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Demand for Novel Display Materials Set to Surge in H2 2015
08/17/2015 | IHS
Berkeley Lab Spinoff Company Makes Fast, Accurate Nanoscale Sensor
08/17/2015 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Surprising Discoveries about 2D Molybdenum Disulfide
08/17/2015 | Drexel University
Omnidirectional Free Space Wireless Charging Developed
08/17/2015 | KAIST
"Sandwiching" Atomic Layers Expands Possibilities For Making Materials That Store Energy
08/17/2015 | Drexel University
KAIST Develops Fiber-Like Light-Emitting Diodes for Wearable Display
08/17/2015 | KAIST
Focused Laser Power Boosts Ion Acceleration
08/17/2015 | LMU
Traditional Notebook Display Shipments Drop as Chromebooks Rise
08/14/2015 | IHS
Virtual Reality for Better Robot-to-Human Communication
08/14/2015 | Georgia Institute of Technology
Manufacturing Technology Orders Up in June
08/14/2015 | AMT
Insight into Obscure Transition Uncovered by X-rays
08/14/2015 | Argonne National Laboratory
Manufacturing Gains 15,000 Jobs in July
08/14/2015 | Alliance for American Manufacturing
Yuan Devaluation is Currency Manipulation
08/14/2015 | Alliance for American Manufacturing
Report: Global Printers Market 2015-2019
08/14/2015 | PRNewswire
Flexible, Biodegradable Device Can Generate Power from Touch
08/14/2015 | ACS
Teal Group Predicts 2015 UAV Production Will Total $93B
08/14/2015 | PRNewswire
New Research Could Improve Solar Cells
08/14/2015 | Bath University
SLAC Builds One of the World's Fastest "Electron Cameras"
08/14/2015 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
On the Origin of (Robot) Species
08/14/2015 | University of Cambridge
Global Mobile NAND Flash Market 2015 Report
08/14/2015 | Business Wire
Microscopic Rake Doubles Efficiency of Low-cost Solar Cells
08/14/2015 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Weak Q2 Demand Pushes Down 2015 LCD TV Shipment Estimates
08/14/2015 | TrendForce
Black Phosphorus (BP) Surges Ahead of Graphene
08/14/2015 | Institute for Basic Science
New Optical Chip Lights Up the Race for Quantum Computer
08/14/2015 | University of Bristol
IEKView:Growth in Smart Automation Machinery, Robotics Expected
08/14/2015 | TEEMA
Smart Lighting Market to Reach $8.14B by 2020
08/14/2015 | PRNewswire
TrendForce: Global DRAM Industry Revenue Down 4.8% in Q2
08/14/2015 | TrendForce
Worldwide Personal & Entry-Level Storage Market Continued to Decline in Q2
08/13/2015 | IDC
A Smartphone That Sees Red
08/13/2015 | Raytheon Company
Fiber-optic Devices to Lead Broadband CPE Shipment Growth
08/13/2015 | Business Wire

Lenovo Reports Tough Markets, Solid Results in Q1 FY15-16
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Plans to Develop 3D-printed Graphene Batteries
08/13/2015 | Manchester Metropolitan University
CMOS Image Sensors See Higher Growth from Greater Diversity of Uses
08/13/2015 | IC Insights
Quantum Dot Spotting Method Useful in Nanophotonics
08/13/2015 | NIST
Compact Lasers Could be Key to Next-Generation Sensors
08/13/2015 | Northwestern University
AEA Releases Q2 2015 Avionics Market Report
08/13/2015 | AEA
Worldwide Silicon Wafer Area Achieves Record Shipments in Q2
08/13/2015 | SEMI
Nanochip Enables Insight into Fuel Cell Reactions
08/13/2015 | UCLA Newsroom
Traditional Notebook Display Shipments Drop as Chromebooks Rise
08/13/2015 | IHS
Neutral Atoms Located Through Quantum Computing Advance
08/13/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
Global Heads-up Display Market in Military Aviation 2015-2019
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Global MEMS Inertial Sensor Market Forecast to Grow at a CAGR of 14%
08/13/2015 | Business Wire
Energy Harvesting Gets Powerful
08/13/2015 | Dr Peter Harrop, IDTechEx
Offroad Trials for "Electric Highways" Technology
08/12/2015 | Highways England
Back to the Future: Next-Generation Vacuum Electronics
08/12/2015 | DARPA
Microresonators Could Bring Optical Sensors, Communications
08/12/2015 | Purdue University
Breakthrough Brings CMR Closer to Practical Use
08/12/2015 | Carnegie Institution for Science
Imec Pushes the Boundaries of Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology
08/12/2015 | Imec
Report: Smart Homes Market 2014-2020
08/12/2015 | Business Wire
Weak IT Market Drags Down Large-Area Display Market
08/12/2015 | IHS
Electronic Recycling Market in Rapid Expansion Mode with 23.06% CAGR from 2013 to 2019
08/12/2015 | Globe Newswire
India's Smartphone Market Soars in Q2 of 2015
08/12/2015 | IDC
A Bipedal Robot with Human Reflexes
08/11/2015 | MIT
New Tech Enhances Depth-Sensing Camera Capabilities
08/11/2015 | Carnegie Mellon University
Intel, Wipro Join Trade Group to Expand Markets for IoT
08/11/2015 | PRNewswire
IHS Forecasts Profit Margin Declines for 32in LCD Panels
08/11/2015 | IHS
New Nanoscale Programmable Switches Promise Faster, More Versatile Chip-scale Devices
08/11/2015 | DARPA
Consumers in Germany, UK, Outline Technology Preferences for New Vehicles
08/11/2015 | IHS
Smartphones and Tablets to Drive Consumer Electronic Sensors Market
08/11/2015 | Globe Newswire
CIOs Should Readjust Budgets to Accommodate Cost Hikes in IT Products
08/11/2015 | Gartner, Inc.

Tantalizing Discovery May Boost Memory Technology
08/11/2015 | Rice University
Boeing to Support British Airways 787 Dreamliners with Component Services
08/10/2015 | PR Newswire
Conference Board Employment Trends Index Increased in July
08/10/2015 | PRNewswire
Caltech Makes Breakthrough in Fundamental Physics
08/10/2015 | Caltech
On the Crest of the Wave: Electronics on a Time Scale Shorter than a Cycle of Light
08/10/2015 | Universität Regensburg
Are 3D Printers Robots?
08/10/2015 | IDTechEx
Shop-floor Monitoring Goes High Tech
08/10/2015 | A*STAR
Samsung Cuts Intel's Semiconductor Sales Lead to 16% in 2Q15
08/10/2015 | IC Insights
Virtual Reality Gaming, Smart TVs and Wearables Lead to Rise in Gesture Sensing Control Shipments
08/10/2015 | IHS
New Breeds Lead China's Top 100 Internet Companies
08/10/2015 | IDC
Face-to-Face Contact is the Key to Building Customer Relationships
08/10/2015 | IDC
A Small, Modular, Efficient Fusion Plant
08/10/2015 | MIT
New Research May Enhance Display and LED Lighting Technology
08/10/2015 | University of Illinois
Light Switches on a DVD
2015 Top 50 Technologies in Advanced Manufacturing and Automation
08/07/2015 | Business Wire
3D Avatar Revolutionises Skin Cancer Diagnosis
08/07/2015 | University of Queensland
Worldwide Sales of Semiconductors Reached $84B in Q2
08/07/2015 | SIA
Interactive Teddy Bear Jerry Visits the White House
08/07/2015 | Northwestern University
Global System-on-Chip Market to Hit $71.98B by 2021
08/07/2015 | Business Wire
Flexible Dielectric Polymer Can Stand the Heat
08/07/2015 | Pennsylvania State University
SEMI SMC: Advanced Materials Enable a Smart and Interconnected World
08/07/2015 | SEMI
China Strengthens Leadership in Global Semiconductor Consumption
08/07/2015 | PwC
U.S. Department of Labor Proposes New Wage and Overtime Regulations
08/06/2015 | IPC
Protective Shells May Boost Silicon Lithium-ion Batteries
08/06/2015 | Argonne National Laboratory
Two Spin Liquids Square Off in an Iron-Based Superconductor
08/06/2015 | Brookhaven National Laboratory
Lenovo Overtakes Apple to Lead PC Market in Q2
08/06/2015 | Canalys
Wafer-Thin Super Material Heralds Future of Wearable Technology
08/06/2015 | University of Wollongong

Mechatronics Innovations and Applications

In an interview with I-Connect007, Edward Neff, President of SMAC Moving Coil Actuators, discusses some of the latest mechatronics innovations happening in his company, and how these developments are being applied in different industries including electronics assembly and robotics.

Cisco and HP Named Leaders in Wireless LAN Vendor Scorecard
08/06/2015 | IHS
Competition Increasing to Be the IoT Gateway to the Connected Home
08/06/2015 | Gartner, Inc.
Certified Mobile Workstations Continue to Grow Moderately in Q2 2015
08/06/2015 | IDC
Printed Electronics for Smart Packaging Project Aims to Expand Market Opportunites
08/05/2015 | A*STAR
Physicists Develop Ultrasensitive Nanomechanical Biosensor
08/05/2015 | MIPT
Researchers Clear Way for Fast Plasmonic Chips
08/05/2015 | MIPT
Transition from Three to Two Dimensions Increases Conduction
08/05/2015 | MIPT
Better Together: Graphene-Nanotube Hybrid Switches
08/05/2015 | Michigan Technological University
2020 India Sensors Market Forecast and Opportunities
08/05/2015 | PRNewswire
Optomec Posts 100% Revenue Growth in First Half of 2015
08/05/2015 | Business Wire
Global Business Confidence Levelling Off Due to Volatility
08/05/2015 | Business Wire
Graphene Drives Potential for Next-gen of Fuel-efficient Cars
08/05/2015 | University of Manchester
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