be Developed by Southampton Scientist
09/28/2016 | University of Southampton
UT Dallas Scientists Put a New Twist on Artificial Muscles
09/28/2016 | UT Dallas
Scientists Help Create Device That Makes Monitoring Disease Biomarkers More Cost-effective
09/28/2016 | UCLA
Dawn of the Digital DX Economy: New Rules, Roles & Requirements
09/28/2016 | Business Wire
CIOs Must Design and Deploy Digital Business Technology Platform
09/28/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
NIST Team Suggests Nanoscale Electronic Motion Sensor as DNA Sequencer
09/28/2016 | NIST
SoC Market Dominated by Consumer Electronics App Segment
09/27/2016 | Transparency Market Research
SEMI European 3D Summit 2017: Creating High-Density Systems
09/27/2016 | SEMI
Bending Semiconductors Generates Electricity
09/27/2016 | ICN2
Single Photon Light Emitting Diodes for On-Chip Integration
09/27/2016 | Graphene Flagship
'Missing Link' Found in the Development of Bioelectronic Medicines
09/27/2016 | University of Southampton
Record for Perovskite/CIGS Tandem Solar Module
09/27/2016 | KIT
First Quantum Photonic Circuit with an Electrically Driven Light Source
09/27/2016 | KIT
Connected Devices Bring Opportunities for Brand Differentiation
09/27/2016 | Business Wire

3D Nanoprinting to Turbocharge Microscopes
09/26/2016 | EPFL
A Sweet Solution to the Thermal Energy Storage Problem
09/26/2016 | CORDIS
IoT Technology Market to Grow to $883.55 Billion by 2022
09/26/2016 | Business Wire
Shipments of Cellular M2M Terminals to Reach 5.7 Million Units
09/26/2016 | Berg Insight
How to Power Up Graphene Implants Without Frying Cells
09/26/2016 | MIT
New Multiferroic Materials from Building Blocks
09/26/2016 | NIMS
Mysterious Quantum Properties in Material Point to New Applications in Electronics
09/26/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
ADAS Market Poised for Growth
09/23/2016 | Transparency Market Research
Global PCB Technologies Market to Reach $85.26 Billion by 2025
09/23/2016 | Business Wire
Markit Flash U.S. Manufacturing PMI
09/23/2016 | IHS Markit
Apple Still Leads in Smartwatch Sales; Sector Growth Slow
09/23/2016 | Kantar World Panel
Next-Generation Thermoelectrics
09/23/2016 | UC Santa Barbara
Invention Merges Solar with Liquid Battery
09/23/2016 | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Applying Photonics to Electronic Warfare Challenges
09/23/2016 | Georgia Tech
Direct Observation of Graphene Decoupling on Cu
09/23/2016 | UNIST
A Conscious Coupling of Magnetic and Electric Materials
09/23/2016 | LBL
Reconfigurable Chaos-based Microchips Offer Possible Solution to Moore’s Law
09/23/2016 | NC State University
Unexpected Property of Graphene Unveiled
09/23/2016 | Agência FAPESP
Tomorrow’s Consumers
09/22/2016 | HSBC
Mexican Scientist in the Netherlands Seeks to Achieve Data Transmission
09/22/2016 | Alpha Galileo
American Economy Expected to Grow by 1.5% in 2016
09/22/2016 | PRNewswire
Towards Stable Propagation of Light in Nano-Photonic Fibers
09/22/2016 | Institute for Basic Science
Detecting Blood Alcohol Content with an Electronic Skin Patch
09/22/2016 | American Chemical Society
A Flexible Semiconductor for Electronics, Solar Technology and Photo Catalysis
Riverwood Solutions Continues Expansion in the MEMS and Sensor Ecosystem
09/22/2016 | Riverwood Solutions
Defects at the Spinterface Disrupt Transmission
09/21/2016 | Universität Tübingen
2016 a Sequel to Last Year’s M&A Mania
09/21/2016 | IC Insights
These Smart Threads Could Save Lives
09/21/2016 | NSF
Acoustic Resonator Device Paves the Way for Better Communication
09/21/2016 | Yale University
Note 7 Battery Fire Reveals Flaw in Samsung’s Supply Chain Strategy
09/21/2016 | TrendForce

Detecting Emotions with Wireless Signals
09/21/2016 | MIT
New Memory Management Scheme Better Accommodates Commercial Chips
09/21/2016 | MIT
Fujitsu Doubles Deep Learning Neural Network Scale with Technology to Improve GPU Memory Efficiency
09/21/2016 | Fujitsu
LED: A Big, Big World?
09/20/2016 | Yole Développement
OLED Microdisplays in Data Glasses for Improved Human-Machine Interaction
09/20/2016 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Nanoscale Tetrapods Could Provide Early Warning of a Material’s Failure
09/20/2016 | LBL
Oversupply Will Prevent Global PV Market From Recovering in Near Future
09/20/2016 | TrendForce
From Consumer to Automotive, System Plus Consulting is at the Cutting Edge Of Innovative Technologies
09/19/2016 | Yole Développement
Roll-to-Roll Printing Market Revenue to Top $27.1B by 2024
09/19/2016 | openPR
Brain to Robot: 'Move, Please'
09/19/2016 | ETH Zurich
Deep Insight Into Interfaces
09/19/2016 | Universität Würzburg
Towards Stable Propagation of Light in Nanophotonic Fibers
09/19/2016 | Institute for Basic Science
Closing in on High-temperature Superconductivity
09/19/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Argonne Technology Puts Solar Power to Work All Night Long
09/19/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
Diamond Proves Useful Material for Growing Graphene
09/19/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
Building a Better Battery, Large and Small
09/19/2016 | University of Rochester
Drive-by Monitoring for Urban Streetlights
09/19/2016 | MIT
Prices of Low-End Smartphone Panels Hit New Historical Highs in September
09/19/2016 | TrendForce
What Artificial Intelligence Will Look Like in 2030
09/16/2016 | Harvard University
Gartner Says PC Leaders Must Overhaul Their Businesses or Leave the Market by 2020
09/16/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Complex Materials Can Self-organize into Circuits, May Form Basis for Multifunction Chips
09/16/2016 | ORNL
New Tech Promises to Boost Electric Vehicle Efficiency, Range
09/16/2016 | North Carolina State University
Internet of Things Technology Market Worth $883.55B by 2022
09/16/2016 | PRNewswire
IoT Sensors Market - Growth, Trends and Forecast
09/16/2016 | PRNewswire
Magnetic Polaron Imaged for the First Time
09/16/2016 | Aalto University
Thermal Metamaterial Innovation Could Help Bring Waste-heat Harvesting Technology to Power Plants, Factories
09/16/2016 | Purdue University
Observations of Atomic Interactions Could Help Pave Way to Room-temperature Superconductors
09/16/2016 | MIT
Physicists Develop New Touchscreen Technology
09/15/2016 | University of Sussex
New Optofluidic Platform Features Tunable Optics and Novel 'Lightvalves'
09/15/2016 | University of California - Santa Cruz
Calculating the Financial Risks of Renewable Energy
09/15/2016 | MIT

SEMCON: Self-Driving Car Smiles at Pedestrians
09/15/2016 | Business Wire
From Consumer to Automotive, System plus Consulting is at the Cutting Edge of Innovative Technologies
09/14/2016 | Yole Développement
Medical Electronics Market to Reach $219B by 2024
09/14/2016 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Introduction of Quantum Technology in Semiconductor Industry to Boost Revenues from Advanced Microscopy Devices
09/14/2016 | Transparency Market Research
Simulation Highlights Potential For Low-Cost Security Imaging Device
09/14/2016 | North Carolina State University
Lightweight, Wearable Tech Efficiently Converts Body Heat to Electricity
09/14/2016 | North Carolina State University
New Technique Integrates Graphene, GO and rGO onto Silicon Chips at Room Temperature
09/14/2016 | North Carolina State University
The Conference Board LEI for Mexico Increased
09/14/2016 | The Conference Board
Global Server Revenue Down 0.8% in Q2 of 2016
09/14/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
UMD Physicists Discover “Smoke Rings” Made of Laser Light
09/14/2016 | University of Maryland
New Fabric Uses Sun and Wind to Power Devices
09/14/2016 | Georgia Tech
Magnetic Sensors Made to Measure
New Flexible Semiconductor for Electronics, Solar Technology and Photo Catalysis
Conference Board LEI for Mexico was Unchanged in June
09/13/2016 | The Conference Board
Tech Doubles Down on TPP
09/13/2016 | Semiconductor Industry Association
Q2 2016 Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Billings at $10.5 Billion
09/13/2016 | SEMI
Global Smart Street Solutions Market to Hit $23.8B between 2015 and 2024
09/13/2016 | Business Wire
Global Revenue of NAND Flash Market Rising 3.4% Sequentially in Q2
09/13/2016 | TrendForce
New Laser Provides Ultra-Precise Tool for Scientists Probing the Secrets of the Universe
09/13/2016 | OSA
Faster Parallel Computing
09/12/2016 | MIT
One-pot Synthesis Towards Sulfur-based Organic Semiconductors
09/12/2016 | Nagoya University
Fab Equipment Spending Ascending
09/12/2016 | SEMI
Presidential Election Overshadows Efforts of the White House and Congress
09/12/2016 | SEMI
Silicon Nanoparticles Instead Of Expensive Semiconductors
09/12/2016 | Lomonosov Moscow State University
Understanding How Flat Phosphorus Grows
09/12/2016 | A*STAR
Lighting the Way to Miniature Devices
09/12/2016 | A*STAR
A Versatile Method To Pattern Functionalized Nanowires
09/12/2016 | Hokkaido University
The Enigma Machine Takes a Quantum Leap
09/09/2016 | University of Rochester
Global Semiconductor Sales Rebound in July
09/09/2016 | SIA
New Computer Chip Manufacturing Method Squeezes More onto Limited Wafer Space
09/09/2016 | University of Wisconsin-Madison

Wireless Sensors Expected to Reach Nearly $7.7B by 2021
09/09/2016 | PRNewswire
The Conference Board LEI for Japan Remained Unchanged
09/09/2016 | PRNewswire
iPhone 7’s Quad-LED True Tone Feature Will Push Global Flash LED Market to $811M in 2017
09/09/2016 | TrendForce
DOE’s HPC for Manufacturing Program Seeks Proposals From Industry to Advance Energy Efficient Technology
09/08/2016 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Low-cost and Defect-free Graphene
09/08/2016 | FAU
Medical Electronics Market to Reach $219B by 2024
09/08/2016 | PRNewswire
Automated Optical Inspection System Market to See CAGR of 17.1% between 2016 and 2022.
09/08/2016 | PRNewswire
Autopilot Systems Market to Grow at 4.7% CAGR to 2020
09/08/2016 | PRNewswire
New Perovskite Research Discoveries May Lead to Solar Cell, LED Advances
09/08/2016 | Ames Laboratory
Microbatteries Industry: A Strong IP Position is Essential
09/08/2016 | Yole Développement
Updated Semiconductor Outlook for Internet of Things
09/08/2016 | IC Insights
Team of Robots Learns to Work Together, Without Colliding
09/08/2016 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Stanford-hosted Study Examines How AI Might Affect Urban Life in 2030
09/07/2016 | Stanford University
UK Needs to Up Trade Game
09/07/2016 | HSBC
The Conference Board Employment Trends Index Slightly Down in August
09/07/2016 | The Conference Board
Getting Real with Nanotubes
09/07/2016 | ACN Newswire
Samsung, Oppo and Asus Maintain Strong Presence in Indonesia's Smartphone Market
09/07/2016 | IDC
Notre Dame Researchers Find Transition Point in Semiconductor Nanomaterials
09/06/2016 | Notre Dame
Are Carbon Nanotubes the next In-line for the Manufacture of Wearable Electronics?
09/06/2016 | Taylor & Francis
Collaboration Aims to Enhance Battery Performance
09/06/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
Wearables, Data And The Changing Nature of Healthcare
09/06/2016 | Yann Le Derf, Jabil
DRAM Contract Prices to Rise Over 10% Sequentially in Fourth Quarter as Memory Demand Stays Hot
09/06/2016 | TrendForce
European Semiconductor Market on the Rise Month-on-month
09/06/2016 | ESIA
Recognizing the U.S. Semiconductor Workforce at Labor Day
09/06/2016 | SIA
Dominance in the Distributed Energy Market Places the Spotlight on Asia-Pacific
09/06/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Global Automotive Technology Developments to Create $350B in Supplier Opportunities
09/06/2016 | IHS Markit
Russia’s Mobile Phone Market Volume Returns to Pre-crisis Level but Prices Remain Keen
09/06/2016 | IDC
Basic Wearables Soar and Smart Wearables Stall as Worldwide Wearables Market Climbs 26.1% in Q2
09/06/2016 | IDC
A New Deal for the Smartphone Industry?
09/05/2016 | Yole Développement
Lower Cost to Drive Smart Wearable Entertainment Devices' Growth
09/05/2016 | Business Wire

Designing Safe, Cheap Batteries for Grid Level Storage
09/05/2016 | MIT
Lincoln Laboratory Lends a 3-D-printed Hand
09/05/2016 | MIT
Researchers Unveil Ciliated Microbots
09/05/2016 | UPI
For First Time, Carbon Nanotube Transistors Outperform Silicon
09/05/2016 | University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Cybersecurity Researchers Design a Chip that Checks for Sabotage
09/02/2016 | NYU Tandon
Finding Transition Point in Semiconductor Nanomaterials
09/02/2016 | University of Notre Dame
Iowa State Engineers Treat Printed Graphene with Lasers to Enable Paper Electronics, Devices
09/02/2016 | Iowa State University
Latest Jobs Report Shows That Employment Growth May Be Softening
09/02/2016 | The Conference Board
Rapid Expansion Projected for Smart Home Devices
09/02/2016 | IHS Markit
NREL Discovery Creates Future Opportunity in Quantum Computing
09/02/2016 | NREL
Large Format Printer Shipments Show Modest Strength in Q2
09/02/2016 | IDC
Subatomic Microscopy Key to Building New Classes of Materials
09/01/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Robot Larvae Deployed at Sea
09/01/2016 | UC Davis
Flat Smartphone Growth Projected for 2016 as Mature Markets Veer into Declines
09/01/2016 | IDC
In Batteries, a Metal Reveals Its Dual Personality
09/01/2016 | MIT
Researchers Peel Back Another Layer of Chemistry with 'Tender' X-rays
09/01/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Standing Still May Help Improve Antennas That Scan in All Directions
09/01/2016 | University of Wisconsin-Madison
India $15.3B 100 Smart Cities Mission – Where are the Opportunities Today
09/01/2016 | IDC
China’s Manufacturing IoT Spending to Hit $128B by 2020
09/01/2016 | IDC
Strong Stock-Up Demand Pushed Prices of 4GB DRAM Modules to a High of US$14 in August
09/01/2016 | TrendForce
New Optical Material Offers Unprecedented Control of Light and Thermal Radiation
08/31/2016 | Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
'Helix-to-Tube,' a Simple Strategy to Synthesize Covalent Organic Nanotubes
08/31/2016 | ITbM, Nagoya University
Colors from Darkness: Researchers Develop Alternative Approach to Quantum Computing
08/31/2016 | Aalto University
Plastic Crystals Could Improve Fabrication of Memory Devices
08/31/2016 | Hokkaido University
New Digital Antenna Could Revolutionize the Future of Mobile Phones
08/31/2016 | Aalto University
Strong Demand for Fine-Pitch LED Displays Propel Prices of LED Chips and Packages
08/31/2016 | TrendForce
SSD Adoption Rate in Global Notebook Market to Reach 50% in 2018
08/31/2016 | TrendForce
LTPS Panel Market to Face Oversupply in 2017 When Global Capacity Expands by 31.6% Annually
08/31/2016 | TrendForce
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Improved in August
08/30/2016 | PRNewswire
Graphene Key to Two-dimensional Semiconductor with Extraordinary Properties
08/30/2016 | Pennsylvania State University

Inferring Urban Travel Patterns from Cellphone Data
08/30/2016 | MIT
Global Autonomous Cars/Driverless Cars Market Report
08/30/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Tablet Market Expected to Rebound in 2018
08/30/2016 | IDC
PC Market Outlook Changes Little Despite Second Quarter Strength
08/30/2016 | IDC
Device to Control 'Color' of Electrons in Graphene Path to Future Electronics
08/30/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Steve Williams Receives Prestigious John Maxwell International Certification
08/30/2016 | Steve Williams
5G Technology Market worth 89.0 Million Subscriptions by 2022
08/29/2016 | MarketsandMarkets
Wearable Camera Shipments Will Grow to 24 Million Units Annually by 2021
08/29/2016 | Business Wire
Crystal Unclear: Why Might This Uncanny Crystal Change Laser Design?
08/29/2016 | NIST
Continuous Roll-process Technology for Transferring and Packaging Flexible LSI
08/29/2016 | KAIST
How Machine Learning Can Help with Voice Disorders
08/29/2016 | MIT
Global IT Spending Forecast to Reach $2.7 Trillion in 2020
08/29/2016 | IDC
New Solar Cell Is More Efficient, Costs Less than Its Counterparts
08/29/2016 | MIT
Development of Chemical Sensing Material that Enables Smartphones to Detect Toxic Gases
08/29/2016 | NIMS
New Single-photon Microwave Source Developed
08/26/2016 | National Physical Laboratory
How Weak Productivity can Neuter Monetary Policy
08/26/2016 | HSBC
Artificial Intelligence Revenue to Reach $36.8B by 2025
08/26/2016 | Business Wire
IoT Sensors Market Worth $38.41 Billion by 2022
08/26/2016 | Business Wire
Extending Battery Life for Mobile Devices
08/26/2016 | University of Massachusetts at Amherst
A Nanoscale Wireless Communication System via Plasmonic Antennas
08/26/2016 | Boston College
Africa Could Become 'The New China'
08/26/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
3-D Printed Structures 'Remember' their Shapes
08/26/2016 | MIT
2016 Flash Memory Summit Highlighted Prominence of Chinese Vendors in Flash Industry
08/26/2016 | TrendForce
The First Autonomous, Entirely Soft Robot
08/25/2016 | Harvard University
South Carolina's Aerospace Industry Trends Towards Sustainable Growth
08/25/2016 | PRNewswire
Measuring Tiny Forces with Light
08/25/2016 | NIST
New Electrical Energy Storage Material Shows Its Power
08/25/2016 | Northwestern University
2016 Flash Memory Summit Highlighted Prominence of Chinese Vendors in Flash Industry
08/25/2016 | TrendForce
An Effective and Low-cost Solution for Storing Solar Energy
08/25/2016 | EPFL
Subtle Growth in Consumer PC Provided Positive Outlook to Overall India PC Market in Q2 2016
08/25/2016 | IDC

Solving Network Congestion
08/25/2016 | MIT
Spider Silk: Mother Nature’s Bio-Superlens
08/25/2016 | Bangor University
Miniaturization of Electronics Challenges EMI/RFI Industry
08/24/2016 | Marketwired
Total Pure-play Foundry Market Expected to Jump 9% This Year
08/24/2016 | IC Insights
Low-Temp Production Could Mean Cheaper, Flexible Smart Windows
08/24/2016 | Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin
New Microchip Demonstrates Efficiency and Scalable Design
08/24/2016 | Princeton University
New Technology May Give Electric Car Drivers More Miles per Minute of Charging
08/24/2016 | Ohio State University
Consumer Ultraslim and Detachable Uptake Revitalizes PC and Tablet Market in Western Europe
08/24/2016 | IDC
Taiwan’s Display Industry First to Mass Produce 8K TV Panels
08/24/2016 | TrendForce
Stretchy Supercapacitors Power Wearable Electronics
08/23/2016 | ACS
Battery You Can Swallow Could Enable Future Ingestible Medical Devices
08/23/2016 | ACS
Programmable Network Routers
08/23/2016 | MIT
LED Specialty Lighting Market to Post 30% CAGR in 2016-2020
08/23/2016 | TrendForce
Global Electronics Market will Consume Over 127.5 Billion Analog ICs in 2016
08/23/2016 | Semico Research
ABI Research Finds the Future of BLE Beacon Shipments is Not in Retail
08/23/2016 | ABI Research
A New Eye on the Middle Ear
08/23/2016 | MIT
'Artificial Atom' Created in Graphene
08/22/2016 | TU Wien
Irish Reseachers Have Developed a Simpler Process to Produce Germanium-tin Nanowires
08/22/2016 | AMBER
New Theory Could Lead to New Generation of Energy Friendly Optoelectronics
08/22/2016 | Queen’s University Belfast
Spin Nano-systems Result in New Type of Quantum Bits
08/22/2016 | CORDIS
Tiny Lasers that Opens New Era for Light-based Computing
08/22/2016 | HKUST
Low-Temp Production Could Mean Cheaper, Flexible Smart Windows
08/22/2016 | Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin
Graphene Nanoribbons in Solutions Mimic Nature
08/22/2016 | Rice University
Improved Tests of the Weak Nuclear Force from Beta Decay
08/22/2016 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Indian Smartphone Market Recovers with 17% Growth In Q2 2016
08/22/2016 | IDC
Microsystems Technology Office to host Office-Wide Proposers Day
08/19/2016 | DARPA
New Molecules Promise Cheaper, More Efficient OLED Displays
08/19/2016 | Harvard University
Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased 0.4% in July
08/19/2016 | PRNewswire
Emerging Markets Power Smartphone Sales
08/19/2016 | PRNewswire
Determining Real Molecules in Operating Batteries
08/19/2016 | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Hybrid System Designed to Harvest 'Full Spectrum' of Solar Energy
08/19/2016 | Purdue University
Superconductivity: After the Scenario, the Staging
08/18/2016 | University of Geneva
Scientists Uncover the Origin of High-Temperature Superconductivity in Copper-Oxide Compound
08/18/2016 | BNL
Natural Scale Caterpillar Soft Robot Is Powered and Controlled with Light
08/18/2016 | Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw
Interscatter Communication Enables First-ever Implanted Devices, Smart Contact Lenses, Credit Cards that 'Talk' Wi-Fi
08/18/2016 | University of Washington
IDC Announces 2016 Top Smart City Projects in Asia/Pacific
08/18/2016 | IDC
Communication and Automotive Industries Create Growth Opportunities for Chemicals in Electronics
08/18/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
IHS Markit Releases Ranking of Top LED Suppliers
08/18/2016 | IHS Markit
Global Sales of Smartphones Up 4.3% Year on Year
08/18/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Gartner's Hype Cycle Highlights China's Aggressive Investment in High Tech Despite Economic Slowdown
08/17/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Voice Control Will Become the Bedrock for Smart Home Applications
08/17/2016 | ABI Research
Highly Automated Driving to Spark Adoption of Centralized Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
08/17/2016 | ABI Research
Miniaturized Sensor that Can Measure Chemistry on a Chip
08/17/2016 | Cornell University
IBS Discovers Enhanced Electron Doping On Iron Superconductors
08/17/2016 | IBS
Solid Batteries Improve Safety
08/17/2016 | ETH Zurich
Seven Top 20 Semiconductor Suppliers Show Double-Digit Gains in 2Q16
08/17/2016 | IC Insights
Doubling Battery Power of Consumer Electronics
08/17/2016 | MIT
Setting Robots in Motion, Quickly and Efficiently
08/17/2016 | Duke University
DRAM on Track to Be Worst-Performing Market in 2016
08/16/2016 | IC Insights
Wearable Medical Devices and the Internet of Things
08/16/2016 | PRNewswire
Smart Phone Shipments to Grow 5% in 2016 Despite Apple Posting First Annual Decline
08/16/2016 | Canalys
Automotive IoT Market Worth $82.79B by 2022
08/16/2016 | PRNewswire
Booting up Spin-based Device Studies
08/16/2016 | MIT
Can Today’s EVs Make a Dent in Climate Change?
08/16/2016 | MIT
NSF Wants Engineering Researchers to Bend Rules (of Classical Physics)
08/16/2016 | NSF
Nanomaterial Safety Screening Could Become Faster, Cheaper with New Laboratory Test
08/15/2016 | UCLA
Global 3D Printing Materials Market Growth of 25.39% CAGR by 2020
08/15/2016 | Business Wire
Worldwide Revenues for Augmented and Virtual Reality Forecast to Reach $162B in 2020
08/15/2016 | IDC
Material for Polymer Solar Cells May Lend Itself to Large-Area Processing
08/15/2016 | NIST
Wearable Sensor for Athletes Detects Potential Head Injuries
08/15/2016 | MIT

Your Brain on Google Glass
08/15/2016 | Drexel University
Hybrid Solar Cells Have Applications in Flexible Electronics and Portable Devices
08/15/2016 | KAUST
Wi-fi from Lasers
08/15/2016 | KAUST
Mobile DRAM Revenue Posts 17.2% Sequential Increase in Q2
08/15/2016 | TrendForce
Paraplegics Take a Step to Regain Movement
08/12/2016 | Duke University
NIST’s Rolling Wireless Net Helps Improve First-Responder Communications
08/12/2016 | NIST
MIT Develops Self-shading Windows
08/12/2016 | MIT
Researchers Set New 5G-world Record and Earn Multiple Awards
08/12/2016 | Lund University
Wearable Cloud Could be Less Expensive, More Powerful Form of Mobile Computing
08/12/2016 | UAB
See-through Circuitry
08/12/2016 | KAUST
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Opens New Opportunities in IR LED Market
08/12/2016 | TrendForce
Southeast Asia’s Consumer Powerhouse
08/12/2016 | HSBC
The Conference Board LEI for Japan Increased in June
08/12/2016 | The Conference Board
Led by Macroeconomic Factors, Power Semiconductor Market Revenues Declined in 2015
08/12/2016 | IHS Markit
Worldwide Spending on 3D Printing Expected to Surpass $35 Billion in 2020
08/12/2016 | IDC
Quantum Dots with Impermeable Shell: A Powerful Tool for Nanoengineering
08/11/2016 | Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences
Connected Health and Wellness Devices Market Worth $612B by 2024
08/11/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Internet of Things in Energy Market to Grow 24.61% by 2022
08/11/2016 | Business Wire
Quantum Systems Hold Promise for Cybersecurity and Beyond
08/11/2016 | NSF
Making a Solar Energy Conversion Breakthrough With Help From a Ferroelectrics Pioneer
08/11/2016 | Drexel University
Two Become One: How to Turn Green Light Blue
08/11/2016 | KIT
Bit Supply Growth Led to Small Sequential Increase of 6.3% in Global DRAM Revenue for Q2
08/11/2016 | TrendForce
Cooling Breakthrough Could Improve Performance of Quantum Computers
08/10/2016 | USC
Nanosize Magnetic Whirlpools Could Be the Future of Data Storage
08/10/2016 | University of Southampton
Towards a Better Screen
08/10/2016 | Harvard University
Notebook Shipments in First Half of 2016 Totaled 74.18 Million Units
08/10/2016 | TrendForce
Market for Lithium Batteries Used in IT Products Reached Equilibrium in Q2
08/10/2016 | TrendForce
China Further Fortifies Its Semiconductor Sector With Formation of High-End Chip Alliance
08/10/2016 | TrendForce
Smarter Self-assembly Opens New Pathways for Nanotechnology
08/10/2016 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
Solid Batteries Improve Safety
08/10/2016 | ETH Zurich

Photoelectrodes Revealed
08/10/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
The Conference Board ETI Increased Slightly in July
08/09/2016 | The Conference Board
Semiconductor Sales in Europe Up 1.7% in June
08/09/2016 | ESIA
Making a Solar Energy Conversion Breakthrough with Help from a Ferroelectrics Pioneer
08/09/2016 | Drexel University
Liquid Light Switch Could Enable More Powerful Electronics
08/09/2016 | University of Cambridge
Chemical Sensing at Telecom Wavelengths
08/09/2016 | MIT
Lithium-ion Batteries: Capacity Might be Increased by Six Times
08/09/2016 | HZB
IoT Platform to See Significant Revenue Growth by 2021
08/09/2016 | Berg Insight
Chip-on-Board LED Market in APAC to Grow 34.79% by 2020
08/08/2016 | Business Wire
Manufacturing Jobs See Modest Growth in July
08/08/2016 | AAM
Stronger Terahertz Waves Allow Safer Detection of Hidden Objects
08/08/2016 | University of Rochester
Diamond-based Light Sources Will Lay a Foundation for Quantum Communications of the Future
08/08/2016 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Electrified Quantum Diamond Can Become the Heart of Quantum Networks and Computers of the Future
08/08/2016 | MIPT
Spinning Electrons Could Lead to New Electronics
08/08/2016 | University of Manchester
Global Electronic Smart Packaging Market Will Witness a CAGR of 45.5%
08/05/2016 | PRNewswire
Is the Economy as Good as the Jobs Number, Or as Bad as the GDP Number?
08/05/2016 | The Conference Board
Semi-transparent Solar Cells with Thermal Mirror Capability
08/05/2016 | KAIST
Programmable Ions Set the Stage for General-purpose Quantum Computers
08/05/2016 | JQI
Scientists Develop Quick-destructing Battery to Power 'Transient' Devices
08/05/2016 | Iowa State University
Getting Light in Shape with Metamaterials
08/04/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Tiny High-performance Solar Cells Turn Power Generation Sideways
08/04/2016 | University of Wisconsin-Madison
2.5 Billion Wireless Sensor Network Chipset Shipments in 2021
08/04/2016 | PRNewswire
Oversupply in Global Display Market Corrected
08/04/2016 | IHS Markit
IHS Small Business Jobs Index Moderates in July, Following 2016 Peak in June
08/04/2016 | IHS Markit
Next Generation Anode to Improve Lithium-ion Batteries
08/04/2016 | University of California, Riverside
Optimizing Formula for Cadmium-tellurium Solar Cells
08/04/2016 | ORNL
Towards the T-1000: Liquid Metals Propel Future Electronics
08/04/2016 | RMIT University
Swapping Substrates Improves Edges of Graphene Nanoribbons
08/04/2016 | AIP.org
Chemists Create Vitamin-driven Battery
08/04/2016 | University of Toronto
Fitbit Dominates Health and Fitness Wearables
08/03/2016 | Canalys

Asia’s Growth Slows Further
08/03/2016 | HSBC
Rising to the Climate Challenge
08/03/2016 | HSBC
New Robot Overcomes Obstacles
08/03/2016 | Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
White House Advances High-Performance Computing Initiative
08/03/2016 | SIA
Material Can Lead to New Optical Devices
Flexible Wearable Electronic Skin Patch Offers New Way to Monitor Alcohol Levels
08/03/2016 | UC San Diego
Ultracompact Photodetector
08/03/2016 | KIT
Global Semiconductor Market Posts Sequential Sales Increase in Q2
08/02/2016 | SIA
Brexit to Have a Significant Knock-on Effect on UK’s Nuclear and Renewable Energy Projects
08/02/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Discovery Could Lead to New Materials for Ultra-small Components
08/02/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Power Amplifiers for 5G Made of Gallium Nitride
08/02/2016 | Fraunhofer IBMT
High-Temp Device Captures a Broader Solar Wavelength Spectrum
08/02/2016 | OSA
Supercomputers Used to Find a Way of Making 'Imitation Graphene' from Salt
08/01/2016 | MIPT
Two-dimensional Materials as Revolutionary as Graphene'
08/01/2016 | University of Manchester
July 2016 Manufacturing ISM Report on Business PMI at 52.6%
08/01/2016 | ISM
Worldwide Tablet Shipments Decline More Than 12% in Q2
08/01/2016 | Business Wire
Research Project Helps Reduce the Cost of Parallel Computing
08/01/2016 | Carlos III University of Madrid
KAIST Develops Ultrathin, Transparent Oxide Thin-film Transistors for Wearable Display
08/01/2016 | KAIST
Acquiring Graphene-like Films from Salts to Boost Nanoelectronics
08/01/2016 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Q2 GDP Shows That U.S. Economy Stuck Well below 2% Growth Trend
08/01/2016 | The Conference Board
Public Safety Increased With the Ability to Remotely Disable Vehicles
08/01/2016 | CORDIS
Q2 Tablet Shipments Down 4.8% but Lenovo and Huawei Posted Growth Despite Headwinds
08/01/2016 | TrendForce
U.S. 2Q GDP Well Below Expectations
07/29/2016 | The Conference Board
Silicon-air Battery Achieves Record Running Time
07/29/2016 | Forschungszentrum Jülich
Smart Electricity Meter Revenue to Reach $7B Globally in 2021
07/29/2016 | IHS Markit
Grid-connected Energy Storage Capacity will Surge to 21 GWh by 2025
07/29/2016 | IHS Markit
Sustainable Sensors to Detect, Predict Muscle Fatigue
07/29/2016 | The Electrochemical Society
Portable Device Produces Biopharmaceuticals on Demand
07/29/2016 | MIT
Molten Storage and Thermophotovoltaics Offer New Solar Power Pathway
07/29/2016 | Georgia Tech
Worldwide Smartphone Volumes Relatively Flat in Q2 2016
07/29/2016 | IDC

Breakthrough Solar Cell Captures Co2 and Sunlight, Produces Burnable Fuel
07/29/2016 | UIC
Inherent Advantages of OLED Displays to Override Higher Costs in Long Run
07/28/2016 | TMR
IP Subsystems Market to Reach a 17.6% CAGR through 2020
07/28/2016 | Semico Research
Nanodisks Drive a Polarizing Transformation
07/28/2016 | A*STAR
Selective Sensing of Harmful Molecules with Light
07/28/2016 | ACN Newswire
Cuttable Display Sheets Developed
07/28/2016 | NIMS
Self-assembling Nano Inks Form Conductive and Transparent Grids During Imprint
07/28/2016 | INM
Chemical Etching Method Helps Transistors Stand Tall
07/28/2016 | University of Illinois
Foundry Capacity Investment Led by Taiwan and China
07/28/2016 | SEMI
Growth in Wearable Electronics Enabled by Advances in Assembly and Packaging
07/28/2016 | TechSearch International, Inc.
New Material Could Advance Superconductivity
07/28/2016 | Carnegie Institution for Science
India's Networking Market Posted a Healthy YoY Growth of 14% in Q1 2016
07/28/2016 | IDC
Watering Solar Cells Makes Them Grow… in Power!
07/27/2016 | OIST
The Hot Attraction of Gold
07/27/2016 | Tohoku University
New Sensors Function as Eyes in Concrete
07/27/2016 | DTU
Q2 2016 Silicon Wafer Shipments Set a New Record
07/27/2016 | SEMI
Making Terahertz Lasers More Powerful
Connected Car Market to Grow at 31% CAGR to 2020
07/27/2016 | PRNewswire
Nanotechnology Market to Reach $12.83 Billion by 2021
07/27/2016 | PRNewswire
Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Virtually Unchanged in July
07/27/2016 | Conference Board
More Power to You
07/27/2016 | University of Utah
Pixel-array Quantum Cascade Detector Paves the Way for Portable Thermal Imaging Devices
07/27/2016 | The Optical Society
Unlocking the Secret to Cheaper Solar Power
07/27/2016 | AIP.org
New Nontoxic Process Promises Larger Ultrathin Sheets of 2D Nanomaterials
07/27/2016 | ORNL
Spiders Spin Unique Phononic Material
07/27/2016 | Rice University
Hydrophobic Membrane with Nanopores for Highly Efficient Energy Storage
07/27/2016 | DWI
New Chemistry Could Overcome Key Drawbacks of Lithium-air Batteries
07/26/2016 | MIT
Ultra-flat Circuits Will Have Unique Properties
07/26/2016 | Rice University
British Athletes Use Virtual Reality Technology for Home Field Advantage
07/26/2016 | BAE Systems
OLED to Become Leading Smartphone Display Technology in 2020
07/26/2016 | IHS Markit

Perovskite Can Take the Heat
07/25/2016 | A*STAR
Controlling Anisotropy
07/25/2016 | A*STAR
Ultrasensitive Sensor Using N-doped Graphene
07/25/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Global Smartwatch Shipment Fell 32% in Q2 2016
07/25/2016 | IDC
Biometrics, Borders, Bombs, and BREXIT: World Tumult Drives Adoption of Automated Border Control and Identification Technology
07/25/2016 | PRNewswire
Brexit: Ten Things Manufacturing Companies Should Know
07/25/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Newly Discovered Material Property May Lead to High Temp Superconductivity
07/25/2016 | DOE/Ames Laboratory
NIST Reveals Valuable Fundamentals of a Stacked, Cracked Jack of All Trades
07/25/2016 | NIST
Physicists Find a Way of 'Bundling Together' Multiple Elements of a Quantum Computer
07/25/2016 | MIPT
Scientists Develop Painless and Inexpensive Microneedle System to Monitor Drugs
07/25/2016 | University of British Columbia
Rebound in Notebooks in Western Europe Boosted PC Shipments in EMEA in 2016Q2
07/25/2016 | IDC
Penn Researchers Develop Placenta-on-a-chip
07/25/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Hey Robot, Shimmy Like a Centipede
07/25/2016 | Kyoto University
Purdue Lab Dissecting Lithium-ion Batteries to Improve Safety
07/22/2016 | Purdue University
Engineers Integrate Nano-scale Sensors, Electronics and Microfluidics into Threads
07/22/2016 | Tufts University
Engineers Create Nanolayered Composites
07/22/2016 | MIT
As Global Tablet Market Tumbles, PC Brands Develop Survival Tactics to Cope
07/22/2016 | ABI Research
PV Cell Makers Have Lowered Production to Survive the Off Season
07/22/2016 | TrendForce
Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Spending to Drop 0.7% in 2016
07/22/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Semiconductor Sensor Sales Keep Hitting New Records Amid Price Erosion
07/22/2016 | IC Insights
Artificial Muscle for Soft Robotics: Low Voltage, High Hopes
07/22/2016 | Harvard University
The Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased in June
07/21/2016 | The Conference Board
Global Smartphone Production Volume Hits 315 Million Units in Q2
07/21/2016 | TrendForce
Making Magnets Flip Like Cats at Room Temperature
07/21/2016 | Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
India x86 Server Market Grows by 21.6% in Q1 2016
07/21/2016 | IDC
Device Lengthens the Life of Quantum Information
07/21/2016 | Yale University
Hybrid Power Systems Market to Reach $703.55M by 2024
07/21/2016 | Transparency Market Research
New Detector Overcomes Key Challenge in Using Light for Wireless Communications
07/20/2016 | The Optical Society
A Mini Antenna for the Data Processing of Tomorrow
07/20/2016 | Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
Electron Spin Control: Levitated Nanodiamond is Research Gem
07/20/2016 | Purdue University

Network Functions Virtualization Market Worth Over $15B by 2020
07/20/2016 | IHS Markit
Brexit Will Cut Global Economic Growth by 0.1% in 2016
07/20/2016 | IHS
TV Brands Plan to Increase Panel Purchases in Second Half of 2016
07/20/2016 | IHS
Job Satisfaction Reaches Highest Level Since 2005
07/20/2016 | The Conference Board
Apple Versus Samsung is so Over
07/19/2016 | Kantar World Panel
Android Share Tops 75% in Europe’s Largest Markets
07/19/2016 | Kantar World Panel
Economic Growth Outlook Unchanged for Second Half of 2016
07/19/2016 | PRNewswire
Scientists Glimpse Inner Workings of Atomically Thin Transistors
07/19/2016 | University of Texas at Austin
Can Robots Recognize Faces Even Under Backlighting?
Latin America on Track to Install 2.7 GW of Solar-PV Capacity in 2016
07/19/2016 | IHS
Researchers Discover Key Mechanism for Producing Solar Cells
07/19/2016 | University of Houston
Smallest Hard Disk to Date Writes Information Atom by Atom
07/19/2016 | TU Delft
Pushing a Single-molecule Switch
07/19/2016 | University of the Basque Country
'Rivet Graphene' Proves Its Mettle
07/18/2016 | Rice University
Molecular Switch for Controlling Color and Fluorescence
07/18/2016 | Kumamoto University
New Way for Stabilizing Battery Recharge
07/18/2016 | Cornell University
Scale of India’s LED Lighting Market to Reach $1.14B by 2016
07/17/2016 | TrendForce
Scientists Found a Molecule that Will Help to Make Organic Electronic Devices
07/17/2016 | Lomonosov Moscow State University
Asia Pacific Dominates Global Consumer Electronics Market
07/15/2016 | Transparency Market Research
Cellular Handset IC Market CAGR Forecast at 6.7% Through 2019
07/15/2016 | IC Insights
The Impact of Brexit on the UK Aviation Industry
07/15/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Manufacturing Productivity Growth Slows to Crawl Worldwide
07/15/2016 | The Conference Board
Charging Up Random Access Memory
07/15/2016 | MIT
Study Opens New Realms of Light-Matter Interaction
07/15/2016 | MIT
Optical Magnetic Field Sensor Can Detect Signals from the Nervous System
07/15/2016 | University of Copenhagen
SEMICON SEA 2016 Achieves 11% Growth
07/15/2016 | SEMI
Creating Batteries of the Future
07/15/2016 | Trinity College Dublin
Researchers Make Groundbreaking Graphene Discovery
07/15/2016 | Trinity College Dublin
'Green' Electronic Materials Produced with Synthetic Biology
07/15/2016 | University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Rise of OLED Displays Could Lead to Shatterproof Phones
07/14/2016 | ACS

SEMI Forecasts Chip Equipment Spending will be Flat this Year
07/14/2016 | SEMI
Engineered 'Sand' May Help Cool Electronic Devices
07/14/2016 | Georgia Tech
Breakthrough in Powering Wireless Sensors
07/14/2016 | Australian National University
Automotive MEMS Sensor Market to Reach $2.8 Billion in 2016
07/14/2016 | IHS
China IoT Market Worth $121.45B by 2022
07/14/2016 | PRNewswire
Adipose Analysis on Microfluidic Chips
07/14/2016 | bioss
Robot Helps Nurses Schedule Tasks on Labor Floor
07/14/2016 | MIT
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Big Data and IoT
07/14/2016 | Business Wire
New Research Brief Identifies Small Businesses’ Competitive Advantage
07/13/2016 | Business Wire
NEC Develops ARmKeypad Air
07/13/2016 | NEC
The Conference Board LEI for Germany Remains Unchanged
07/13/2016 | PRNewswire
Exploring Networks Efficiently
07/13/2016 | MIT
Scientists Grow Atomically Thin Transistors and Circuits
07/13/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Manipulating Superconducting Plasma Waves with Terahertz Light
Nanotech 'Tattoo' Can Map Emotions and Monitor Muscle Activity
07/13/2016 | Tel Aviv University
Installed Base of FM Systems in the Americas to Top 16 Million Units by 2020
07/12/2016 | Berg Insight
Employment Trends Index Moving Sideways in 1H of 2016
07/12/2016 | The Conference Board
Culture, Structure, and Talent Practices Are the Next Tech Frontier
07/12/2016 | The Conference Board
Watch Out, Silicon Chips. Molecular Electronics Are Coming
07/12/2016 | ATS
Germs Add Ripples to Make 'Groovy' Graphene
07/12/2016 | UIC
PC Shipments Beat Expectations in Q2 2016 as U.S. Market Returned to Growth
07/11/2016 | Business Wire
June U.S. Jobs Report Shows Resiliency
07/11/2016 | PRNewswire
UT Scientists Develop Brain-inspired Memory Material
07/11/2016 | University of Twente
How Solar Energy Can be Transformed into Fuel
07/11/2016 | Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
Orbotech Inkjet 600 Selected by Amkor Technology for System-in-Package Applications
07/11/2016 | Orbotech
Narrowband Internet-of-Things System Prototype
07/11/2016 | Aalto University
New Record in Microwave Detection
07/11/2016 | Aalto University
Military Airborne Collision Avoidance System Market to Grow 4.5% by 2020
07/11/2016 | Business Wire
Wearable Sensors Market Worth $4.14B Forecasts from 2016 to 2021
07/11/2016 | Business Wire
Technologies for Automotive Lighting: A Deep Mutation
07/10/2016 | Yole Développement

Surprisingly Strong Job Rebound Provides Some Temporary Relief
07/10/2016 | The Conference Board
CEO Confidence Improves Again
07/08/2016 | The Conference Board
MechSE Researchers Demonstrate Tunable Wetting and Adhesion of Graphene
07/08/2016 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Graphene Could Revolutionize the Internet of Things
07/08/2016 | EPFL
Driving Toward More Efficient Solar Cells
07/08/2016 | NC State University
Flipping Crystals Improves Solar-cell Performance
07/07/2016 | LANL
A Sharper Focus for Plasmonic Lasers
07/07/2016 | Lehigh University
Chemists Show New Way to Operate a Single Molecular Switch
07/07/2016 | University of Liverpool
Probing Quantum Phenomena in Tiny Transistors
07/07/2016 | Michigan Technological University
Automotive LED Market Has a Bright Future With the Rise of Replacement Products
07/07/2016 | TrendForce
Worldwide IT Spending Is Forecast to Be Flat in 2016
07/07/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Penn Chemists Establish Fundamentals of Ferroelectric Materials
07/06/2016 | University of Pennsylvania
Integrated Trio of 2D Nanomaterials Unlocks Graphene Electronics Applications
07/06/2016 | University of California, Riverside
Global Semiconductor Sales Up Slightly in May
07/06/2016 | SIA
Smart Home M2M Market in US to Grow 35.23% by 2020
07/06/2016 | Business Wire
DRAM Contract Prices Stabilized in June and Are Expected to Rise in Q3
07/06/2016 | DRAMeXchange
Electronic Nose Smells Pesticides and Nerve Gas
07/06/2016 | KU Leuven
A Little Impurity Makes Nanolasers Shine
07/05/2016 | Australian National University
Rechargeable Batteries that Last Longer and Re-charge More Rapidly
07/05/2016 | Alpha Galileo
New Discovery Could Better Predict How Semiconductors Weather Abuse
07/05/2016 | DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Over 50% of All IoT Devices Will Be Used in the Workplace by 2021
07/05/2016 | Business Wire
From Battery Cell to Battery Pack Components, Companies are Seeking Better Margins
07/05/2016 | Yole Développement
The New Face of the Power Electronics Industry
07/05/2016 | Yole Développement
TV Brands Expect Peak Shipment Season in Second of Half of 2016
07/05/2016 | TrendForce
Utilizing a Broader Share of the Solar Spectrum
07/01/2016 | KAUST
Grade-school Students Teach a Robot to Help Themselves Learn Geometry
07/01/2016 | New York University
Supplemental ISM Report On Business Brexit Report
07/01/2016 | PRNewswire
Smart TV Surge: More Than Half of TVs Shipped Globally in Q1 2016 Were Smart
07/01/2016 | IHS
Simple Preparation for Affordable Solar Energy Storage
07/01/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Computer Models Reduce Production Costs
07/01/2016 | University of Twente

Building a Better Battery
06/30/2016 | Texas A&M University
Researchers Develop Key Power-Splitting Component for Terahertz Waves
06/30/2016 | Brown University
Disrupting the Solar Energy Status Quo
06/30/2016 | CORDIS
Combat Robotics
06/30/2016 | MIT
Breakthrough Opportunities for an Industry in Transition ─ Learn More at SEMICON West
06/30/2016 | SEMI
IDC Expects a 'Challenging Transition' as a Result of Brexit
06/30/2016 | IDC
Philippine PC Market Continues to Defy Global Trends, Hits Record-High Shipment Levels in 1Q 2016
06/30/2016 | IDC
Strategic Materials Conference Delivers Demand Drivers for New Device and Packaging Materials
06/30/2016 | SEMI
With Biggest Semiconductor Manufacturing Market, SEMICON Taiwan Excitement Builds
06/29/2016 | SEMI
Broadband Service Providers Need to Invest in Home Wi-Fi Solutions
06/29/2016 | ABI Research
India PC Shipments Declined 7.4% in Q1 of 2016
06/29/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Corporate Communications Evolves in an Era of Business Uncertainty
06/29/2016 | The Conference Board
LCD Panel Prices Will Recover Despite an Increase in Market Supply During Q2
06/29/2016 | TrendForce
A New Robot Mimics Vertebrate Motion
06/29/2016 | EPFL
The Switch that Could Double USB Memory
06/29/2016 | Hokkaido University
New Discovery in Semiconductor Physics
06/29/2016 | University of Tokyo
Graphene Used as a Frequency Mixer in Cornell-led Research
06/29/2016 | KU Leuven
New, Better Way to Build Circuits for World’s First Useful Quantum Computers
06/29/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Nichia Retained Top Spot in China’s LED Package Market
06/28/2016 | TrendForce
A Post-Brexit View of the UK High-Tech Sector
06/28/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Improved in June
06/28/2016 | The Conference Board
New Mid-infrared Laser System Could Detect Atmospheric Chemicals
06/28/2016 | MIT
Scientists Explain Unusual and Effective Features in Perovskite
06/28/2016 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Frequency Stabilization of Magnetic Tunnel Junction Based Microwave Oscillator
06/28/2016 | AIST
LCD Panel Market Experienced a Much More Moderate Oversupply
06/28/2016 | TrendForce
Yale Researchers' Technology Turns Wasted Heat into Power
06/27/2016 | Yale University
Artificial Photosynthesis a Step Closer with New Process
06/27/2016 | Imperial College London
Newly Created 'Sandwich Rings' Could Lead to Better Computers
06/27/2016 | Imperial College London
CMOS Image Sensor Industry: New Markets, New Technology Dynamics
06/27/2016 | Yole Développement
Brexit – What Can Companies Do to Mitigate the Impact?
06/27/2016 | Frost & Sullivan

SiC Power Business is a Reality
06/27/2016 | Yole Développement
European Consortium will Develop Electrolysis for Efficient Storage of Renewable Energy
06/27/2016 | Technical University of Denmark
Proper Breeding Ground for Germanene
06/27/2016 | University of Twente
'Flower Power': Photovoltaic Cells Replicate Rose Petals
06/27/2016 | KIT
Researchers Devise New Tool to Measure Polarization of Light
06/26/2016 | North Carolina State University
Power Transistors To See Less Volatility In Second Half of This Decade
06/24/2016 | IC Insights
Researchers Discover Promising Nitride Semiconductor for Optoelectronics
06/24/2016 | Tokyo Institute of Technology
HSBC Sees New Type of Business – The 'Micro-Multinational'
06/24/2016 | HSBC
Worldwide Converged Systems Revenue Increases 11% in Q1
06/24/2016 | IDC
Shipments of Cellular M2M Modules to See Higher Growth Rate in 2016
06/23/2016 | Berg Insight
Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Declined in May
06/23/2016 | PRNewswire
Standardizing Communications for the Internet of Things
06/23/2016 | Georgia Tech
U.S. Organizations will Invest More than $232 Billion in Internet of Things
06/23/2016 | Business Wire
248,000 Industrial Robots Revolutionising the Global Economy
06/22/2016 | IFR
3D Printing Industry Expected to Top $6.5 Billion in Revenue in 2016
06/22/2016 | Semico Research
Automotive Semiconductor Market Grows Slightly in 2015
06/22/2016 | IHS
Scientists Engineer Tunable DNA for Electronics Applications
06/22/2016 | Arizona State University
Solar Cells for Greener and Safer Energies
06/22/2016 | ICFO
Computer Watches Human Camera Operators to Improve Automated Sports Broadcasts
06/22/2016 | Disney Research
Building Better Trust Between Humans and Machines
06/22/2016 | MIT
Spin Effects in Graphene Progress: From the Metal to the Semiconductor World
06/22/2016 | HZB
Coexistence of Superconductivity and Charge Density Waves Observed
06/22/2016 | IRIS Adlershof
Automotive Telematics Revenue Will Soar to $4.2 Billion Globally in 2021
06/21/2016 | IHS
What is driving the advanced packaging market in China?
06/21/2016 | Yole Développement
ENT Devices Market Size to Top $24 Billion by 2023
06/21/2016 | Globe Newswire
NAND Flash Market Now on a Steady Rise
06/21/2016 | TrendForce
Analog Computing Returns
06/21/2016 | MIT
Stanford Researchers Find New Way of Making Hydrogen Fuel from Water and Improve Grid-Scale Batteries
06/20/2016 | Stanford University
Development of Circuit Technology that Resolves Issues with High-Frequency Piezoelectric Resonators
06/20/2016 | NICT
Imec Demonstrates Highly Efficient Bifacial Solar Cells with near 100% Bifaciality
06/20/2016 | Imec

Terahertz Radiation: A Useful Source for Food Safety
Gate-All-Around MOSFETs with Lateral Silicon Nanowires at Scaled Dimensions
06/20/2016 | Imec
LED Technology Used in Indonesia to Monitor Safety at Construction Sites
06/20/2016 | Kobe University
Big Screen TV Shipments Surge in China as Prices Drop Sharply
06/20/2016 | IHS
Laser Manipulates Electronic Properties
06/20/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
A New Form of Hybrid Photodetectors with Quantum Dots and Graphene
06/20/2016 | ICFO
Marrying Superconductors, Lasers, and Bose-Einstein Condensates
06/20/2016 | Chapman University
Parallel Programming Made Easy
06/20/2016 | MIT
World's First 1,000-processor Chip
06/20/2016 | University of California - Davis
Healthcare Providers in India to Spend $1.2 Billion on IT in 2016
06/20/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Five Personal Technologies That Will Disrupt Your Business
06/20/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
The Philippines is Now the Fastest Growing Smartphone Market in ASEAN
06/20/2016 | IDC
FUTURECAR: New Era of Automotive Electronics - New Workshop by SEMI and Georgia Tech
06/17/2016 | SEMI
Turnable, Twistable Robots
06/17/2016 | NSF
N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts May 2016 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.09
06/17/2016 | SEMI
Light on Semiconductors — Literally
06/17/2016 | University of Utah
Electronic Sensor Detects Dead Bacteria by Measuring 'Osmoregulation'
06/17/2016 | Purdue University
Innovative Device Allows 3-D Imaging of the Breast with Less Radiation
06/17/2016 | DOE/Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
Scientists Breathe New Life into Electronic Nose
06/17/2016 | University of Texas at Dallas
DRAM Prices to Stabilize in 2017 as Suppliers Implement Plans to Control Supply
06/17/2016 | TrendForce
Government IT Spending in India to Reach $7 Billion in 2016
06/17/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
New Generation of High-efficiency Solar Thermal Absorbers Developed
06/16/2016 | University of Bristol
Eye-tracking System Uses Ordinary Cellphone Camera
06/16/2016 | MIT
Air Quality Sensors Track Pollution
06/16/2016 | MIT
Loofah-based Material Could Give Lithium Batteries a Boost
06/16/2016 | ACS
New Material, Picked by Computers, Could Boost Power of Vacuum Electronics
06/16/2016 | University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wearables Shipments to Reach 213.6 Million Units Worldwide in 2020
06/16/2016 | IDC
Government IT Spending in India to Reach $7 Billion in 2016
06/16/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
IMS2016 Draws Nearly 10,000 Attendees Creating the Wireless Future
06/15/2016 | IMS
GPS Industry Shifts Away from Traditional Markets and Embraces Indoor Location Technology
06/15/2016 | ABI Research

Patient Monitor Market worth $26.2B by 2022
06/15/2016 | PRNewswire
CEO Economic Outlook Shows Modest Improvement
06/15/2016 | Business Wire
Roach-like Robots Run, Climb and Communicate with People
06/15/2016 | NSF
New Solar Absorber Could Improve Efficiency of Solar Thermal Technology
06/15/2016 | MIT
Controlling Quantum States Atom by Atom
06/15/2016 | University of Basel
Spintronics: Resetting the future of Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
06/15/2016 | HZB
A Light Microscope Made Only with Consumer Electronic Products
06/14/2016 | ICFO
Engineers Develop a New Biosensor Chip for Detecting DNA Mutations
06/14/2016 | University of California - San Diego
New Report Reveals the Seven Pillars of Leadership in Corporate Sustainability
06/14/2016 | The Conference Board
Artificial Intelligence Systems for Autonomous Driving On the Rise
06/14/2016 | IHS
Wide Color Gamut Displays to Comprise 17% of Display Shipment Area in 2018
06/14/2016 | IHS
New Approach to Microlasers
06/14/2016 | MIT
Novel Capping Strategy Improves Stability of Perovskite Nanocrystals
06/14/2016 | University of California - Santa Cruz
UvA Chemists Invent New Supercapacitor Materials
06/14/2016 | University of California - Santa Cruz
New 'Ukidama' Nanoparticle Structure Revealed
06/14/2016 | OIST
Ferroelectric Materials React Unexpectedly to Strain
06/14/2016 | Northwestern Engineering
Shaping Atomically Thin Materials in Suspended Structures
06/14/2016 | Tohoku University
Smart City Solutions Push Providers and City Planners to Coordinate on Wireless Connectivity
06/13/2016 | PRNewswire
U.S. 3D Printer Shipments Grew Nearly 20% in 2015 with Double-Digit Growth Expected Through 2020
06/13/2016 | Business Wire
Semiconductor Industry Applauds Passage of Chemicals Legislation
06/13/2016 | SIA
New Nanomaterial Offers Promise in Bendable, Wearable Electronic Devices
06/13/2016 | University of Illinois at Chicago
Equipment Spending Up: 19 New Fabs and Lines to Start Construction
06/13/2016 | SEMI
Over 8 Billion Connected Devices Globally
06/13/2016 | IHS
Record-breaking $65B Global Defense Trade in 2015 Fueled by Middle East and Southeast Asia
06/13/2016 | IHS
NIST’s Super Quantum Simulator ‘Entangles’ Hundreds of Ions
06/13/2016 | NIST
Researchers Discover New Way to Turn Electricity into Light, Using Graphene
06/13/2016 | MIT
A New Way to Control Oxygen for Electronic Properties
06/13/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
New Waste Water Emission Standards for the European Chemical Industry
06/13/2016 | European Commission
Worldwide Security Appliance Market Off to a Healthy Start in 2016
06/10/2016 | IDC
The World Semiconductor Council: 20 Years of Promoting Innovation through Free Trade
06/10/2016 | SIA

Researchers Find the Right Balance to Speed Wireless Downloads through Judicious Use of Duplexing
06/10/2016 | NYU Tandon
Service Robots are Coming to Help Us
06/10/2016 | NSF
New Approach Can Change the Extent to Which Optical Devices Scatter Light
06/10/2016 | MIT
Robots to Provide a Steadying Hand at the Right Time
06/10/2016 | NSF
SIA: Global Semiconductor Sales Slightly Down in April
06/09/2016 | SIA
Apple, Samsung, Microsoft Lead Tablet Industry in Revenues
06/09/2016 | PRNewswire
Fujitsu Develops AI-Utilization Platform for Design and Manufacturing
06/09/2016 | ACN Newswire
ORNL Research Finds Magnetic Material Could Host Wily Weyl Fermions
06/09/2016 | ORNL
Spintronics Development Gets Boost with New Findings into Ferromagnetism in Mn-doped GaAs
06/09/2016 | Tohoku University
World-first Pinpointing of Atoms at Work for Quantum Computers
06/08/2016 | University of Melbourne
Tiny Diamonds Could Enable Huge Advances in Nanotechnology
06/08/2016 | University System of Maryland
Bacteria Hairs Make Excellent Electrical Wires
06/08/2016 | BNL
SEMI: Worldwide Semiconductor Equipment Billings Hit $8.3 Billion in Q1 2016
06/08/2016 | SEMI
New Devices, Wearable System Aim to Predict, Prevent Asthma Attacks
06/08/2016 | North Carolina State University
Glass Now Has Smart Potential
06/08/2016 | University of Adelaide
Origami Ninja Star Inspires New Battery Design
06/08/2016 | Binghamton University
Flight of the RoboBee
06/08/2016 | NSF
Robotics and IoT to Transform Manufacturing in ASEAN Countries
06/07/2016 | IDC
Disorder Grants a Memory to Quantum Spins
06/07/2016 | Joint Quantum Institute
Nanogenerator Powers Implantable Heart Monitor
06/07/2016 | American Chemical Society (ACS)
Global Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Market Forecast to 2022
06/07/2016 | Business Wire
Worldwide Smartphone Sales to Slow in 2016
06/07/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
New Photonic Sensor Opens the Door to High-Speed Biodetection
06/07/2016 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Physicists Predict Previously Unseen Phenomena in Exotic Materials
06/07/2016 | MIT
The Conference Board Employment Trends Index Declined in May
06/06/2016 | PRNewswire
World’s Fastest Multiframe Digital X-ray Camera Created at Sandia
06/06/2016 | Sandia National Laboratories
Long-term Strategy Pays Off As TI Maintains Analog Leadership
06/06/2016 | IC Insights
Magnetic Vortices for the IT of the future
06/06/2016 | Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel
IoT Analytics Market Revenue to Top $30B by 2021
06/06/2016 | ABI Research
Technology Provider CEOs Believe That Customer Experience Provides a Winning Strategy
06/06/2016 | Gartner, Inc.

Slower Job Growth, but Tighter Labor Market
06/03/2016 | The Conference Board
The Inverter Industry in China: Local Players are Gradually Becoming Unavoidable
06/03/2016 | Yole Développement
NUS Engineering Team Designs Novel Multi-field Invisible Sensor
06/03/2016 | NUS
Quantum Satellite Device Tests Technology for Global Quantum Network
06/03/2016 | Centre for Quantum Technologies at the National University of Singapore
A Switch for Light Wave Electronics
06/02/2016 | Technical University of Munich
One Impurity to Bind them All
Making Cities Smarter
06/02/2016 | MIT
Internet of Things IoT Market Forecast 2015-2020
06/02/2016 | PRNewswire
Radar, Bed Sensors Help Health Providers Detect Problems Early
06/02/2016 | University of Missouri-Columbia
Smartphone Growth Forecast to Slow to 3.1% in 2016 as Focus Shifts to Device Lifecycles
06/02/2016 | IDC
Tiny Probe Could Produce Big Improvements in Batteries and Fuel Cells
06/01/2016 | University of Washington
New Devices, Wearable System Aim to Predict, Prevent Asthma Attacks
06/01/2016 | North Carolina State University
Attosecond Camera for Nanostructures
'Weak' Materials Offer Strong Possibilities for Electronics
06/01/2016 | University of Texas at Dallas
Tiny Probe Could Produce Big Improvements in Batteries and Fuel Cells
06/01/2016 | AIP.org
IHS Small Business Jobs Index Indicates Ongoing Employment Growth Despite May Decline
06/01/2016 | IHS
Server Microprocessor Market Experiences Gradual Change
06/01/2016 | IDC
New Path Forward for Next-Generation Lithium-Ion Batteries
05/31/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
New Compound Switches Between Liquid and Solid States when Exposed to Light or Heat
05/31/2016 | Kobe University
Better Combustion for Power Generation
05/31/2016 | DOE/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Quantum Photonic Researchers Start New Company, Sparrow Quantum
05/31/2016 | Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
NAND Flash Prices to Stabilize in 2H of 2016 as Demand Returns
05/31/2016 | TrendForce
Number of Smart Homes in EU and N.A. Reached 17.9M in 2015
05/30/2016 | Berg Insight
Global Advanced IC Packaging Technologies Report
05/30/2016 | PRNewswire
Electrical Properties of Superconductor Altered by 'Stretching'
05/30/2016 | Cornell University
No Rebound in Global Productivity in Sight
05/30/2016 | The Conference Board
Homes with Smart Thermostats Grew Rapidly in 2015
05/30/2016 | Berg Insight
Addressing Energy Technologies and Policies that Shape Future Sustainability
05/30/2016 | MIT
Photonic Radar
05/30/2016 | Technion
CES Asia 2016 Sets New Standard
05/27/2016 | Business Wire

Using Solid-state Materials with Gold Nanoantennas for More Durable Solar Cells
05/27/2016 | Hokkaido University
New Glue Instantly Hardens with Electric Current
05/27/2016 | Nanyang Technological University
Novel Gate May Enhance Power of Majorana-based Quantum Computers
05/27/2016 | JQI
Quantum Cycles Power Cold-Atom Pump
05/27/2016 | JQI
Engineers Discover New Gatekeeper for Light
05/27/2016 | University at Buffalo
SSD Adoption in Notebooks May Hit 40% by Year’s End
05/27/2016 | TrendForce
U.S. Trade Deficit in Manufactures Rose 4% in Q1
05/27/2016 | MAPI Foundation
New Technology Poised to Redefine the Computing Industry
05/26/2016 | Louisiana Tech University
Monitoring Sun Exposure with a Portable Paper Sensor
05/26/2016 | ACS
Harnessing Solar and Wind Energy in One Device could Power the 'Internet of Things'
05/26/2016 | ACS
Manchester Scientists in Drive for Cleaner Energy
05/26/2016 | University of Manchester
Harnessing Digital Technologies to Drive Industry Growth
05/26/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
A Boost for Consumer IT Virtual Reality Reveals Ecosystem Growth
05/26/2016 | IDC
Communications and Computer Systems Drive IC Sales Across All Regions
05/26/2016 | IC Insights
India Tablet Shipments Sluggish In Q1 2016
05/26/2016 | IDC
Fujitsu Develops Field Engineering Technology to Rapidly Provide IoT Services
05/25/2016 | ACN Newswire
Fujitsu Develops Field Engineering Technology to Rapidly Provide IoT Services
05/25/2016 | ACN Newswire
Sensors and Robots will Share a Common Destiny
05/25/2016 | Yole Développement
Gigantic Ultrafast Spin Currents
05/25/2016 | University of Vienna
Optics Breakthrough to Revamp Night Vision
05/25/2016 | University of Sydney
Engineers Take First Step Toward Flexible, Wearable, Tricorder-like Device
05/25/2016 | UC San Diego
New Tabletop Instrument Tests Electron Mobility for Next-generation Electronics
05/25/2016 | AIP.org
New Concept Turns Battery Technology Upside-down
05/25/2016 | MIT
5G, IoT and Other Innovative Technologies Stimulate Growth for Electronic Test Equipment
05/25/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Smart City Devices to Top 1 Billion Units in 2025
05/25/2016 | IHS
Gartner Reveals 2016 Cool Vendors Are Turning 'DigiFlip' to Their Advantage
05/25/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Aftermarket Mobile Accessories Global Revenues to Top $110B in 2021
05/24/2016 | ABI Research
IoT in Healthcare Market to be Worth $409.9B by 2022
05/24/2016 | PRNewswire
Convertible and Detachable Devices Winning Over Consumers in Western Europe
05/24/2016 | IDC
IHS Analysts to Discuss Solar Industry Trends for China and Global Market at SNEC PV Power Expo 2016
05/24/2016 | IHS

Hot New Solar Cell
05/24/2016 | MIT
Light Can 'Heal' Defects in Some Solar Cells
05/24/2016 | MIT
Thousands Converge at IMS2016 to Build Future of Wireless Connectivity
05/23/2016 | IMS
No GPS? Listen to VLF Radio Signals to Find Way Home
05/23/2016 | DARPA
Q1 2016 Silicon Wafer Shipments Increase Quarter-Over-Quarter
05/23/2016 | SEMI
Simpler Processing Improves Solar Cells
05/23/2016 | A*STAR
Computing a Secret, Unbreakable Key
05/23/2016 | University of Waterloo
Speedy Terahertz-based System Could Detect Explosives
05/23/2016 | MIT
Nanotubes are Beacons in Cancer-Imaging Technique
05/23/2016 | Rice University
Graphene: a Quantum of Current
05/20/2016 | TU Wien
Cyber-physical Systems: The World is Going Smart
05/20/2016 | TU Wien
Researchers Demonstrate Size Quantization of Dirac Fermions in Graphene
05/20/2016 | Lehigh University
Gartner Unveils Rankings of the 2016 Supply Chain Top 25
05/20/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Scientists Create 'Rewritable Magnetic Charge Ice'
05/20/2016 | Northern Illinois University
Electronic Logging Devices Mandate Drives Sell-Through and Sell-Up for Fleet Management Suppliers
05/20/2016 | ABI Research
LG Display Leads Large TFT-LCD Display Shipment Area
05/19/2016 | IHS
China Dominates Smart TV Market as North America Surges
05/19/2016 | IHS
How Repeated Spot Microdischarges Damage Microdevices
05/19/2016 | Springer
Robots Get Creative To Cut Through Clutter
05/19/2016 | Carnegie Mellon University
Worldwide Smartphone Sales Grew 3.9% in First Quarter of 2016
05/19/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Gartner Says Profit Opportunities Exist for PC Vendors
05/19/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Milestone in Solar Cell Efficiency by UNSW Engineers
05/19/2016 | UNSW
Wearable Exosuits for Patients with Limited Mobility
05/19/2016 | Harvard University
Printing Metal in Midair
05/18/2016 | Harvard University
Clinical Grade Wearables Accelerate Growth Opportunities for Internet of Medical Things Solutions
05/18/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
New Type of Graphene-based Transistor Will Increase the Clock Speed of Processors
05/18/2016 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Solar Cells of the Future Could Be Based on Iron Molecules
05/18/2016 | Lund University
High-efficiency Power Amplifier Could Bring 5G Cell Phones
05/18/2016 | Purdue University
Cooling, Time in the Dark Preserve Perovskite Solar Power
05/18/2016 | Los Alamos National Laboratory
Shape-shifting Modular Interactive Device Unveiled
05/18/2016 | University of Bristol

Technique Improves the Efficacy of Fuel Cells
05/17/2016 | Harvard University
Scientists Achieve Storage Memory Breakthrough
05/17/2016 | IBM
Under Pressure: New Technique Could Make Large, Flexible Solar Panels More Feasible
05/17/2016 | Pennsylvania State University
Reducing 30% Chip Area of STT-MRAM while Increasing Memory Bit Yield by 70%
05/17/2016 | Tohoku University
Energy Harvesting to Drive Semiconductor Sales to $3 Billion by 2020
05/16/2016 | Semico Research
Connected Cars as the Future Living Space to Trigger Growth Opportunities for Multiple Industries
05/16/2016 | Frost & Sullivan
Silver Nanowires Are an Ideal Material for Current and Future Flexible Touch-screen Technologies
05/16/2016 | University of Surrey
Researchers Unleash Graphene 'Tiger' for More Efficient Optoelectronics
05/16/2016 | University of Washington
Nanotechnology Improves Holographic Capabilities by Encoding Light Polarization
05/16/2016 | Harvard University
'Nanocavity' May Improve Ultrathin Solar Panels, Video Cameras and Other Optoelectronic Devices
05/16/2016 | University at Buffalo
Microfluidic Device Distinguishes Cells Based on How They Respond to Acoustic Vibrations
05/16/2016 | MIT
Seven Top-20 1Q16 Semiconductor Suppliers Show Double-Digit Declines
05/16/2016 | IC Insights
Surprising New Properties in a 2-D Semiconductor
05/13/2016 | LBL
Scientists Take a Major Leap Toward a 'Perfect' Quantum Metamaterial
05/13/2016 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
3-D Scanning: Technologies and Global Markets
05/13/2016 | Business Wire
Worldwide Server Virtualization Market Is Reaching Its Peak
05/13/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Ingestible Origami Robot
05/13/2016 | MIT
New Design of Primitive Quantum Computer Finds Application
05/13/2016 | University of Bristol
New Device Developed at UBC Could Improve Cancer Detection
05/12/2016 | University of British Columbia
Over 50% of LCD Panels for TVs to Adopt GOA Design in Second Half of 2016
05/12/2016 | TrendForce
Paper Gets 'Smart' with Drawn-on, Stenciled Sensor Tags
05/12/2016 | University of Washington
Lenovo Became Top Notebook Brand in Q1 by Surpassing HP in Shipments
05/12/2016 | TrendForce
Ferrous Chemistry in Aqueous Solution Unravelled
05/12/2016 | Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
Photoelectric Sensors Market to See CAGR of 17.8% from 2015 to 2024
05/12/2016 | Transparency Market Research
Spin Lifetime Anisotropy of Graphene
05/11/2016 | ICN2
Flexible, Dissolvable Silicon Electronic Device Holds Promise for Brain Monitoring
05/11/2016 | University of Pennsylvania
New Report Highlights Benefits, Impact of Global Semiconductor Value Chain
05/11/2016 | SIA
New Electrical Energy Transmission System Makes Distance Wireless Charging a Reality
05/11/2016 | Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
3-D Printing 101
05/11/2016 | MIT
Quantum Dots by Nature
05/10/2016 | Lehigh University

Five-fingered Robot Hand Learns to Get a Grip on Its Own
05/10/2016 | University of Washington
Researchers Find Unexpected Magnetic Effect
05/10/2016 | MIT
Automotive Electronics System Demand Fails to Boost Automotive IC Market in 2015
05/10/2016 | IC Insights
Fujitsu Develops AI Technology to Quickly Solve Urban Security Positioning Problems
05/09/2016 | Fujitsu
ETI Index Bounces Back, But Lower Employment Growth Expected
05/09/2016 | PRNewswire
Manufacturing Industry Will Continue to Dominate the Global Industrial HVAC Market
05/09/2016 | Business Wire
Global Electric Vehicle Revenue to Hit $58B in 2021
05/09/2016 | ABI Research
Rice Experts Unveil Submicroscopic Tunable, Optical Amplifier
05/09/2016 | Rice University
Achieving Zero Resistance in Energy Flow
05/09/2016 | MIT
Inexpensive Device Can Diagnose Zika in Just a Few Hours
05/09/2016 | MIT
2.007 Robots Battle It out, Revolutionary-style
05/09/2016 | MIT
Making Waves on Mira
05/09/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
Smart Sensor Market Worth $57.77B by 2022
05/09/2016 | PRNewswire
Small and Powerful: Pushing the Boundaries of Nano-Magnets
05/09/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Global Sensor Module for Automotive Market 2016-2020
05/09/2016 | Business Wire
Employment Growth is Slowing Down
05/09/2016 | The Conference Board
Worldwide Semiconductor Capital Spending to Drop 2% in 2016
05/09/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Lincoln International's Solar Energy DealReader: Q1 2016
05/06/2016 | Lincoln International
Public Display Unit Shipments and Revenue on the Rebound
05/06/2016 | IHS
Collaboration on Intelligent and Versatile Wireless Technology
05/06/2016 | Loughborough University
Transparent Wood Could Create New Windows, Cars and Solar Panels
05/06/2016 | University of Maryland
Molybdenum Disulfide Holds Promise for Light Absorption
05/06/2016 | Rice University
Speedy Ion Conduction in Solid Electrolytes Clears Road for Advanced Energy Devices
05/06/2016 | ORNL
New Method Points to Compact, Cheap and Efficient Sources of Quantum Information Bits
05/06/2016 | Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Engineers Create a Better Way to Boil Water – with Industrial, Electronics Applications
05/06/2016 | Oregon State University
IBM Makes Quantum Computing Available on IBM Cloud to Accelerate Innovation
05/05/2016 | IBM
A Bright Spot for Trade
05/05/2016 | HSBC
Europe’s Growth Platform
05/05/2016 | HSBC
Re-energized Battery Industry Waits for Lithium Supply to Charge
05/05/2016 | PRNewswire
Clues on the Path to a New Battery Technology
05/05/2016 | Technical University of Munich

Silicon Nanoparticles Pave the Way Towards Nanoscale Light Emitters
05/05/2016 | ITMO University
Robotic Surgery Just Got More Autonomous
05/05/2016 | American Association for the Advancement of Science
Low-cost Emission Readers to Build Identification System
05/04/2016 | Disney Research
Introducing the Disposable Laser
New Fabrication and Thermo-Optical Tuning of Whispering Gallery Microlasers
05/04/2016 | OIST
Electronic Micro Labs Control Chemical Processes from the Inside
05/04/2016 | RUBIN
Will Si SJ MOSFETs Maintain their Lead Over GaN Power Devices?
05/04/2016 | Yole Développement
CMOS Image Sensors Expected To Set Record-High Sales for Another Five Years
05/04/2016 | IC Insights
Maturing Smartphone Market Signals Falling Growth for Wireless Semiconductors
05/04/2016 | IHS
Cumulative Wi-Fi Chipset Shipments to Reach Over 20 Billion by 2021
05/04/2016 | ABI Research
Sustainable Nanotechnology
05/03/2016 | DTU
Precision Measurements for Magnetic Memory
05/03/2016 | DTU
New Health Sensing Tool Measures Lung Function Over a Phone Call
05/03/2016 | University of Washington
Quantum Sensors for High-Precision Magnetometry of Superconductors
05/03/2016 | University of Basel
Global Semiconductor Sales Increase Slightly in March
05/03/2016 | SIA
AOSPs' Share of the Global Smartphone Market Down 14% in 2015
05/03/2016 | ABI Research
Exploring Phosphorene, A Promising New Material
05/02/2016 | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Light-powered 3-D Printer Creates Terahertz Lens
05/02/2016 | Northwestern University
Researchers Demonstrate Record Optical Nonlinearity
05/02/2016 | University of Rochester
Glucose as a New Energy Source for Pacemakers
05/02/2016 | R&I World
April Manufacturing ISM Report on Business; PMI at 50.8%
05/02/2016 | PRNewswire
Small Businesses Close 2015 with Higher Revenues and Start 2016 Strong
05/02/2016 | Business Wire
Global Tablet Shipments Fell 35% in Q1
05/02/2016 | TrendForce
GDP Growth Remains Trapped in the Slow Lane
04/29/2016 | The Conference Board
China's Shift to Digital
04/29/2016 | HSBC
The Mobile Consumer
04/29/2016 | HSBC
Researchers Demonstrate Record Optical Nonlinearity
04/29/2016 | University of Rochester
Vivo Takes Second Place in China as Market Keeps on Growing
04/29/2016 | Canalys
IoT 2016 Merger & Acquisition Activity Off to a Fast Start;
04/29/2016 | PRNewswire
Exploring Phosphorene, A Promising New Material
04/29/2016 | Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Cooling Graphene-based Film Close to Pilot-scale Production
Spintronics for Future Information Technologies
04/29/2016 | Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie
Cool Method for Making Waveguides
04/28/2016 | A*STAR
Cellphone-sized Device Quickly Detects the Ebola Virus
04/28/2016 | ACS
Researchers Create a First Frequency Comb of Time-bin Entangled Qubits
04/28/2016 | OSA
Toward Dissolvable Electronics for Implants and Sensors
04/28/2016 | ACS
AMOLED Growth is a Bright Spot for the Display Industry
04/28/2016 | IHS
Global LCD TV Shipments Fell 20.9% in Q1 Due to Weak Demand
04/28/2016 | TrendForce
Global Smartphone Growth Goes Flat in Q1
04/28/2016 | IDC
Apple Drove Entire Foundry Sales Increase at TSMC in 2015
04/27/2016 | IC Insights
MIT Energy Initiative Awards Nine Seed Fund Grants for Early-stage Energy Research
04/27/2016 | MIT
NREL Theory Establishes a Path to High-Performance 2D Semiconductor Devices
04/27/2016 | NREL
Nanotube Semiconductors Well-suited for PV Systems
04/27/2016 | NREL
System Creates On-demand 'Nanotube Forests,' Has Potential Industry Applications
04/26/2016 | Purdue University
Global Medical Robotics Market Expected to Reach $11.4B by 2020
04/26/2016 | Business Wire
Unlocking Innovation in the Supply Chain
04/26/2016 | University of Cambridge
In the War Against Dust, a New Tool Inspired by Geckos
04/26/2016 | Yale University
Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Declined in April
04/26/2016 | The Conference Board
Rapid Comparison of Optical Lattice Clocks
04/26/2016 | University of Tokyo
Micro-sized, Liquid-metal Particles for Heat-free Soldering
04/26/2016 | Iowa State University
Rare Earth Atoms See the Light
04/25/2016 | UCSB
A Brand-new Way to Produce Electron Spin Currents
04/25/2016 | CSU
Military Technology Leaders Call For Greater Collaboration with Industry
04/25/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Robotics Market to Reach $53.22B by 2020
04/25/2016 | Business Wire
Top Seven Vendors in the Global Semiconductor Packaging Materials Market
04/25/2016 | Business Wire
China's Flash Memory Capacity to Reach 590,000 Wafer Pieces by 2020
04/25/2016 | TrendForce
As Brazil's Recession Deepens, Spending and Business Investments Continue to Drop
04/25/2016 | IHS
Growing Demand from Automotive Sector to Drive Power Management IC Market
04/25/2016 | Transparency Market Research
Global 3D Imaging Market to Exhibit 26.8% CAGR during 2015-2021
04/25/2016 | PRNewswire
Banking and Consumer Electronics Boost Biometrics' Position in IoT
04/25/2016 | ABI Research

U.S. Companies Still Turning to International Markets for Growth
04/25/2016 | Business Wire
Manipulating Light Inside an Opaque Layer
04/25/2016 | University of Twente
Adding Some Salt to the Recipe for Energy Storage Materials
04/25/2016 | Drexel University
New Spin Seebeck Thermoelectric Device with Higher Conversion Efficiency Created
04/25/2016 | Tohoku University
Aerial 'Fire Drone' Passes Homestead Test
04/25/2016 | University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Research Team Realizes 3-Color Photodetector
04/25/2016 | Northwestern University
Worldwide IoT Security Spending to Reach $348M in 2016
04/25/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Breakthrough with New Generation Robots
04/22/2016 | University of Twente
Conference Board LEI for the U.S. Increased
04/22/2016 | Conference Board
N.A.Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts March 2016 Book-to-Bill Ratio of 1.15
04/22/2016 | SEMI
Nichia Still Revenue Leader in LED Packages Last Year Despite Market Slump
04/22/2016 | TrendForce
Prices in All Segments of PV Supply Chain Weaken Except Polysilicon Market
04/22/2016 | TrendForce
Cleaning up Hybrid Battery Electrodes Improves Capacity and Lifespan
04/22/2016 | PNNL
Super Stretchy, Self-healing Material Could Lead to Artificial Muscle
04/21/2016 | Stanford University
Rising Industrial PC Market to Stabilize in 2018
04/21/2016 | IHS
Display Makers Turn to In-Cell and On-Cell Touch Technologies for Growth
04/21/2016 | IHS
With Simple Process, Engineers Fabricate Fastest Flexible Silicon Transistor
04/21/2016 | UW-Madison
Self-driving Cars, Meet Rubber Duckies
04/21/2016 | MIT
Robotic Consensus
04/21/2016 | MIT
Cellphone Principles Help Microfluidic Chip Digitize Information on Living Cells
04/21/2016 | Georgia Institute of Technology
All Powered Up
04/21/2016 | University of California, Irvine
Team Builds First Quantum Cascade Laser on Silicon
04/21/2016 | The Optical Society
Market for Organic Photovoltaic Panels will Reach over $355M by 2021
04/20/2016 | n-tech Research
What Screens are Made of: New Twists (and Bends) in LCD Research
04/20/2016 | LBL
A New Way to Get Electricity from Magnetism
04/20/2016 | University of Utah
Physicists Develop a Cooling System for the Processors of the Future
04/20/2016 | ACS
Physicists Build 'Electronic Synapses' for Neural Networks
04/20/2016 | Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Making Electronics Out of Coal
04/20/2016 | MIT
Researchers Develop New Semiconducting Polymer for Flexible Electronics
04/20/2016 | POSTECH
Global Market for Nanoelectronics Report 2016
04/20/2016 | PRNewswire

Commercial PCs Lead the Way for Enterprises to Increase Productivity
04/20/2016 | IDC
UniPixel Wins Fourth 2016 Program From Tier 1 US PC Manufacturer
04/20/2016 | PRNewswire
Manufacturing Overcapacity Constrains Industrial Robot Market Growth in China
04/20/2016 | IHS
3D Printing Market Poised to Exhibit 16.8% CAGR 2013-2019
04/19/2016 | Transparency Market Research
China’s LED Chip Market Contracted for the First Time in 2015
04/19/2016 | TrendForce
14 IC Product Categories to Exceed Total IC Market Growth in 2016
04/19/2016 | IC Insights
EMEA PC Shipments Down 10% in Q1 of 2016
04/19/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Artificial Moth Eyes Enhance Silicon Solar Cells
04/18/2016 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Smartphone Shipments Reached 292 Million Units in Q1 with iPhone Plunging 43.8%
04/18/2016 | TrendForce
LED Taiwan Opens in Taipei ─ Enabling Innovation and Opportunity
04/18/2016 | SEMI
Global Electronic Chemicals and Materials Market to Hit $29B by 2020
04/18/2016 | Business Wire
Ultrathin Organic Material Enhances E-skin Display
04/18/2016 | University of Tokyo
Researchers Developing Brain-Mapping Technology
04/18/2016 | University of Arizona College of Engineering
Nature Communications: Laser Source for Biosensors
04/16/2016 | KIT
'Odd Couple' Monolayer Semiconductors Align to Advance Optoelectronics
04/16/2016 | ORNL
UA Team Revs up Connected-Vehicle Technology
04/16/2016 | University of Arizona College of Engineering
Conference Board LEI for Spain Increased
04/15/2016 | PRNewswire
Economic Growth Outlook Remains Little Changed Despite First-Quarter Stall
04/15/2016 | PRNewswire
Implantable Device Targets Pancreatic Cancer
04/15/2016 | MIT
Heat and Light Get Larger at the Nanoscale
04/15/2016 | Columbia Engineering
WiFi Capacity Doubled at Less than Half the Size
04/15/2016 | Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science
Scientists Grow a Material Based on Hafnium Oxide for a New Type of Non-volatile Memory
04/15/2016 | MIPT
Ultra-long, One-dimensional Carbon Chains Are Synthesised for the First Time
04/15/2016 | UPV/EHU
Number of 300mm IC Wafer Fabs Expected to Reach 100 in 2016
04/15/2016 | IC Insights
Markets for Sensors in the Internet of Things 2014-2021
04/14/2016 | PRNewswire
Slowing Notebook PC Replacement Cycle Leading to Higher Resolution Displays
04/14/2016 | IHS
Emerging Markets in Asia Pacific Offer Brightest Prospects for Global FDI
04/14/2016 | IHS
Third Party/Neutral Hosts to Rule $9.5 Billion In-Building Wireless Market
04/14/2016 | ABI Research
Internet of Things Market Worth $661.74B by 2021
04/14/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Personal Robot Market to Witness 37.8% CAGR
04/14/2016 | PRNewswire

Novel 5G Intervehicular System Promises Improved Road Safety
04/14/2016 | CORDIS
Photochemical Metallization Allows the Manufacture of Touchscreens in a Single Step
04/13/2016 | INM
Conference Board LEI for the U.K. Increased in February
04/13/2016 | PRNewswire
Purdue 'Smart' Sensor Predicts Failures, Improves Safety for Mechanical, Medical Technologies
04/13/2016 | Purdue University
Innovative Exeter Research Pioneers Nanotechnology for Gas Sensing
04/13/2016 | University of Exeter
Russian Scientists Develop Long-Range Secure Quantum Communication System
04/13/2016 | ITMO University
Computers in Your Clothes? A Milestone for Wearable Electronics
04/13/2016 | Ohio State University
Robots Could Get 'Touchy' with Self-powered Smart Skin
04/13/2016 | ACS
Hannover Messe: New Hybrid Inks Permit Printed, Flexible Electronics Without Sintering
04/13/2016 | INM
Autonomous Driving Paves Way for New Auto OEM Business Models
04/13/2016 | PRNewswire
Physicists Discover New Type of Material That May Speed Computing
04/13/2016 | Ames Laboratory
Worldwide Semiconductor Foundry Market Grew 4.4% in 2015
04/13/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Gartner: Semiconductor Revenue Expected to Decline 0.6% in 2016
04/13/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Samsung Display Led the Small-Medium Display Market in 2015
04/13/2016 | IHS
PolyU Develops Perovskite-Silicon Tandem Solar Cells
04/13/2016 | HK PolyU
University of Sussex Research Brings 'Smart Hands' Closer to Reality
04/12/2016 | University of Sussex
An Analogue Smart Skin That Is Self-Powered
04/12/2016 | ACS
Lithium-Ion Battery Market is Expected to Reach $46.21B
04/12/2016 | PRNewswire
Humanoid Robotics and Computer Avatars
04/12/2016 | University of Bristol
Lopec 2016–Printed Electronics: A Key Technology of the Future
04/12/2016 | VDMA
Hannover Messe: Industry 4.0 Has Become a Reality
04/12/2016 | VDMA
Tech Companies Creating Strategic Platforms to Support the IoT
04/12/2016 | IHS
Worldwide PC Shipments Declined 9.6 Percent in Q1 of 2016
04/12/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
PC Shipment Decline Continued in First Quarter as Expected
04/12/2016 | IDC
The Automotive Market is Turning Electric
04/11/2016 | Yole Développement
Survey: Consumers Seeking Higher Value Proposition for Home Internet of Things
04/11/2016 | IDC
Wins for Soccer Robots and Service Robot at RoboCup European Open
04/11/2016 | TU Eindhoven
UAV Payload and Avionics Market to Grow at a CAGR of 8.3%
04/11/2016 | Business Wire
Wearable Sweat Sensor Thanks to Battery-free 'Water Pump' Inspired by Plants
04/11/2016 | TU Eindhoven
Global LED Market Value at $14.32 Billion in 2015
04/11/2016 | TrendForce

Scientists Study the Insulator-Superconductor Transition of Copper-Oxide Compound in Fine Detail
04/11/2016 | BNL
Quantum Dots Enhance Light-to-Current Conversion in Layered Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors
04/11/2016 | BNL
Semiconductor Use in India Growing to $55B in 2020
04/11/2016 | ACN Newswire
Crumpling Approach Enhances Photodetectors' Light Responsivity
04/08/2016 | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
One Step Closer to High-temp Superconductivity Applications
04/08/2016 | Argonne National Laboratory
New Discovery for Better Batteries
04/08/2016 | Uppsala University
Shipments of Taiwanese Small and Medium Size TFT-LCD Panels Dipped in 4Q15
04/08/2016 | Business Wire
Intracellular Recordings Using Nanotower Electrodes
Penn Engineers Develop First Transistors Made Entirely of Nanocrystal 'Inks'
04/08/2016 | University of Pennsylvania
Vehicle Sensor Crowdsourcing to Transform the Digital Map Ecosystem
04/08/2016 | ABI Research
Quantum Effects Impact the Best Superconductor
04/08/2016 | University of the Basque Country
Enterprise Adoption of Wearable Devices is Expanding into Larger Deployments
04/07/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Drone Market is Expected to Grow to $1.2B by 2020
04/07/2016 | PRNewswire
IoT Gateways Market to Exhibit High Growth Potential till 2022
04/07/2016 | PRNewswire
Global Automotive Sensors Market to Reach $36.25B by 2021
04/07/2016 | PRNewswire
IHS Assigns 35% to 40% Chance that UK Could Vote to Leave EU
04/07/2016 | IHS
First-ever 3-D Printed Robots Made of Both Solids and Liquids
04/07/2016 | MIT
Worldwide IT Spending to See 0.5% Drop in 2016
04/07/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
So Long Lithium, Hello Bacteria Batteries?
04/06/2016 | ACS
Terahertz Technology Reaches Industrial Maturity
04/06/2016 | Fraunhofer IBMT
Stabilizing Quantum Bits
04/06/2016 | MIT
Model Aids Efforts to Reduce Cost of Carbon Nanostructures for Industry
04/06/2016 | Purdue University
Physicists Create Nanoparticle Picture Series
04/06/2016 | Kansas State University
How Network Effects Hurt Economies
04/06/2016 | MIT
RFID in Healthcare Market Worth $2.3B by 2019
04/06/2016 | Marketwired
Second Quantum Revolution a Reality with Chip-Based Atomic Physics
04/06/2016 | University of Oklahoma
Medical Device Markets in America Expected to Reach $133B
04/06/2016 | Marketwired
Global Semiconductor Sales Dip Slightly in February
04/06/2016 | SIA
Lighting the Way to New Sensors
04/06/2016 | A*STAR
Researchers Use Single Molecule of DNA to Create World’s Smallest Diode
04/06/2016 | University of Georgia

A Graphene Chip Filters Light to Boost Communications
04/06/2016 | Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Nanotubes Line Up to Form Films
04/06/2016 | Rice University
Graphene Ensures Data Fidelity for Future Wireless Devices
04/06/2016 | Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Semiconductor Wafer-Level Manufacturing Equipment Market Slightly Down in 2015
04/06/2016 | Gartner, Inc.
Global ADAS Market Valued at $132B in 2026
04/06/2016 | ABI Research
Conference Board ETI Declined in March
04/06/2016 | The Conference Board
U.S. Companies Continue to Capture Bulk of IDM and Fabless IC Sales
04/05/2016 | IC Insights
Mixed Signal and IoT Driving ASIC Design Starts Growth
04/05/2016 | Semico Research
MIPT’s Scientists Develop Russia’s First Two-qubit Quantum Circuit
04/05/2016 | MIPT
Laser Technique Promises Super-fast and Super-secure Quantum Cryptography
04/05/2016 | University of Cambridge
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