Veritone Launches Automated Studio to Accelerate AI-based Digital Transformation Initiatives

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Veritone, Inc., the creator of the world’s first operating system for artificial intelligence (AI), aiWARE™, has announced the public launch of Veritone Automate Studio, a low-code, web-based workflow designer tightly integrated with aiWARE. Automate Studio helps organizations embarking on intelligent process automation (IPA) and hyperautomation initiatives to rapidly deploy AI-powered workflows without heavy coding and AI expertise, and integrate resulting content insights into legacy applications and business processes at scale.

“We believe that this product’s potential to enable, accelerate and scale business transformation and pave the way for organizations to achieve hyperautomation is limitless and will provide organizations with a competitive edge as they rapidly gain insight into their video, image, audio and text content,” said Chad Steelberg, CEO of Veritone. “In our pursuit to enable every organization and every person with the power of AI, we are excited to see what the combination of Automate Studio and aiWARE can do in driving the industry forward.” 

Veritone aiWARE orchestrates a diverse ecosystem of hundreds of best-of-breed, ready-to-deploy AI models to transform structured and unstructured data into actionable intelligence, in near real-time. Similar to how a Microsoft or Apple operating system hides the complexities of underlying system components, aiWARE’s common, standardized operating system hides the complexities of AI data prep and model building and testing. 

Now, Automate Studio exposes the power of aiWARE in a graphical, drag-and-drop, rapid design environment. With Automate Studio, developers and ML/AI Operations teams can create event-triggered workflows that ingest content from virtually any source, connect to multiple aiWARE AI models and send resulting content insights to target applications such as RPA or business process automation systems. The combination of aiWARE and Automate Studio helps organizations significantly accelerate the deployment and integration of AI into their applications and processes, with less coding and no need for AI expertise, furthering Veritone’s mission to democratize AI.

To make it even easier for organizations to realize the benefits of AI fast, Automate Studio features out-of-the-box, ready-to-deploy flows for cognitive tasks common across verticals and use cases, including computer vision, speech recognition, text analytics and natural language processing. Organizations can also speed their time to value by leveraging dozens of flow templates that can jump-start custom projects. Starter flow template examples include a podcast-to-blog converter, a stock performance estimator and a suite of contact center flows that provide voice recognition, transcription, translation, insight and auto-response, to name a few. These starter templates support a variety of industries and applications where AI is needed.

“As a result of Automate Studio, we have expanded the use of our existing investment in Veritone’s aiWARE platform. Initially, to accelerate our video archive search, we used aiWARE to tag athletes via face identification and automatically produce audio transcriptions from thousands of hours of footage. Now we are leveraging those same transcriptions in an Automate Studio-based workflow to automatically generate on-demand video captions. This combination of AI engines and workflows saves us countless hours of burdensome and costly manual review time," said Paul Hodges, VP of Content and Entertainment at the San Francisco Giants. "We are thrilled to extend our industry leadership in the practical use and application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through our partnership with Veritone."



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