IFA Product Technology Innovation Award Ceremony Held in Guangzhou

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The IFA global events CE China and CE Summit were held in Guangzhou on Sept. 24th-25th. With the theme of "Connectivity and Sharing for Intelligent Services", the events presented the main forum and two brilliant parallel forums in various fields including Internet of Things home, Internet retail, and global household appliance innovation. At the same time, the IFA Product Technology Innovation Award ceremony hosted by International Data Group was held concurrently. A total of 19 products won awards this year. The awards went to 14 manufacturers, including SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, Midea, Panasonic, BOE, Electrolux, CHiQ, HONOR, Sony, LG, De'Longhi, iRobot, and TECNO, demonstrating the vitality and creativity of global consumer electronics brands.

The recent years see the flourishing cutting-edge science and technology including the Internet of Things, smart manufacturing, digital economy, AI, and VR/AR, sparking the pioneering thinking on smart technology globally. Attention is increasingly paid to the upgrading of life scenarios through the connected world. With the advent of the "stay-at-home economy" and 5G trend, the consumer electronics sector has seen a new turning point, and the market is booming. Under this background, the 2020 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award under the theme of "Innovating the Technology, Inspiring the Life" performs a systematic evaluation of the global consumer electronics industry, and predicts the future trend of the consumer electronics sector.

"Healthy household appliances, wearables, 8K image quality, and intelligent robots" become the keywords of the award. Manufacturers including Midea, CHiQ, Honor, BOE, Philips, and TECNO won awards by virtue of their innovation and technology prowess, and received the awards at the awards ceremony.

Modern young consumers enjoy the pleasure and health brought by gourmet food cooking, and pursue efficient and intelligent cooking. With insight into the needs of young consumers, Midea Ifamily products eminently satisfy this demand. Based on "pleasing oneself and loving home", Midea Ifamily products achieve one-button cooking by virtue of intelligent control system, intelligent cooking system, intelligent cleaning system and intelligent environment system. At the same time, Midea also realizes IoT connectivity through Meiju (Midea) App and builds new digital kitchens. Midea also won the "Gold Award for Smart Kitchen Solutions" because of this, giving a new impetus to the development of smart kitchens.

Apart from a high-quality diet, modern people also have demand for screen visual experience. The innovatively designed ChiQ 75Q7ART 8K TV adopts unique light mixing technology and innovative layout to achieve "zero distance" between the TV and the wall. In addition to 8K ultra-high-definition image quality, it also has AI image quality compensation technology. The use of high-end LPDDR4 memory chips achieves more vivid picture quality. 5G module is used together with WIFI chips. The JBL acoustics promises richer and more delicate picture and audio. This 8K TV won the "Gold Award for Design Innovation TV" at the 2020 IFA Product Technology Innovation Award.

Intelligent services in daily life are not merely shown in dining and entertainment. Great efforts are directed towards smart devices. With the arrival of the 5G era, smart electronic terminals will surely become more portable and efficient. HONOR won the "Gold Award for High-performance Innovative Notebook" and "Gold Award for Outdoor Innovative Wearable Device" for MagicBook Pro and Watch GS Pro. MagicBook Pro adopts major innovations in hardware and software, such as Ryzen 5 4600H processor, 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD memory drive, 16.1'' FullView display screen and 16GB DDR4 dual-channel RAM. As the world's first 16.1'' AMD Ultrabook, it is free from the heavy weight of traditional models, and the screen quality can also meet groups with high demands such as designers and photographers. HONOR Watch GS Pro has passed the 14 MILSTD-810G military grade certification. It also has a return route function and a route deviation alarm function, and is suitable for more than 100 workout modes.

In addition to new notebooks and smartwatches, folding screens have also become a segment for key development in the consumer electronics sector due to increasingly mature technology and innovative interaction experience. BOE's Flexible OLED Full-screen Display won the "Gold Award for Innovative Display Technology" in this selection event. It realizes folding module stack design technology, ultra-thin touch film technology, dual IC cascade drive technology and folding module fitting technology. It is noteworthy that it is dynamically folded during display, with continuous pictures. It is 5.4mm thick in the unfolded state, and 11mm in the folded state.

People are more aware of health and hygiene due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, and high-quality household appliances for a healthy life also attract great attention. Philips AquaShield AWP1830/93 water purifier that won the "Gold Award for Water Purification Technology" adds disinfection and sterilization functions based on the original product, demonstrating the product's function for a healthy life, and promoting the upgrade and iteration of healthy household appliances.

The upgraded photographic equipment is indispensable for an intelligent life, especially cameras installed on smart phones. Smart phones with different positioning have their own focus in terms of hardware and functions. Camera phones undoubtedly are the top priority in terms of cameras, algorithms, and systems. TECNO CANON 16 Premier, which won the "Camera Technology Innovation Smart Phone Gold Award", innovated the experience of portrait mode in smart phones, specializing in photography and video innovation. Equipped with an ultra-wide 105° selfie function, it is 1.6 times wider than the traditional front camera. It can automatically recognize and turn on ultra-wide-angle selfie mode for the multi-person selfie.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not the primary reason for the accelerated upgrading of the global consumer electronics sector, but has also sent people into thinking about the direction of future consumption upgrading and the trend of life and work. The global consumer electronics sector is also booming. The crisis can be translated into opportunity. The IFA Product Technology Innovation Award showcases the latest innovations in the sector. Continued efforts are made to promote the development of the industry to empower the upgrading of the global consumer electronics industry.



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