In the 5G Era, Parallel NAND Flash Came Into Being

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The Information Age has changed our way of life; people are constantly surrounded by information and data, whether at work or in their daily life. Due to the influence of the Information Age, big data is currently the hottest IT industry keyword. Together with data analysis, data warehousing, data security, and other elements related to the commercial value of big data are gradually becoming the focus of profitability in the electronic information technology industry. The security and stability of data are also becoming important indicators by which to judge an enterprise's overall strength. As a result, developments in the era of big data have placed stringent requirements on storage products, which are no longer limited to basic features such as capacity and performance. Error correction, compatibility, and data protection capabilities have gradually transformed the core competitiveness of storage products.

As the country with the fastest rate of 5G network construction, China has built more than 993,000 5G base stations, covering all prefecture-level cities and more than 95% of counties and 35% of townships nationwide, with more than 392 million cell phone connections to 5G terminals. Due to the extensive applications of 5G, its high degree of reliability and low latency. this technology will launch the rapid development of IoT, IoV, AR/VR, Ultra HD video and other related fields.

Longsys is keeping close watch on the development of 5G, so as to meet new demands for storage products in a variety of industries. For this reason, FORESEE, the storage brand under Longsys, has developed an industrial-grade storage product, Parallel NAND Flash. FORESEE's testing team has conducted comprehensive chip-level testing for nearly 50 major and 80 minor categories, and has passed the stringent reliability verification requirements of JEDEC standards, allowing for an operational temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, which is sufficient to withstand the harsh environment of industrial environments. FORESEE Parallel NAND Flash has a flash memory lifetime of up to 100,000 program-erase cycles, a data retention period of up to 10 years, and an actual DPPM of less than 100. In addition to ensuring the durability and reliability of the product, the FORESEE R&D team has invested a lot of energy into improving the product's stability. The product uses a 16nm manufacturing process, with 4 bit ECC verification, and a higher density, which is applicable to big data storage. The Unique ID (UID) and One Time Programable (OTP) functions enable the product to provide customers with more areas for storing security information, which greatly protects user data security. In addition, UID and OTP can effectively prevent the risk of information leakage.

The product also uses a 1.8V power supply, which reduces power consumption by about 40% compared to mainstream products using a 3.3V power supply, while remaining compatible with products on the market that use a 3.3V power supply.

The exceptional stability and compact size of FORESEE Parallel NAND Flash is a perfect fit for the need for superior reliability and low power consumption of electronic products in the 5G Era, and is essential for data storage applications in mobile devices, industrial markets, automotive systems, IoT, AI and other fields.



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