NVIDIA, Oracle Advance AI in Cloud for Enterprises Globally

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AI is reshaping markets in extraordinary ways. Soon, every company will be in AI, and will need both speed and scale to power increasingly complex machine learning models.

Accelerating innovation for enterprises around the world, Oracle today announced general availability of bare-metal Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances featuring the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang, speaking during the Oracle Live digital launch of the new instance, said: “Oracle is where companies store their enterprise data. We’re going to be able to take this data with no friction at all, run it on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, conduct data analytics and create data frames that are used for machine learning to learn how to create a predictive model. That model will recommend actions to help companies go faster and make smarter decisions at an unparalleled scale.”

NVIDIA Software Accelerates AI and HPC for Oracle Enterprises
Accelerated computing starts with a powerful processor, but software, libraries and algorithms are all essential to an AI ecosystem. Whether it’s computer graphics, simulations like fluid dynamics, genomics processing, or deep learning and data analytics, every field requires its own domain-specific software stack. Oracle is providing NVIDIA’s extensive domain-specific software through the NVIDIA NGC hub of cloud-native, GPU-optimized containers, models and industry-specific software development kits.

“The costs of machine learning are not just on the hardware side,” said Clay Magouyrk, executive vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. “It’s also about how quickly someone can get spun up with the right tools, how quickly they can get access to the right software. Everything is pre-tuned on these instances so that anybody can show up, rent these GPUs by the hour and get quickly started running machine learning on Oracle Cloud.”

Oracle will also be adding A100 to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Science platform and providing NVIDIA Deep Neural Network libraries through Oracle Cloud Marketplace to help data scientists run common machine learning and deep learning frameworks, Jupyter Notebooks and Python/R integrated development environments in minutes.

On-Demand Access to the World’s Leading AI Performance
The new Oracle instances make it possible for every enterprise to have access to the world’s most powerful computing in the cloud. A100 delivers up to 20x more peak AI performance than its predecessors with TF32 operations and sparsity technology running on third-generation Tensor Cores. The world’s largest 7nm processor, A100 is incredibly elastic and cost-effective.

The flexible performance of A100 and Mellanox RDMA over Converged Ethernet networking makes the new Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instance ideal for critical drug discovery research, improving customer service through conversational AI, and enabling designers to model and build safer products, to highlight a few examples.

AI Acceleration for Workloads of All Sizes, Companies in All Stages
New businesses can access the power of A100 performance through the NVIDIA Inception and Oracle for Startups accelerator programs, which provide free Oracle Cloud credits for NVIDIA A100 and V100 GPU instances, special pricing, invaluable networking and expertise, marketing opportunities and more.

Oracle will soon introduce virtual machine instances providing one, two or four A100 GPUs per VM, and provide heterogeneous cluster networks of up to 512 A100 GPUs featuring bare-metal A100 GPU instances blended with Intel CPUs. Enterprises interested in accelerating their workloads with Oracle’s new A100 instance can get started with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure on Sept. 30.



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