Latest Electronics Industry News

Spectra Acquires Galleon Embedded Computing
08/18/2021 | Business Wire
Dymax to Exhibit at The Battery Show 2021
08/18/2021 | Dymax Corporation
Researchers Take Step Toward Next-Generation Brain-Computer Interface System
08/17/2021 | Brown University
Intel Powers Latest Amazon EC2 General Purpose Instances
08/17/2021 | Intel
BrainChip Receives Akida Chips from Socionext America
08/17/2021 | Business Wire
Woven Nanotube Fibers Turn Heat into Power
08/17/2021 | Mike Williams, Rice University
Stretchable Battery that is Powered by Sweat
08/17/2021 | NTU Singapore
SEMI Teams with Manufacturing Institute to Help U.S. Military Veterans
08/16/2021 | SEMI
Penn Engineering’s ENIAD Sets New World Record for Energy-efficient Supercomputing
08/16/2021 | Penn Engineering
Russian Researchers Present Ultra-precise Brain Imaging Tool
08/16/2021 | Skoltech
Businesses Invest in AI, Machine Learning to Expand Digital Business Plans
08/16/2021 | Globe Newswire
Hypersonic, Autonomous Flight Research Bolstered by $1.5 Million Grant
08/16/2021 | Purdue University
Tower Semiconductor, Cadence Announce New Reference Flow for Advanced 5G
08/16/2021 | Global Newswire
Verizon Expands Global Automation Capabilities in Collaboration with Equinix
08/13/2021 | Globe Newswire
NVIDIA Founder and CEO Jensen Huang to Receive Semiconductor Industry’s Top Honor
08/13/2021 | SIA
Manz AG Records Increasing Momentum in the Field of Electromobility
08/12/2021 | Manz AG
Panasonic Launches New Factory for IAQ*1 Devices in Shunde, China
08/12/2021 | Panasonic Corporation
IDC MarketScape Names Siemens as a Global Industrial IoT Platform Leader
08/12/2021 | Siemens
Qualcomm, Samsung, and Google Define Next Wave of Premium Android Experiences
08/12/2021 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
NTT Launches First Globally Available Private 5G Network-as-a-Service Platform
08/12/2021 | Business Wire
Amkor Empowers RF Front-End Cellular Innovations with Advanced SiP
08/11/2021 | Business Wire
Science and Technology Research is Critical Infrastructure, says Baker Institute
08/11/2021 | Rice University
Keysight Selected by TCL to Accelerate 5G Device Validation in Manufacturing
08/11/2021 | Business Wire
Cradlepoint Launches New Partner Portal to Optimize Customer Engagement
08/11/2021 | Globe Newswire
Future Technologies, Intel Announce Opening of Next Generation Innovation Center
08/11/2021 | Business Wire
SEMI Unveils Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Roadmap, Toolkit and Event Guidelines
08/10/2021 | SEMI
New Technology Will Allow Important Metals to be Made More Efficiently
08/10/2021 | University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering
AI Learns Physics to Optimize Particle Accelerator Performance
08/09/2021 | Stanford University
Keysight's Channel Emulation Solutions Selected by vivo to Perform Complex 5G Device Testing
08/09/2021 | Keysight Technologies, Inc.
Intel Oregon Fab Expansion Milestone: First Chipmaking Tool Rolls In
08/09/2021 | Intel

Nuclear Reactor Components 3D Printed by ORNL Now Installed at TVA Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant
08/09/2021 | ORNL
A Dissolvable Smartwatch Makes for Easier Electronics Recycling
08/06/2021 | ACS
Macronix, Foxconn Sign Asset Transaction Agreement for 6-inch Wafer Fab
08/06/2021 | Foxconn
SIA Calls for House Passage of Bipartisan Research Bills
08/05/2021 | SIA
RADCOM Introduces an Innovative AI Solution
08/05/2021 | PRNewswire
Nokia Achieves First 5G Carrier Aggregation Call in Standalone Architecture with Taiwan Mobile
08/04/2021 | Globe Newswire
LPKF Laser Technology Ushers in New Era in the Medical Implant Industry
08/04/2021 | LPKF
Global Semiconductor Sales Up 29.2% YoY in June
08/04/2021 | SIA
Intel Launches AI for Workforce Program for Students in 18 Community Colleges
08/04/2021 | Intel
Team Sonnenwagen Aachen Utilizes Siemens’ Software Portfolio Solutions
08/04/2021 | Siemens
Henkel Joins Ingolstadt Urban Air Mobility Initiative
08/03/2021 | Henkel
Ynvisible Signs Distribution Agreement with Display Logic for Printed Electrochromic Displays
08/03/2021 | Ynvisible Interactive Inc.
Dense Air Acquires New Spectrum to Build Neutral Host Shared Wireless Networks in Australia
08/02/2021 | PRNewswire
Dark Mode May Not Save Battery Life as Much as You Think
08/02/2021 | Purdue University
Machine Learning Provides Shortcut to Simulate Interactions in Materials for Solar Energy
08/02/2021 | Argonne National Laboratory
Intel Launches ‘AI For All’ Initiative in Collaboration with CBSE, Ministry of Education
08/02/2021 | Intel
Cadence Tensilica Xtensa Processors Address Automotive Functional Safety Requirements
08/02/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Wireless Charging for Wearables and Beyond
07/30/2021 | PRNewswire
Single-Chip Network Solution Provides Ultra Precise Timing for 5G Radio Access Equipment
07/30/2021 | Business Wire
Global Smartphone Market Grew 13.2% in Q2
07/30/2021 | Business Wire
Siemens Extends Xcelerator Portfolio
07/30/2021 | Siemens
InSight Mission Unveils Interior of Mars
07/29/2021 | Imperial College London
Bringing Students into the Next Industrial Revolution
07/29/2021 | Carnegie Mellon University
Silicon Wafer Shipments Reach New High in Q2 2021
07/29/2021 | SEMI
Fujitsu, HFR Networks Enhance Smart xHaul for 5G Transport
07/29/2021 | Business Wire
Mars Rover Mission Only Just Beginning One Year After its Launch
07/28/2021 | Purdue University
Keysight Gains Approval of Test Cases for Validating 5G New Radio mmWave Devices in Standalone Mode
07/28/2021 | Business Wire
Synthesis AI Unveils Enhanced Synthetic Data Capabilities
07/28/2021 | PRNewswire
Nokia, EDC Partner to Advance Canada’s 5G Contributions
07/27/2021 | Globe Newswire
Skyworks Completes Acquisition of the Infrastructure & Automotive Business of Silicon Labs
07/27/2021 | Business Wire

Intel Accelerates Process, Packaging Innovations
07/27/2021 | Intel
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts June 2021 Billings
07/27/2021 | SEMI
Electrolube’s UR5118 Resin Ticks All the Boxes for IoT RF Sensor Application
07/27/2021 | Electrolube
Qualcomm Completes World’s First 5G mmWave Data Connection with Support for 200 MHz Carrier Bandwidth
07/26/2021 | Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
How the Lights-Out Setting is Redefining Manufacturing
07/26/2021 | PRNewswire
Samsung Expands Its Lineup of SDN Solutions
07/23/2021 | Samsung
Coalition Calls on Congress to Invest in Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing, Research, Design
07/23/2021 | SIA
Inseego Unveils the Ultimate 5G Industrial Gateway
07/23/2021 | Business Wire
STMicroelectronics Joins Startup Autobahn as Anchor Partner to Meet Tomorrow’s Automotive Innovators
07/23/2021 | Globe Newswire
Siemens Acquires FORAN Software to Expand Capabilities in Marine Design, Engineering
07/23/2021 | Siemens
Heraeus Electronics Joins PowerAmerica Institute
07/22/2021 | Heraeus Electronics
Survey: Companies Lagging the Industry in Digital Transformation
07/21/2021 | ACN Newswire
Vocera Introduces New Cloud-Based Clinical Communication, Collaboration Solution
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Wilson Electronics Announces weBoost for Business
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Smart Eye, OmniVision Announce End-to-End Interior Sensing Solution
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Intel, Airtel Collaborate to Accelerate 5G
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Lenovo Research: Three Steps Businesses Can Take to Innovate Beyond Boundaries
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
TANAKA Develops Active Brazing Filler Metal/Copper Composite Material for Power Devices
07/20/2021 | ACN Newswire
MixComm Announces Breakthrough Antenna in Package for 5G mmWave Infrastructure
07/20/2021 | PRWEB
Corteva Agriscience Among First to Leverage Agile Mobile Robots to Walk Row Crops
07/20/2021 | PRWEB
New Electronic Paper Displays Brilliant Colours
07/20/2021 | Chalmers University of Technology,
Robot’s Soft Touch Beats Super Mario
07/19/2021 | University of Maryland
Study Shows That Electronic Air Cleaning Technology Can Generate Unintended Pollutants
07/19/2021 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Nokia Extends 5G Installed Base with Taiwan Star Telecom Expansion Deal
07/19/2021 | Globe Newswire
Mobix Labs to Acquire Cosemi Technologies
07/16/2021 | Globe Newswire
Russian Government Announces Competitive Selection of AI Research Centers
07/16/2021 | Skoltech
Samsung, KT Launch First Commercial 5G SA Network in Korea
07/16/2021 | Samsung
Ericsson, Verizon Ink Landmark Multi-year $8.3 Billion 5G Deal
07/16/2021 | PRNewswire
The Roadmap to the Digital Thread Across The Product Lifecycle
07/16/2021 | Siemens
Consortium Solicitation to Enhance Cadmium Telluride Thin Film PV Technologies
07/15/2021 | NREL

Qi 1.3 Wireless Charging Reference Design to Accelerate Automotive, Consumer Qi Transmitter
07/15/2021 | Globe Newswire
LeafLabs Enables Satellite Launch
07/14/2021 | Globe Newswire
Microsoft Renews Global Contract with Xandr
07/14/2021 | Business Wire
Breakthrough in Lithium-air Batteries Could Help Put More Electric Vehicles on the Road
07/14/2021 | Illinois Institute of Technology
Semiconductor Equipment Forecast to Post Industry High of $100 Billion in 2022
07/14/2021 | SEMI
Fujitsu Transforms Nuerburgring Racetrack Safety with Artificial Intelligence
07/14/2021 | ACN Newswire
Cadence, UMC Collaborate on 22ULP/ULL Reference Flow Certification
07/13/2021 | Business Wire
NIL Technology Introduces Flat, Multifunctional Optics Platform for 3D Sensing, LiDAR Applications
07/13/2021 | PRNewswire
PC Demand Remained Strong in Q2 Amid Early Signs That Market Conditions May Be Cooling
07/13/2021 | Business Wire
Researchers Develop Fabric-friendly Sensors
07/13/2021 | Carnegie Mellon University
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