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Untangling a Strange Phenomenon that Both Helps and Hurts Lithium-Ion Battery Performance
02/06/2019 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
‘Magnetic Graphene’ Switches Between Insulator and Conductor
02/06/2019 | University of Cambridge
Lack of Collaboration Hinders Digital Transformation Efforts
02/06/2019 | PRNewswire
Meet the Quantum Fridge
02/06/2019 | CQT
Global Automotive Memory Market 2019-2024
02/06/2019 | PRNewswire
Saudi Arabia and Qatar Tensions Drive Defense Export Growth
02/06/2019 | IHS Markit
Clean Energy Innovation Report Identifies Breakthrough Technologies
02/06/2019 | IHS Markit
The U.S. Secures 5G Superiority, at Least in Short-Term
02/06/2019 | ABI Research
Data-Transmitting Light Signal Gets Power Boost From Nanosized Amplifier
02/05/2019 | Aalto University
A Reconfigurable Soft Actuator
02/05/2019 | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Learning Transistor Mimics The Brain
02/05/2019 | Linköping University
Polymer Power Potential
02/05/2019 | A*STAR
Graphene Biosensor Could Provide Early Lung Cancer Diagnosis
02/05/2019 | University of Exeter
Lithium Ion Battery Market Estimated to Grow to $92.2 billion by 2024
02/05/2019 | PRNewswire
Graphene Market to Reach $159.2 Million by 2023
02/05/2019 | PRNewswire
Trade War and Slowing Economy Weigh on ICT Spending Outlook
02/05/2019 | IDC
The Conference Board Employment Trends Index Declined in January
02/05/2019 | The Conference Board
Novelda's Disruptive Radar Technology Powers the Digital Sensor Revolution
02/05/2019 | PRNewswire
SEMI-FlexTech Issues 2019 Request for Proposals to Advance Flexible Electronics Ecosystem
02/05/2019 | PRNewswire

CES 2019: More Show Floor Favorites

In my final piece covering CES 2019, I will review more automotive technology, updates on 3D printing, and some trending devices such as smartwatches and new computer components for those that either need or just want to have extremely powerful and impressive-looking computers.

Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 13.7% to $468.8B in 2018
02/04/2019 | PRNewswire
Military and Defense Vertical Drives the Growth of SWIR Market
02/04/2019 | PRNewswire
Canadian Manufacturers Signal Softer Output Growth in January
02/04/2019 | IHS Markit
Combining New Solar Cell Technology With Dynamic Glass
02/04/2019 | Uppsala University
New Materials and Structures for Infrared Sensing
02/04/2019 | ICFO
Stretchable Rubbery Semiconductors, Rubbery Integrated Electronics
02/04/2019 | University of Houston
Supercomputing Helps Study Two-Dimensional Materials
02/04/2019 | GCS
Harnessing the Heartbeat to Charge Batteries
02/04/2019 | Dartmouth College
IHS Markit US Manufacturing PMI: 54.9 in January
02/04/2019 | IHS Markit
Battery Management System Vendors Expand Capabilities
02/04/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
European Spending on IoT to Grow by 20% in 2019
02/04/2019 | IDC
Artificial Intelligence ARTIST Instantly Captures Materials’ Properties
02/04/2019 | Aalto University
Semiconductor R&D Spending Will Step Up After Slowing
02/01/2019 | IC Insights
Top Ten Predictions of Digital Transformation and Technologies for 2019 and Beyond in Indonesia
02/01/2019 | IDC
MIT Robot Combines Vision and Touch to Learn the Game of Jenga
02/01/2019 | MIT
Breakthrough in Understanding Electrical Conductivity in Doped Organic Semiconductors
02/01/2019 | TU Dresden
Building Trusted Human-Machine Partnerships
02/01/2019 | DARPA
Global Microdisplay (HMD, HUD, EVF, Projector) Market to 2024
02/01/2019 | PRNewswire
Artificial Intelligence Boosting Video Service, Mobile Device and Supply Chain Markets
02/01/2019 | ABI Research
Topological Approach to the Next Gen of Electronic, Photonic and Phononic Devices
02/01/2019 | ICN2
Unmanned Vehicles to Take Quantum Leap
02/01/2019 | University of Queensland
IDC's Smart Cities Spending Guide Expands Its Coverage to More Than 100 Cities
02/01/2019 | IDC
Breakthrough in Graphene Research
01/31/2019 | FAU
Semiconductor for Making Thin-Film Transistors
01/31/2019 | Dongguk University
Manganese-Based High Capacity Anode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries
01/31/2019 | Dongguk University
Harnessing Light for a Solar-Powered Chemical Industry
01/31/2019 | RMIT University
Optimizing Solar Farms with Smart Drones
01/31/2019 | MIT
Digitization Remains a Key Focus for Most Industries in 2019 but Challenges Remain
01/31/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Machine Vision Boosted by the Increasing Use of AI Chips in the Mobile Devices Market
01/31/2019 | ABI Research
Smartphone Shipment Down 5% in 4Q18
01/31/2019 | IDC

The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Decreased in January
01/31/2019 | The Conference Board
IoT in Colombia: Top Industries to Invest in by 2022
01/31/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Superconductors: Resistance is Futile
01/31/2019 | TU Wien
Laser-Fabricated Crystals in Glass are Ferroelectric
01/30/2019 | Lehigh University
New Quantum System Could Help Design Better Spintronics
01/30/2019 | Purdue University
Surprising Electronic Disorder in a Copper Oxide-Based Ceramic
01/30/2019 | MIT
Innovative New Technique Could Pave the Way for New Generation of Flexible Electronic Components
01/30/2019 | University of Exeter
Apple Ships 71.7 Million Smartphones in 4Q18 as Global Market Falls 6%
01/30/2019 | Canalys
More Data, Lower Cost—DIY Electronics Tackle Global Change
01/30/2019 | University of Connecticut
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Decreased in January
01/30/2019 | The Conference Board
Flexible Electronics Market to Hit $87B by 2024
01/30/2019 | PRNewswire
Artificial Skin Could Give Superhuman Perception
01/30/2019 | University of Connecticut
TV Brands Seek Differentiation of Specs amid Fierce Competition for Large-Size TVs
01/30/2019 | TrendForce
AI: In the Beginning was the Algorithm
01/29/2019 | Thales
Artificial Intelligence: Man at the Crossroads
01/29/2019 | Thales
All-In-One Transparent Transistors
01/29/2019 | KAUST
Converting Wi-Fi Signals to Electricity with New 2-D Materials
01/29/2019 | MIT
Cognitive Computing Market to Expand due to Growing Adoption of the Connected Devices
01/29/2019 | PRNewswire
AI Set to Drive Global Supply Chain Technology Market to $440 Billion by 2023
01/29/2019 | ABI Research
Digital Manufacturers Explore Compelling New Business Models with the Industrial IoT
01/29/2019 | Frost & Sullivan
Top 10 ICT Predictions to Drive Digital Economy and IT Industry in Malaysia
01/29/2019 | IDC
Novel Strategy for Designing Tiny Semiconductor Particles for Wide-Ranging Applications
01/29/2019 | NUS
Researchers Develop a New Self-Assembling Nanomaterial for Solar Power
01/29/2019 | ASRC
A Microscope as a Shovel? UConn Researchers Dig It
01/29/2019 | University of Connecticut
Global Smartphone Market Cooling in 2019 with a YoY Decline of 10% in Production Volume
01/29/2019 | TrendForce
Global Automated Optical Inspection System Market Forecast to 2024
01/29/2019 | Globe Newswire
Murata Manufacturing Conducts Field Trial Utilizing Soil Monitoring System
01/28/2019 | ACN Newswire
Smart Home Market to Reach $151.38 Billion by 2024
01/28/2019 | PRNewswire
Global Automated Optical Inspection System Market 2018-2024
01/28/2019 | PRNewswire
China’s Smartphone Market Falls 14% in 2018
01/28/2019 | Canalys

Sodium Ion Battery Research Could Power Up Renewable Energy Storage
01/28/2019 | University of Alabama in Huntsville
Insulated Molecular Wires: The Smallest Electric Power Cord
01/28/2019 | IMDEA Nanociencia
New Method Yields Higher Transition Temperature in Superconducting Materials
01/28/2019 | University of Houston
Static Electricity Could Charge Our Electronics
01/28/2019 | University at Buffalo
Toward a Future Quantum Internet
01/28/2019 | University of Toronto
Fundamental Principles Governing the Transmission of Light-Delivered Data Through Nonreciprocal Circuitry
01/28/2019 | ASRC
Component Shortages, Brexit, and Yellow Vest Movement Dampen the EMEA PC Market in 4Q18
01/28/2019 | IDC
Remote Patient Monitoring Revenues to Reach € 46.1 Billion in 2023
01/28/2019 | Berg Insight
Graphene Sensors Can Hear Your Brain Whisper
01/25/2019 | Graphene Flagship
Transmission of Light-Delivered Data through Nonreciprocal Circuitry
01/25/2019 | City University of New York
NTU Singapore’s 9th Satellite Successfully Deployed in Space
01/25/2019 | NTU
UMass Amherst Engineers Use Memristors to Bypass Computing Bottleneck in Memory Critical for Artificial Intelligence
01/25/2019 | UMass Amherst
Flexible Bipolar Plates Made of Polymers Make It Possible to Build Compact Batteries
01/25/2019 | Fraunhofer IISB
Load Monitoring System Market worth $3.3 Billion by 2024
01/25/2019 | PRNewswire
Breakthrough Reported in Fabricating Nanochips
01/25/2019 | NYU Tandon
Unlocking Graphene’s Superconducting Powers with a Twist and a Squeeze
01/25/2019 | Columbia University
Designing Tiny Semiconductor Particles for Wide-Ranging Applications
01/25/2019 | NUS
Smallest-ever 3D-Printed Fluid Circuit—and It’s Economical
01/25/2019 | University of Maryland
Identifying Artificial Intelligence 'Blind Spots'
01/25/2019 | MIT
Global Display Driver Market Expected to Reach $9.12 Billion by 2023
01/25/2019 | PRNewswire
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