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Global Mobile DRAM Industry Sees 7.7% Revenue Growth in Q2
08/18/2015 | TrendForce
TV Panel Shipments Reached 22.31 Million Units in July
08/18/2015 | TrendForce
China's Currency Responding More Closely to Market Forces
08/18/2015 | Stanford University
Collaboration Aims to Share Clean Energy, Manufacturing Expertise with Small Businesses
08/18/2015 | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Wireless, Fully Implantable Device to Stimulate Nerves in Mice
08/18/2015 | Stanford University
Charge Transport in Hybrid Silicon Solar Cells
08/18/2015 | HZB
Going Solid-state Could Make Batteries Safer and Longer-lasting
08/18/2015 | MIT
New Discovery Could Lead to a Building Block for Future Quantum Computers
08/18/2015 | MIT
Clear Sign of Saturation: 20% Seasonal Decline in CEE Tablet Market
08/18/2015 | IDC
IDTechEx: 3D Printing of Electronics Comes to Market
08/17/2015 | Business Wire
Portable PC Sales to Remain Flat Despite Windows 10 Launch
08/17/2015 | Business Wire
AFRL Team Helps Solve Cellphone Communication Challenges
08/17/2015 | AFRL
European Tablet Market Stabilizes and Vendor Dynamics Evolve
08/17/2015 | IDC
Optical Network Equipment Spending in Europe Up 8% YoY
08/17/2015 | IHS
Demand for Novel Display Materials Set to Surge in H2 2015
08/17/2015 | IHS
Berkeley Lab Spinoff Company Makes Fast, Accurate Nanoscale Sensor
08/17/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Surprising Discoveries about 2D Molybdenum Disulfide
08/17/2015 | Drexel University
Omnidirectional Free Space Wireless Charging Developed
08/17/2015 | KAIST
"Sandwiching" Atomic Layers Expands Possibilities For Making Materials That Store Energy
08/17/2015 | Drexel University
KAIST Develops Fiber-Like Light-Emitting Diodes for Wearable Display
08/17/2015 | KAIST
Focused Laser Power Boosts Ion Acceleration
08/17/2015 | LMU
Traditional Notebook Display Shipments Drop as Chromebooks Rise
08/14/2015 | IHS
Virtual Reality for Better Robot-to-Human Communication
08/14/2015 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Manufacturing Technology Orders Up in June
08/14/2015 | AMT
Insight into Obscure Transition Uncovered by X-rays
08/14/2015 | Argonne National Laboratory
Manufacturing Gains 15,000 Jobs in July
08/14/2015 | Alliance for American Manufacturing
Yuan Devaluation is Currency Manipulation
08/14/2015 | Alliance for American Manufacturing
Report: Global Printers Market 2015-2019
08/14/2015 | PRNewswire
Flexible, Biodegradable Device Can Generate Power from Touch
08/14/2015 | ACS
Teal Group Predicts 2015 UAV Production Will Total $93B
08/14/2015 | PRNewswire

New Research Could Improve Solar Cells
08/14/2015 | Bath University
SLAC Builds One of the World's Fastest "Electron Cameras"
08/14/2015 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
On the Origin of (Robot) Species
08/14/2015 | University of Cambridge
Global Mobile NAND Flash Market 2015 Report
08/14/2015 | Business Wire
Microscopic Rake Doubles Efficiency of Low-cost Solar Cells
08/14/2015 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Weak Q2 Demand Pushes Down 2015 LCD TV Shipment Estimates
08/14/2015 | TrendForce
Black Phosphorus (BP) Surges Ahead of Graphene
08/14/2015 | Institute for Basic Science
New Optical Chip Lights Up the Race for Quantum Computer
08/14/2015 | University of Bristol
IEKView:Growth in Smart Automation Machinery, Robotics Expected
08/14/2015 | TEEMA
Smart Lighting Market to Reach $8.14B by 2020
08/14/2015 | PRNewswire
TrendForce: Global DRAM Industry Revenue Down 4.8% in Q2
08/14/2015 | TrendForce
Worldwide Personal & Entry-Level Storage Market Continued to Decline in Q2
08/13/2015 | IDC
A Smartphone That Sees Red
08/13/2015 | Raytheon Company
Fiber-optic Devices to Lead Broadband CPE Shipment Growth
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Lenovo Reports Tough Markets, Solid Results in Q1 FY15-16
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Plans to Develop 3D-printed Graphene Batteries
08/13/2015 | Manchester Metropolitan University
CMOS Image Sensors See Higher Growth from Greater Diversity of Uses
08/13/2015 | IC Insights
Quantum Dot Spotting Method Useful in Nanophotonics
08/13/2015 | NIST
Compact Lasers Could be Key to Next-Generation Sensors
08/13/2015 | Northwestern University
AEA Releases Q2 2015 Avionics Market Report
08/13/2015 | AEA
Worldwide Silicon Wafer Area Achieves Record Shipments in Q2
08/13/2015 | SEMI
Nanochip Enables Insight into Fuel Cell Reactions
08/13/2015 | UCLA Newsroom
Traditional Notebook Display Shipments Drop as Chromebooks Rise
08/13/2015 | IHS
Neutral Atoms Located Through Quantum Computing Advance
08/13/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
Global Heads-up Display Market in Military Aviation 2015-2019
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Global MEMS Inertial Sensor Market Forecast to Grow at a CAGR of 14%
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Energy Harvesting Gets Powerful
08/13/2015 | Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx
Offroad Trials for "Electric Highways" Technology
08/12/2015 | Highways England
Back to the Future: Next-Generation Vacuum Electronics
08/12/2015 | DARPA
Microresonators Could Bring Optical Sensors, Communications
08/12/2015 | Purdue University

Breakthrough Brings CMR Closer to Practical Use
08/12/2015 | Carnegie Institution for Science
Imec Pushes the Boundaries of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology
08/12/2015 | Imec
Report: Smart Homes Market 2014-2020
08/12/2015 | Business Wire
Weak IT Market Drags Down Large-Area Display Market
08/12/2015 | IHS
Electronic Recycling Market in Rapid Expansion Mode with 23.06% CAGR from 2013 to 2019
08/12/2015 | Globe Newswire
India's Smartphone Market Soars in Q2 of 2015
08/12/2015 | IDC
A Bipedal Robot with Human Reflexes
08/11/2015 | MIT
New Tech Enhances Depth-Sensing Camera Capabilities
08/11/2015 | Carnegie Mellon University
Intel, Wipro Join Trade Group to Expand Markets for IoT
08/11/2015 | PRNewswire
IHS Forecasts Profit Margin Declines for 32in LCD Panels
08/11/2015 | IHS
New Nanoscale Programmable Switches Promise Faster, More Versatile Chip-scale Devices
08/11/2015 | DARPA
Consumers in Germany, UK, Outline Technology Preferences for New Vehicles
08/11/2015 | IHS
Smartphones and Tablets to Drive Consumer Electronic Sensors Market
08/11/2015 | Globe Newswire
CIOs Should Readjust Budgets to Accommodate Cost Hikes in IT Products
08/11/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Tantalizing Discovery May Boost Memory Technology
08/11/2015 | Rice University
Boeing to Support British Airways 787 Dreamliners with Component Services
08/10/2015 | PR Newswire
Conference Board Employment Trends Index Increased in July
08/10/2015 | PRNewswire
Caltech Makes Breakthrough in Fundamental Physics
08/10/2015 | Caltech
On the Crest of the Wave: Electronics on a Time Scale Shorter than a Cycle of Light
08/10/2015 | Universität Regensburg
Shop-floor Monitoring Goes High Tech
08/10/2015 | A*STAR
Are 3D Printers Robots?
08/10/2015 | IDTechEx
Samsung Cuts Intel's Semiconductor Sales Lead to 16% in 2Q15
08/10/2015 | IC Insights
Virtual Reality Gaming, Smart TVs and Wearables Lead to Rise in Gesture Sensing Control Shipments
08/10/2015 | IHS
New Breeds Lead China's Top 100 Internet Companies
08/10/2015 | IDC
Face-to-Face Contact is the Key to Building Customer Relationships
08/10/2015 | IDC
A Small, Modular, Efficient Fusion Plant
08/10/2015 | MIT
New Research May Enhance Display and LED Lighting Technology
08/10/2015 | University of Illinois
Light Switches on a DVD
2015 Top 50 Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
08/07/2015 | Business Wire
3D Avatar Revolutionises Skin Cancer Diagnosis
08/07/2015 | University of Queensland

Worldwide Sales of Semiconductors Reached $84B in Q2
08/07/2015 | SIA
Interactive Teddy Bear Jerry Visits the White House
08/07/2015 | Northwestern University
Global System-on-Chip Market to Hit $71.98B by 2021
08/07/2015 | Business Wire
Flexible Dielectric Polymer Can Stand the Heat
08/07/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
SEMI SMC: Advanced Materials Enable a Smart and Interconnected World
08/07/2015 | SEMI
China Strengthens Leadership in Global Semiconductor Consumption
08/07/2015 | PwC
U.S. Department of Labor Proposes New Wage and Overtime Regulations
08/06/2015 | IPC
Protective Shells May Boost Silicon Lithium-ion Batteries
08/06/2015 | Argonne National Laboratory
Two Spin Liquids Square Off in an Iron-Based Superconductor
08/06/2015 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
Lenovo Overtakes Apple to Lead PC Market in Q2
08/06/2015 | Canalys
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