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New Transistor Concept, Solar Cell Included
03/07/2018 | ICN2
Cleaning Nanowires to Get out More Light
03/06/2018 | KAUST
Magnetic E-Skins Usher in New Era in Sensor Engineering
03/06/2018 | CORDIS
A Power Boost for Mobile Technologies
03/06/2018 | Harvard University
Small Business Job Growth and Wages Moderate in February
03/06/2018 | IHS Markit
Augmented Reality Hardware Market at Innovation Inflection Point
03/06/2018 | ABI Research
Strong PC Demand Dampens Decline of Middle East and Africa PCD Market
03/06/2018 | IDC
Easy Printing of Biosensors Made of Graphene
03/06/2018 | Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
Insulator or Superconductor? Physicists Find Graphene is Both
03/06/2018 | MIT
Annual Semiconductor Sales Increase 21.6%, Top $400 Billion for First Time
03/06/2018 | SIA
Micron and Intel Will Part Ways After Finishing Development of 96-layer 3D-NAND Flash
03/06/2018 | TrendForce
Smart Manufacturing, Big Data to Highlight ASMC 2018
03/06/2018 | SEMI
January Semiconductor Sales Up 22.7% Compared to Last Year
03/06/2018 | SIA
A Quantum Leap for Silicon Chips: Spin-Photon Coupling Now a Reality
03/06/2018 | CORDIS
Capturing Brain Signals with Soft Electronics
03/05/2018 | Linköping University
How Moments that Matter and Employee Value Propositions Impact Worker Engagement
03/05/2018 | The Conference Board
Mapping Nanoscale Chemical Reactions Inside Batteries in 3-D
03/05/2018 | UIC
Mining Hardware Helps Scientists Gain Insight into Silicon Nanoparticles
03/05/2018 | ITMO University
Worldwide Ethernet Switch Market Increased 3.2% in Q4
03/05/2018 | IDC
Smart New Method to Manufacture Organic Solar Cells
03/05/2018 | Linköping University
Smart Heat Control of Microchips
03/05/2018 | KIT
Hardware Renewals in the Commercial Space Will Drive the PCD Market in 2018
03/05/2018 | IDC
IDC ASEAN: Smartphone Shipments Declined in 2017
03/05/2018 | IDC
Middle East and North Africa IT Spending to Reach $155 Billion in 2018
03/05/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
Armed Drones Changing Conflict Faster Than Anticipated
03/05/2018 | Stanford University
Silicon Photonics Market 20.8% CAGR Growth Report by 2023
03/02/2018 | PRNewswire
Top Global CEOs Agree to Combat Short-Term Patterns in Business
03/02/2018 | Business Wire
Method for Predicting Dirac Points Developed, Helping Next-Generation Electronics Research
03/02/2018 | RIKEN
Buckyball Marries Graphene
03/02/2018 | Department of Energy, Office of Science
92 IC Wafer Fabs Closed or Repurposed From 2009-2017
03/02/2018 | IC Insights

A Receiver for Touch Communication
03/02/2018 | ETH Zurich
Atomic Movies Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient
03/02/2018 | U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science
Practical Spin Wave Transistor One Step Closer
03/02/2018 | University of Groningen
Global Enterprise WLAN Market Sees Steady Growth in Full Year and Q4 2017
03/02/2018 | IDC
Durable Wood Carbon Sponge Could Be the Future of Wearable Sensors, Pollutant Treatment
03/02/2018 | University of Maryland
Global Wearables Market Up 7.7% in 4Q17 and 10.3% in 2017 as Apple Seizes the Leader Position
03/02/2018 | IDC
Worldwide Enterprise Storage Market Grew 13.7% in Q4
03/02/2018 | IDC
The Rise of Bio Inspired Microrobots
03/01/2018 | University of Manchester
Teaching Quantum Physics to a Computer
03/01/2018 | ETH Zurich
The Future CIO – Which KPIs Will be Relevant Going Forward?
03/01/2018 | IDC
IDC New Zealand: Smartphone Shipments, the Beginning of the End?
03/01/2018 | IDC
Worldwide Server Market Revenue Surges 26.4% in Q4
03/01/2018 | IDC
Companies are Bolstering Corporate Communications by Expanding
03/01/2018 | The Conference Board
Rapid Innovations in Technology and Digitization Set to Transform Commercial Aviation industry
03/01/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Inspired by Nature: Design for New Electrode Could Boost Supercapacitors’ Performance
03/01/2018 | UCLA
A New Way to Combine Soft Materials
03/01/2018 | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Personalizing Wearable Devices
03/01/2018 | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Meet Tribot, the Swiss Army Knife of Robots for Rescue Missions
03/01/2018 | EPFL
Scientists Pave the Way for Resilient Robot Swarms
02/28/2018 | University of Southampton
USTC Realizes Small-Packet-and-Long-Distance Quantum Key Distribution
02/28/2018 | USTC
Experimental Demonstration of Quantum Control of a Toffoli Gate Achieved
02/28/2018 | USTC
A Marriage of Light-Manipulation Technologies
02/28/2018 | Argonne National Laboratory
Novel 3D Printing Method Embeds Sensing Capabilities Within Robotic Actuators
02/28/2018 | Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Custom Carpentry with Help from Robots
02/28/2018 | MIT
European Investments in Technologies Enabling Smart City Initiatives to Reach $19 Billion in 2018
02/28/2018 | IDC
Personal Computing Device Market Expected to Decline at -1.8% CAGR through 2022
02/28/2018 | IDC
Printer Market Declined in 50 Major Cities by 17.5% in Q4 2017
02/28/2018 | IDC
The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Increased in February
02/28/2018 | The Conference Board
NAND Flash Revenue Up 8% QoQ in 4Q17
02/28/2018 | TrendForce
Cost, Regulation, and Legislation to Drive Commercial Vehicle Electrification Adoption
02/27/2018 | ABI Research

Smartphones Hit Pivotal Stage as Worldwide Shipment Volumes Decline 0.5% in 2017
02/27/2018 | IDC
3D Printing Fuels the Rise of Point-of-Care Medical Manufacturing
02/27/2018 | SME
Imec Pushes the Limits of EUV Lithography
02/27/2018 | Imec
Flexible AMOLED Market More Than Tripled to $12 Billion in 2017
02/27/2018 | IHS Markit
Top Predictions for the Robotics Asia Pacific Market for 2018 and Beyond
02/27/2018 | IDC
Cartoon Coyote's Fall Inspires Development of New Properties of Silicon
02/27/2018 | University of Surrey
First Nanoscale Look at How Lithium Ions Navigate a Molecular Maze to Reach Battery Electrode
02/27/2018 | SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Be Under Threat After the Development of Polymer Materials
02/27/2018 | University of Surrey
Layered Oxides for Rechargeable Zinc Batteries
02/27/2018 | KAUST
New Technique Allows Printing of Flexible, Stretchable Silver Nanowire Circuits
02/26/2018 | North Carolina State University
'Innovation Agora' at CERAWeek to Deliver Insight into Technology Transformation Underway in Energy
02/26/2018 | IHS Markit
Solar PV and Energy Storage to Propel the European Direct Current Power Market to $40 Million by 2025
02/26/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Chiral Magnets Show Bulk Diode Effect Due to Spin Fluctuations
02/26/2018 | RIKEN
Electrically Pumped Organic Laser Diode Has Low Threshold Current Density
02/26/2018 | CIOMP
Indian Tablet Market Slows Down as Annual Shipments Dip by 11% in 2017
02/26/2018 | IDC
Digital Business Requires Growth Mindset and Not Just Technology
02/26/2018 | Gartner, Inc.
An All-in-One Catalyst
02/23/2018 | A*STAR
Augmented Reality Takes 3-D Printing to Next Level
02/23/2018 | Cornell University
Nokia's "Conscious Factory in a Box" Concept Anticipates Fast-Changing Manufacturing Needs of the Future
02/23/2018 | Nokia
Faster Data Transfer Through Plasmons
02/23/2018 | A*STAR
U.S. Economic Growth to Continue Through First Half of 2018
02/23/2018 | The Conference Board
North American Semiconductor Equipment Industry Posts January 2018 Billings
02/23/2018 | SEMI
Flat-packed Optical Components
02/23/2018 | A*STAR
China Mobile Leads in Telco Innovation for 5G While European Telcos Merely Spectate
02/23/2018 | ABI Research
Automotive Data Monetization to Reach $33B in Opportunities for OEMs by 2025
02/23/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Advanced Technologies, Digitization, and Changing Consumer Demands are Driving the FinTech Sector
02/23/2018 | Frost & Sullivan
Automotive Battery Thermal Management System Market Worth $4.24 Billion by 2025
02/23/2018 | PRNewswire
Suprema to Showcase AI Based In-display Fingerprint Algorithm and 3D Facial Recognition Solution MWC 2018
02/22/2018 | ACN Newswire
Ultrathin, Highly Elastic Skin Display Developed
02/22/2018 | University of Tokyo
New Method Speeds Up Materials Testing
02/22/2018 | McCormick Northwestern Engineering

U.S. Economic Growth to Continue Through First Half of 2018
02/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Smart Robot Market Worth $14.29 Billion by 2023
02/22/2018 | PRNewswire
Integrated Circuit Technology Advances Continue to Amaze
02/22/2018 | IC Insights
Robotic Crystals that Walk n’ Roll
02/22/2018 | Waseda University
'Memtransistor' Brings World Closer to Brain-like Computing
02/22/2018 | McCormick Northwestern Engineering
Splitting Crystals for 2D Metallic Conductivity
02/22/2018 | Tohoku University
A Quadrillionth of a Second in Slow Motion
02/22/2018 | Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics
Why Polymer Solar Cells Deserve Their Place In the Sun
02/22/2018 |
Directing the Way to Digital Transformation Success in South Africa
02/22/2018 | IDC
Snake-Inspired Robot Uses Kirigami to Move
02/22/2018 | Harvard University
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