Ansys Receives TSMC OIP Ecosystem Forum Customers' Choice Award for 5G Millimeter Wave Chip Analysis Solution Paper

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Ansys received the Customers' Choice Award for a technical paper presented at TSMC 2020 North America Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) Ecosystem Forum. Within the paper, Ansys provided a roadmap for adding new technology to the Ansys® Totem™ RF design solution to address challenges in next-generation communication technologies beyond 5G, enabling customer success. The paper won the award based on the popular vote by conference attendees and can be downloaded on

Transitioning to 5G millimeter wave wireless communication requires massive integration of RF components into digital SoCs (System-on-Chip). RF devices consume significant power and the resulting electromigration and self-heating challenges significantly impact the efficiency, cost and reliability of high-speed designs, which must be comprehensively addressed. Ansys enhanced Totem's capabilities to address the needs of 5G and high-speed RF designers.

Ansys' paper, titled "Electromigration and Self-Heat Analysis on RF Devices for mmWave Designs," details how Totem empowers 5G and high-speed RF designers to conduct electromigration and self-heat analysis. The Totem electromigration flow was demonstrated on an RF block using TSMC 16nm process technology and has been validated by TSMC.

"As a valued partner, Ansys provides leading design solutions that enable our mutual customers to take advantage of TSMC's latest process technologies," said Suk Lee, vice president of the Design Infrastructure Management Division at TSMC. "We are pleased to congratulate Ansys as the winner of this Customers' Choice Award and look forward to our continued collaboration with Ansys to address future complex challenges for designing next-generation silicon technologies."

"Together with TSMC, Ansys continues to help engineers overcome significant hurdles for designing 5G and high-speed RF chips," said John Lee, vice president and general manager at Ansys. "Receiving this prestigious award from TSMC for the second time in three years is a testament to the impact our industry-leading simulation solutions have made on the design community and we intend to deepen our collaboration with TSMC to solve more challenges in the near future."



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