DataRobot Launches AI for Health Incubator

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DataRobot, the leader in enterprise AI, announced DataRobot’s AI for Health Incubator, a new initiative that invites entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, colleges and universities, and non-profits to develop and deploy novel solutions for the health and healthcare market. DataRobot’s AI for Health Incubator, which was unveiled during DataRobot’s AI Experience Worldwide, will provide pro-bono access to the DataRobot platform and hands-on support from its customer success teams. Interested organizations can apply now through June 11.

DataRobot works with some of the most sophisticated healthcare organizations in the world to transform billions of data points into insights and predictions that help improve quality of care and ultimately save lives. Customers use DataRobot for a myriad of use cases, including reducing patient readmissions, ICU resource and staffing utilization, improving medication adherence, predicting opioid abuse, and forecasting disease propensity.

DataRobot has also been supporting a number of critical efforts to beat COVID-19. In early 2020, DataRobot used their platform, experience, and partners to produce rapid, transformative solutions, including a COVID-19 long-term forecasting and simulation decision intelligence platform. This platform was used by the federal government to identify the impacted communities from a national to county level, provide models that identify and enable individuals unaware of virus spread to take action, and provide key guidance for vaccine trial and testing strategies.

“When it comes to thinking about healthcare, it’s safe to say 2020 changed the name of the game,” said Sally Embrey, VP of Public Health and Health Technologies, DataRobot. “We’re at a critical moment in time for the industry and believe we have an opportunity to truly democratize healthcare in a transparent and trustworthy way. We’re pleased to build on the important work we’ve done in the healthcare sector and collaborate with the next generation of innovators in the industry to solve big problems, particularly ones that have a direct impact on patient populations and long-term health outcomes.”

Dr. Zain Khalpey, Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Chief Medical Artificial Intelligence Officer, Director of Heart & Vascular Institute at Northwest Medical Center, is DataRobot’s first AI for Health Incubator partner. He’s working alongside DataRobot on research designed to not only use AI to help patients in the OR and in the ICU, but to also predict medical interventions and deploy preventative strategies in healthcare.

“The future of healthcare is rooted in the ability to bring human and machine intelligence together to make better, faster, and more efficient decisions we can trust,” said Khalpey. “DataRobot is accelerating critical research in this industry to help physicians and medical professionals better leverage AI. The impact on human lives if we get this right will be immeasurable. I’m excited to work with DataRobot because together, we’re able to make augmented medical decision-making -- a new formula which will be the future of healthcare driven by AI.”

The application period for the incubator is open and nominations will be accepted through June 11. The selected organization will receive one year of access to the DataRobot enterprise AI platform and six months of hands-on support from our customer success teams.



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