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Samsung Expands Its Lineup of SDN Solutions
07/23/2021 | Samsung
Coalition Calls on Congress to Invest in Domestic Semiconductor Manufacturing, Research, Design
07/23/2021 | SIA
Inseego Unveils the Ultimate 5G Industrial Gateway
07/23/2021 | Business Wire
STMicroelectronics Joins Startup Autobahn as Anchor Partner to Meet Tomorrow’s Automotive Innovators
07/23/2021 | Globe Newswire
Siemens Acquires FORAN Software to Expand Capabilities in Marine Design, Engineering
07/23/2021 | Siemens
Heraeus Electronics Joins PowerAmerica Institute
07/22/2021 | Heraeus Electronics
Survey: Companies Lagging the Industry in Digital Transformation
07/21/2021 | ACN Newswire
Vocera Introduces New Cloud-Based Clinical Communication, Collaboration Solution
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Wilson Electronics Announces weBoost for Business
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Smart Eye, OmniVision Announce End-to-End Interior Sensing Solution
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Intel, Airtel Collaborate to Accelerate 5G
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
Lenovo Research: Three Steps Businesses Can Take to Innovate Beyond Boundaries
07/21/2021 | Business Wire
TANAKA Develops Active Brazing Filler Metal/Copper Composite Material for Power Devices
07/20/2021 | ACN Newswire
MixComm Announces Breakthrough Antenna in Package for 5G mmWave Infrastructure
07/20/2021 | PRWEB
Corteva Agriscience Among First to Leverage Agile Mobile Robots to Walk Row Crops
07/20/2021 | PRWEB
New Electronic Paper Displays Brilliant Colours
07/20/2021 | Chalmers University of Technology,
Robot’s Soft Touch Beats Super Mario
07/19/2021 | University of Maryland
Study Shows That Electronic Air Cleaning Technology Can Generate Unintended Pollutants
07/19/2021 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Nokia Extends 5G Installed Base with Taiwan Star Telecom Expansion Deal
07/19/2021 | Globe Newswire
Mobix Labs to Acquire Cosemi Technologies
07/16/2021 | Globe Newswire
Russian Government Announces Competitive Selection of AI Research Centers
07/16/2021 | Skoltech
Samsung, KT Launch First Commercial 5G SA Network in Korea
07/16/2021 | Samsung
Ericsson, Verizon Ink Landmark Multi-year $8.3 Billion 5G Deal
07/16/2021 | PRNewswire
The Roadmap to the Digital Thread Across The Product Lifecycle
07/16/2021 | Siemens
Consortium Solicitation to Enhance Cadmium Telluride Thin Film PV Technologies
07/15/2021 | NREL
Qi 1.3 Wireless Charging Reference Design to Accelerate Automotive, Consumer Qi Transmitter
07/15/2021 | Globe Newswire
LeafLabs Enables Satellite Launch
07/14/2021 | Globe Newswire
Microsoft Renews Global Contract with Xandr
07/14/2021 | Business Wire
Breakthrough in Lithium-air Batteries Could Help Put More Electric Vehicles on the Road
07/14/2021 | Illinois Institute of Technology
Semiconductor Equipment Forecast to Post Industry High of $100 Billion in 2022
07/14/2021 | SEMI

Fujitsu Transforms Nuerburgring Racetrack Safety with Artificial Intelligence
07/14/2021 | ACN Newswire
Cadence, UMC Collaborate on 22ULP/ULL Reference Flow Certification
07/13/2021 | Business Wire
NIL Technology Introduces Flat, Multifunctional Optics Platform for 3D Sensing, LiDAR Applications
07/13/2021 | PRNewswire
PC Demand Remained Strong in Q2 Amid Early Signs That Market Conditions May Be Cooling
07/13/2021 | Business Wire
Researchers Develop Fabric-friendly Sensors
07/13/2021 | Carnegie Mellon University
Microsoft, NEC Expand Strategic Partnership to Boost Business Resiliency and Growth
07/13/2021 | NEC
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07/13/2021 | I-Connect007

Averatek Pushing Boundaries of Additive and Semi-Additive Processes

At the IEEE International Microwave Symposium show in Atlanta, I met with Tara Dunn, I-Connect007 columnist and VP of marketing and business development for Averatek. We sat down at the show and discussed the past year and a half, and after joking about how we felt like we were on an episode of The Twilight Zone, Tara gave me an update on Averatek’s continuing research into additive and semi-additive technologies.
Breakthrough Test Results Using New Superconductor Material Announced by Ambature
07/12/2021 | PRNewswire
Wearable Tech Aids Freedivers, Cardiac Patients
07/12/2021 | Carnegie Mellon University
Phoenix Contact to Use Swissbit Industrial-Grade Memory for Secure Portable Licensing
07/12/2021 | Swissbit AG
A New Look at Colour Displays
07/09/2021 | Linköping University
Anritsu, Samsung Extend Collaboration to Deliver Latest 5G Release 16 Technology
07/09/2021 | PRNewswire
Henkel 3D Printing Facilities Achieve Quality Standard for Medical Device Manufacturers
07/08/2021 | Henkel
Faraday Succeeds in 5G NR mmWave ASIC
07/08/2021 | Business Wire
GBT Researching Implementation of AI Methods For Optical Networks
07/08/2021 | Globe Newswire
Self-powered Implantable Device Stimulates Fast Bone Healing, Disappears Without a Trace
07/08/2021 | Jason Daley, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Wearable Device to Monitor Sweat in Real Time​
07/07/2021 | KAIST
Foxtron Vehicle Technologies Collaborates on Green Transportation
07/07/2021 | Foxconn Electronics
Keysight, Qualcomm First to Achieve 10 Gbps Data Connection Using 5G New Radio Dual Connectivity
07/07/2021 | Keysight Technologies, Inc.
European Semiconductor Sales Up 31.2% YoY
07/07/2021 | ESIA
Collective Battery Storage Beneficial for Decarbonized World
07/06/2021 | University of Otago
2021 Growth Year for 5G Handsets; Mobile Experts Releases Road Map for COVID Recovery
07/06/2021 | PRNewswire
Global Semiconductor Sales in May Up 26.2% YoY, 4.1% MoM
07/06/2021 | SIA
Total Telecom: 5G is at the Heart of an Augmented World
07/06/2021 | Business Wire
Purdue to Lead Indiana Coalition to Develop Quantum Technologies
07/06/2021 | Purdue University
The World's Thinnest Technology - Only Two Atoms Thick
07/06/2021 | Tel Aviv University
Creating Automotive Displays of the Future, Today
07/05/2021 | Henkel
LPKF Supplies Further Systems to Chip Manufacturer
07/05/2021 | LPKF
Camtek Secures $10M Order from Leading CMOS Image Sensor Manufacturer
07/05/2021 | PRNewswire

Keysight’s 5G Technology Speeds Development of Virtualized Open RAN Architectures
07/02/2021 | PRNewswire
Boyd Corporation Acquires GMN
07/02/2021 | Business Wire
Zebra Technologies to Acquire Fetch Robotics
07/02/2021 | Business Wire
Researchers Develop Large-scale Manufacture of Electronic Paper
07/02/2021 | Linköping University
Researchers to Develop Made-to-Measure 3D Laser Beams
07/01/2021 | Heriot-Watt University
New Intel XPU Innovations Target HPC, AI
07/01/2021 | Intel
NASA to Air Departure of SpaceX Cargo Dragon from Space Station
07/01/2021 | NASA
The Revolutions that Led to Chips Made Like Quilts
07/01/2021 | Intel
NIST-Led Study Finds Variations in Quantitative MRI Scanners’ Measurements
07/01/2021 | NIST
SIA Calls for House Passage of Legislation to Advance U.S. Technology Leadership
06/30/2021 | SIA
Nanotech OLED Electrode Liberates 20% More Light, Could Slash Display Power Consumption
06/30/2021 | University of Michigan
Siemens' MindSphere Selected by TotalEnergies for IoT monitoring of its NGV Stations
06/30/2021 | Siemens
Spinning Electricity from Heat and Cold
06/29/2021 | ACN Newswire
Excelitas Technologies Announces Agreement to Acquire PCO AG
06/29/2021 | Excelitas Technologies
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Expands 5G Portfolio with Automated 5G Management Solution
06/29/2021 | Business Wire
Cadence Report Reveals Majority Believe Hyperconnectivity Will Positively Impact Their Lives
06/29/2021 | Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
Atos Launches ‘ThinkAI’
06/28/2021 | Globe Newswire
Rakuten Mobile Advances Its Network for 5G, IoT Services with Cisco
06/28/2021 | Cisco
Unbroken: New Soft Electronics Don’t Break, Even When Punctured
06/28/2021 | Virginia Tech
NVIDIA, Google Cloud to Create Industry’s First AI-on-5G Lab
06/28/2021 | Globe Newswire
SIA Applauds Bipartisan Agreement on Infrastructure Plan
06/28/2021 | SIA
KLA Launches Automotive Products to Improve Chip Yield and Reliability
06/25/2021 | PRNewswire
University of Waterloo Launches Canada’s First Driverless, Autonomous 5G Shuttle
06/25/2021 | Globe Newswire
Operators Speed 5G Network Upgrades with CommScope’s HELIAX
06/25/2021 | Business Wire
Henkel Invests in Technology Start-up ioTech
06/24/2021 | Henkel
DENSO Deploys Siemens’ Software Portfolio for Automotive Product Design
06/24/2021 | Siemens
Smart Eye Completes Acquisition of Affectiva
06/24/2021 | Smart Eye
New Semiconductor Fabs to Spur Surge In Equipment Spending
06/23/2021 | SEMI
Jabil Optics Introduces Powerful Omnidirectional Sensor
06/23/2021 | Jabil Inc.
Bruisable Artificial Skin Could Help Prosthetics, Robots Sense Injuries
06/22/2021 | ACS

Humans and Robots: Combating Fatigue With Autonomy
06/22/2021 | Texas A&M University
Scientists Discover How Oxygen Loss Saps a Lithium-Ion Battery’s Voltage
06/22/2021 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Continental, Elektrobit Bring First In-vehicle Integration of Amazon’s Alexa
06/22/2021 | Elektrobit
N.A. Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts May 2021 Billings, Extends Record Streak
06/22/2021 | SEMI
Intel’s Silicon, Software Accelerate 5G, Edge
06/22/2021 | Business Wire
Analog Devices, Keysight Collaborate to Speed Development of O-RAN Solutions
06/22/2021 | Business Wire
Solar Energy Collectors Grown from Seeds
06/22/2021 | Rice University
NEC to Jointly Develop RIC for Advanced Operations of Open RAN with NTT DOCOMO
06/22/2021 | ACN Newswire
Paving the Way for Smart Factories
06/21/2021 | Intel
SEMI Supports Introduction of Fabs Act to Spur Semiconductor Manufacturing Growth
06/21/2021 | SEMI
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