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Integrated Lasers on Different Surfaces
09/11/2017 | A*STAR
Boeing to Design, Build Seven Medium Earth Orbit Satellites for SES
09/11/2017 | Boeing
Aerospace Sector in Thailand to Create Over 10,000 Jobs by 2037
09/08/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Medical IoT Enabled by Convergence of Sensor Technology and Connectivity
09/08/2017 | Yole Développement
Competitive Innovation to Increase Dramatically in Manufacturing 4.0 Era
09/08/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
MEMS & Sensors Executive Congress Answers 'What’s Driving $66B Industry?'
09/08/2017 | SEMI
IBM and MIT to Pursue Joint Research in Artificial Intelligence
09/08/2017 | MIT
NUS Scientists Unravel New Insights Into Promising Semiconductor Material
09/08/2017 | NUS
Global NAND Flash Market to Reach $89B by 2022
09/08/2017 | Persistence Market Research
Digitalization Fuels Growth of Russian IoT Market
09/08/2017 | Research Nester
High-speed Quantum Memory for Photons
09/08/2017 | University of Basel
Rising Application of Wireless Communication Devices to Drive Photomask Market
09/08/2017 | The Insight Partners
Power Up
09/08/2017 | UNSW
Lithium-Ion Battery Market to Reach $93.1B by 2025
09/08/2017 | Grand View Research, Inc.
Researchers Responsible for the Genesis of Micro-LED Advances
09/08/2017 | Texas Tech University
Global Semiconductor Sales Increase 24% Year-to-Year in July
09/08/2017 | SIA
Low-Cost Wearables Manufactured by Hybrid 3D Printing
09/08/2017 | Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
New LiDAR Product Designed to Enable Real-World Autonomous Car Applications
09/07/2017 | ACN Newswire
Developing 'Quantum Pascal' Standard Into Real-World Device
09/07/2017 | NIST
Nanocarbon Materials Are Challenging Silicon – From Transparent Electronics to Bendable 3D Displays
09/07/2017 | Aalto University
Defects in Next-Generation Solar Cells Can Be Healed With Light
09/07/2017 | University of Cambridge
A New Way to Print Electrical Circuits
09/07/2017 | Northwestern University
Researchers Challenge Status Quo of Battery Commercialization
09/07/2017 | Northwestern University
Snout on a Chip Detects Explosives
09/07/2017 | DTU
15 Million Connected Disposable Medical Sensors to Ship by 2023
09/07/2017 | ABI Research
Price Trend of LED Light Bulbs Showed a Slight Dip in August
09/07/2017 | TrendForce
SDN Market to Reach $130B by 2022
09/07/2017 | Acumen Research and Consulting
Cogiscan Signs Maxnerva Technology Services Limited as Its Partner in Greater China
09/07/2017 | Cogiscan Inc.
Global Smart Buildings in Smart Cities Market to Top $10 Billion by 2026
09/07/2017 | Navigant Research
AI Applications to Propel Revenue from Semiconductor Chip Sales Worldwide at a CAGR of 3.1% in 2018-2022
09/07/2017 | TrendForce

Shipments of Connected Wearables will Reach 262 Million in 2021
09/07/2017 | Berg Insight
Convergence of Big Data, IoT and AI to Drive Next Generation Applications
09/06/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
UConn Researchers Develop New Device for Testing Heart Health
09/06/2017 | University of Connecticut
Engineers Develop Tools to Share Power from Renewable Energy Sources During Outages
09/06/2017 | UC San Diego
Researchers Move Closer to Hydrogen-powered Cars
09/06/2017 | Lehigh University
Newly Discovered Semiconductor Dynamics May Help Improve Energy Efficiency
09/06/2017 | UIC
Flip-Flop Qubits: Radical New Quantum Computing Design Invented
09/06/2017 | UNSW
Supercharging Silicon Batteries
09/06/2017 | OIST
Rapid Migration to Larger-Sized Screens Driving Public Display Revenue to Register 18% CAGR
09/06/2017 | IHS Markit
ETI Continues to Show Rapid Improvement in August
09/06/2017 | The Conference Board
New Device Releases Boost Enterprise and Consumer Hearables Market
09/06/2017 | The Conference Board
North America Fingerprint Sensor Market to Reach CAGR of 14.74% 2017-2022
09/05/2017 | Business Wire
Nanoscale Chip System Measures Light From a Single Bacterial Cell to Enable Portable Chemical Detection
09/05/2017 | The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Medical Camera Sees Through the Body
09/05/2017 | Edinburgh Medical School
Letting Programmes Manage Their Own Processing Resources
09/05/2017 | FAU
FAU-based Researchers Solve an Enigma of Solid State Physics
09/05/2017 | FAU
TV Market: Quantum Dots Reinforce LCD Positioning, Faced with the OLED Solutions
09/05/2017 | TrendForce
China to Surpass South Korea in Large-Size LCD Panels Market
09/05/2017 | TrendForce
DRAM Module Industry Recorded a 12% Drop in Sales Revenue for 2016
09/05/2017 | TrendForce
Carving Diamonds for Optical Components
09/05/2017 | EPFL
New Technology Could Revolutionise Smartphone Use
09/04/2017 | University of St Andrews
August 2017 Manufacturing ISM Report On Business: PMI at 58.8%
09/04/2017 | ISM
A New Path to Safer, Solid Batteries
09/04/2017 | NIMS
Synthesizing Pure Graphene, a ‘Miracle Material’
09/04/2017 | University of Connecticut
Tracking Debris in the Earth‘S Orbit With Centimeter Precision Using Efficient Laser Technology
09/04/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Machinery that Repairs Itself
09/04/2017 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Bit Data Goes Anti-Skyrmions
09/04/2017 | Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, München
More Than Half of U.S. Workers are Satisfied with Their Jobs
09/04/2017 | The Conference Board
Middle East and Africa Personal Computing Device Market Continues Decline
09/04/2017 | IDC
Most of 2017 Capital Spending Will Go to Foundry and Flash Memory
09/04/2017 | IC Insights

Slower Employment Gains in August Signals Possible Moderation of Job Growth Trend
09/04/2017 | The Conference Board
Rev Up Your Robots: Domestic Service Robots Revitalized by Intelligent Navigation Technologies
09/04/2017 | IHS Markit
Flexible Hybrid Electronics & Sensors Impacting the Automotive Industry
09/01/2017 | SEMI
New Soft Robots Really Suck
09/01/2017 | EPFL
Researchers Are One Step Closer to Making Integrated Quantum Optical Circuits a Reality
09/01/2017 | KTH
Reducing Reflectivity in Solar Cells and Optics With Micro- and Nanoscale Structures
09/01/2017 | LLNL
Acting Like a Muscle, Nano-Sized Device Lifts 165 Times its Own Weight
09/01/2017 | Rutgers University
Insect Eyes Inspire New Solar Cell Design
09/01/2017 | Stanford University
Healthy Commercial Growth Keeps India Tablet Market Stable in Q2 2017 Despite Declining Consumer Segment
09/01/2017 | IDC
Robot Learns to Follow Orders Like Alexa
09/01/2017 | MIT
Manufacturer Adoption of Collaborative Robots is Strong, Becoming More Aggressive in the Near Term
09/01/2017 | ABI Research
Worldwide Hardcopy Peripherals Shipments Continue to Show Modest Growth in Q2
09/01/2017 | IDC
Basic Trackers Take a Back Seat as Smartwatches Accelerate in Q2
09/01/2017 | IDC
Worldwide Large Format Printer Shipments Up 6% in the First Half of 2017
09/01/2017 | IDC
Making Data Centers More Energy Efficient
08/31/2017 | MIT
Making 3-D Printing Safer
08/31/2017 | ACS
Biosensor Could Help Diagnose Illnesses Directly in Serum
08/31/2017 | ACS
Controlling Traffic on the Electron Highway: Researching Graphene
08/31/2017 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
Two for the Price of One: Exceeding 100% Efficiency in Solar Fuel Production
08/31/2017 | NREL
Solar Hydrogen Production by Artificial Leafs
08/31/2017 | HZB
Aircraft Orders Increase and Real-time Data Need Drive Growth Opportunities in Avionics Market
08/31/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
Healthy Commercial Growth Keeps India Tablet Market Stable in Q2 2017 Despite Declining Consumer Segment
08/31/2017 | IDC
IDC Latest Survey Ranks Robotics as Top Priority for Technology Investment in 2017
08/31/2017 | IDC
US DoD Budget Assessment Recognizes a New Administration with New Priorities
08/31/2017 | Frost & Sullivan
A Glimpse into the Future of Wearable Healthcare
08/31/2017 | ABI Research
Automotive Sensing: a Mature yet Highly Dynamic Market
08/30/2017 | Yole Développement
Optical Control of Magnetic Memory – New Insights Into Fundamental Mechanisms
08/30/2017 | HZB
NREL, Swiss Scientists Power Past Solar Efficiency Records
08/30/2017 | NREL
High-Tech Electronics Made from Autumn Leaves
08/30/2017 |
Scientists Move Graphene Closer to Transistor Applications
08/30/2017 | Ames Laboratory

New Robot Rolls With the Rules of Pedestrian Conduct
08/30/2017 | MIT
Scientists Developing Innovative Techniques for High-Resolution Analysis of Hybrid Materials
08/30/2017 | Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
What Does AI Mean for Consumer Devices?
08/30/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
End-User Spending on Communications Services in South Africa Will Grow 0.7 % in 2017
08/30/2017 | Gartner, Inc.
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased in August
08/30/2017 | The Conference Board
Global Revenue for Advanced Intelligent Transportation System Solutions Expected to Reach $17.5 Billion by 2026
08/30/2017 | Navigant Research
Nagoya-led Team Flips the Switch on Ferroelectrics
08/29/2017 | Nagoya University
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts July 2017 Billings
08/29/2017 | SEMI
IHS Markit Survey Finds Continued Interest in Premium Audio Technology in New Vehicles
08/29/2017 | IHS Markit
Smartphone Growth Expected to Remain Positive as Shipments Forecast to Grow to 1.7 Billion in 2021
08/29/2017 | IDC
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